renault kangoo wont start when hot
I had the same problem and it is quite probable that the chip in the key has broken down; check it. The same happened when the other coil was disconnected. After replacement, the garage reported that the problem was not solved. This sensor tells the computer that the engine is turning; it is an electromagnet and, as it is at the height of the clutch, it is covered with the dust from the clutch disc, not being able to read the cogs in the flywheel. Koperslagersstraat 37 Occasionally, the engine does not start and I need to wait for a couple of hours until I am able to drive my vehicle. If I were you, I would check the distribution condition because they tend to cause the problems you mention when they fail. connector replaced, fuel pump replaced, system relay replaced, injectors cleaned, spark plugs SOURCE: renault laguna sports tourer 1.9 dci wont start Try the relays under the bonnet fuse box 4 small black ones in a line, the first 2 from top cut of the fuel pump, and are a renowned cause of 85% of cranking without starting faults on the dci engine swap them over for the bottom 2 . Especially when driving on a highway at 50 mph or so, and reducing the speed, the engine makes a strange noise, the vehicle jerks and the accelerator does not respond. is the best place to discuss the French automaker’s cars including the Megane, Clio, Modus, Captur and more. Dad thought it was dirty fuel, replaced fuel filter and primer. Good luck. Does the little round light on the dash flash when when you try to start it? The third and fourth signals are the two ignition coil groups. Hope it helps you. Then the Top Dead Center (position of a piston in which is farthest from the crankshaft) moment A fault code scanner showed no fault codes. This happened to me two years ago and it was a relay that was failing. replaced. I had the same problem and it is quite probable that the chip in the key has broken down; check it. Thank god I though I was going mad, I have the glow plugs here above my head to fit, but today checked them all and they are all good that are in there, got a new battery and that helped, and had a strange thing that if I pumped the little ballon hand pump that seemed to help too, but the realy makes sense now you say !! Want Answer 0. I had to call the AA and it turns out it was the main relay rather than the glow plug relay. all relevant signals were present and seemed OK, the engine was supposed to run. That means 19 - 14 = 5 teeth after TDC or 5 x 6 = 30 degrees after TDC! Yes, I know it's been over a year since the previous post but I thought I'd mention that the intermittent airbag warning light can usually be fixed by bypassing the connector block under the seat. It is now clear that the late ignition causes the engine not to start. Thanks. The failure also appears during the day when turning the engine off for a long period of time. Apparently, this sensor stops sending the signal that the car is working and that is why it becomes heavy and consumes almost two times the amount of fuel. I need to turn it off and place the key in the ignition for a second time, wait until the preheating light disappears and only then it starts normally, and the light does not appear again. I have ordered the dvd manual and will find the really and get one fitted fingers crossed :d thank you all, hiya mate ,if thats right ,thats cracking tip,steve, Had the same problem with starting, air bags etc . What should I do? the little round light went straight out though. That happens when the vehicle does not detect the signal from the chip in the key. I always need to start the engine twice. Might the computer have blocked with the impact? What can I do? Good luck. Renault Kangoo (KC) 1.4 i car bodywork specifications: Renault Kangoo is a minivan with 5 seats and has 4 doors. Hi, elysia, it is the fuel pump. I've noticed that there is no spark reaching the spark plugs nor its wiring. The computer and the immobilizer were checked, but it is still not starting. I own a Kangoo 1.9 diesel 2009 and it has started failing. There is no fuel reaching it and you will need to break the iron structure and connect it directly, or else buy a new piece. The preheating light turns off and then appears again when starting. Since there was enough spark energy available, this was not considered to cause the engine not Simply enter your postcode, select the required specialist areas and view your results. Not mended them, just learned to live with them. welcome to the forum. Der!! i need the van for work and dont really want it stuck at the garage, i dont know much about mechanics how do i check for the things u mentioned! thanks for your reply screwloose, its not something i can do my self but will put forward your suggestions at the garage. I recommend you to check if the catalytic converter is blocked. Even a Renault garage could not discover the problem: according to their test system the engine A leak down test on the engine would determine a compression issue regards Andy. All listed prices are excluding VAT and shipping cost. The fact that the signal patterns were now different was probably overlooked. Timing of a motor management system is controlled by software, based on signals from the The control module must then keep the charging time, the time that is required to let enough I own a Kangoo 2008 and it does not start when warm, and it takes quite a long time to make the engine start when cold. Should I swap my run-flats for standard tyres? We assume that the following happened: Hello, your problem is the rotor from the injection pump. The Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D is in this article also referred to as automotive some wiring were replaced. The car was examined by several garages and many items were "fixed": crankshaft sensor and Even though I take a lot of care of my vehicle, the accelerator has started failing again a few days ago. be present. When turning the key, the heating curl appears and the engine turns and turns, but it does not start. but after a few days the problem with the glow light not going on started again working up from turning key 2 times to having to turn 15 times again .took cd out and put old cassette in and glow light goes on first time every time.tried pulling on wires to see if slack wire but no as soon as i put cd back in problem started straight away .with old cassette in starting first time. FCA issues new guidance for people on car finance, following the announcement of the latest Government restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak.


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