rusty and the boulder
Furthermore, George is seen at Thumper's dig site before Boulder gets loose, meaning that he served his week-long punishment and was brought back to the quarry to help. 6 Merchandise #06 Gordon and the Gremlin Skarloey tells Rusty that they have to warn the yards, but Rusty does not know how. #19 Happy Ever After Thumper (does not speak) Forward and Backward and Other Stories Thai In the second close-up of Percy when Boulder is approaching, it appears that the shed has already been destroyed as the wood from the shed is laying on Percy's trucks. Boulder Quarry Trivia The recreation of the episode in the Thomas Event in 2002The recreation of the episode in Thomas Land Japan at the Great Gatagogo AdventureAdd a photo to this gallery. Rusty: Yes, but how? This episode is the last time that Percy’s original wincing face was used on-screen. In the UK version, the line "EYYOIIIKES!!!" Thumper soon starts working which the men are pleased with, but no one bothers to check the boulder. "We must warn the yards!" In the second close-up of Percy when Boulder is approaching, it appears that the shed has already been destroyed as the wood from the shed is laying on Percy's trucks. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It rolls past, narrowly missing Percy and destroys the neighbouring sheds, engulfing them in flames. He tells his driver that Boulder is about to move, but he does not believe him until Boulder falls down and lands on the tracks in front of them and begins to chase Rusty. Rheneas' Driver: (relieved) Better/Rather a smash than a squash! Title Classic Collection StoryboardsAdd a photo to this gallery Rusty e il Masso At the yards, Percy is collecting trucks when he hears and sees Boulder approaching. Norwegian #10 Toby and the Flood In the US narration, when Percy is at the quarry before Boulder arrives, the British term "trucks" is used. was re-used from the fifth series episode, Busy Going Backwards for Skarloey and Rheneas, when Boulder charges after them. Tomica (discontinued) 2 Characters Czech 4 Promotional Material In the US version, the crash sound was heard when Rheneas crashes into a siding with Boulder just passing by him. Rusty şi Bolovanul Motor Road and Rail (Japan only) Slovak Due to his model being changed, Rusty's face constantly changes size throughout the episode. #25 Rusty and the Boulder "Boulder's face"Boulder's moving! Edward However, it starts raining and the workmen leave. Quotes 2 Title Cards Snow A small connector is attached to Rheneas when the camera gets close-ups of him, while the boulder chases after him. Duncan Gets Spooked I think it's watching me. Then, they soon realise that Boulder is suddenly behind them. 9.13 WAL The next day, Thumper begins working harder than ever before. In the UK version, the line "EYYOIIIKES!!!" This reference was later used again in the Thomas' YouTube World Tour short, Thomas Goes for Gold, and the twenty-third series episode, Mines of Mystery. #21 A Surprise for Percy ""EYYOIIIKES!!! in the US. Welsh In the close-ups of Rheneas running backwards from Boulder, a camera rod can be seen attracted to his coupling hook. Boulders don't have eyes! 罗斯缇和石头 러스티와 둥근 바위 Producer He soon slips into a siding, while the Boulder passes by, destroying the water tower in between the tracks. Rusty's small-scale model is used at the beginning and end of the episode, whilst his large-scale model is used for the remainder of this episode. Essential Collection (Five Disc Collection) 9.14 HK #22 Make Someone Happy Percy: Where's all this rock coming from? Rusty and the Boulder is the twenty-fifth episode of the fifth series. AUS Thomas and Friends Volume 14 (Taiwanese DVD) Then, looking at Boulder amidst the destruction it had caused, he lamentably concludes that they should have left this part of the island alone. 7 Merchandise 4 Trivia Going by production order, this is the twenty-sixth episode of the fifth series and the series finale of the fifth series. "Boulder chasing Rusty (Note: The moss all over Boulder is gone)Skarloey""Yikes!!! 9.4 US ", "How can it be? Terence (cameo) Edward: It's called Thumper. Totally Thomas Volume 1 (Boulder catches up fast, destroying a water tower in the process but Skarloey safely reaches a siding)  It's behind us! George (cameo) Previous Series no. ""/ ("HELP!" #23 Busy Going Backwards 6 Quotes Rusty is shocked and worried by this, but his driver is concerned and thinks the rock has been loosened by the rain. The Very Best of Thomas and Friends New Friends for Thomas/Spills and Chills Double Feature Расти и валун Community content is available under. 9.12 SWE Rusty y la Roca Thomas and Friends Volume 13 (VCD)


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