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Etiam at libero iaculis, mollis justo non, blandit augue. They are found in India's Gir Forest only. Lions are very protective of themselves their cubs and the place they live. Lions are kept in national parks, and measures are being taken to protect herders’ livestock from lions. They keep the leftover meal for the other animals and birds especially sepulchers. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 | About | ToS | Privacy Policy | Disclosure | Contact | Sitemap. A similar situation can also arise with Nile crocodiles, depending on their size and aggression. They generally like to live in grasslands. However, we are most familiar with the lion’s roar- they roar to announce their presence so that nothing will stand in their way. Lions are easily recognized by their manes. Lion sleeps during daytime. (5) He has a strong body having four legs, a large head, and two eyes which give a glowing look to him. Vestibulum sit amet sodales est, a lacinia ex. A lot of people use lions as an exotic exhibit for circuses and. They also do it to scare off any competition to their prey. They avoid dense forests, which restrict their mobility and make it difficult to go after prey. Lions are wild, predatory carnivores who live in grasslands and savannas. Essay-Lion is one of the best writing sites worldwide offering a wide range of writing services. Lion is called as”king of jungle”. Lions generally live in a group which is called Pride which has 10 to 40 lions in it. People would invoke the power of these goddesses in times of danger when they needed protection. It was sultry hot. They maintain orders and punish those who abide it. Lioness in a pride usually enters the breeding season together and later gives birth at the same time which allows the lioness to share nursing and other maternal duties. PreserveArticles.com is a free service that lets you to preserve your original articles for eternity. It has a huge head and neck covered with hair called mane. In recent years, because of reduced lion populations, killing lions is deemed illegal in many places. In India, Gir National Park in Gujarat is the last refuge for the nation’s lion population. (10) Their footprints are so-called pug-marks. Privacy Policy Below we have provided Essay on Lion in English, suitable for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. A short essay on lion. Lions are the only cats that live in groups, called prides. Killing a lion was often a king’s way of showing his power and gaining respect. He is also known as the king of the forest. Essay on the Lion. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Introduction. 170 Words Short Essay on the Lion for kids. The lions eye sight is five times better than human beings. It sleeps during the daytime.They come out from their caves at night time. Lions live in groups called "prides". The lion's mane is the most recognisable feature of the species. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Lions have also been popular prey for humans when it comes to hunting. Lion hunting or Trophy hunting as it is known is still going on today under licence in countries like Zimbabwe and Namibia. Typically, the lion inhabits grasslands and savannas but is absent in dense forests. They enjoy hunting down and eating other animals like deer, antelope, zebra, buffalo, giraffe. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management : All Course Details, 10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Scholarship For College. In a pride, lions hunt prey, raise cubs, and defend their territory together. Lions are found in the jungle of Africa, and also in some parts of India. [box type=”info” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=””]Short Essay On Lion , Essay On Lion , Paragraph Essay On Lion ,Paragraph On Lion , Paragraph On King Of Jungle , Paragraph On King Of Forest , Speech On Lion [/box]. It has a huge head and neck covered with hair called mane. They are known to be very strong and powerful, and this is because they spend most of their time sleeping to conserve energy. Its fur varies in colour from light buff to silvery grey, yellowish red and dark brown. Males defend the pride's territory. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Apply To Top B-Schools, Register for NMAT by GMAC 2020, Teacher’s Day- Short Paragraph Essay on Teacher’s Day for Students and Children, World Ocean Day 2020: 8th June,Theme, Quotes, Activities, Essay, World Thalassemia Day 2020: 8th May, Theme, Celebration, Essay, Republic Day Quotes by Great Personalities 2021 – Check Here Online, Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party by Seniors in Simple Words, Jamat Ul Vida Festival : History, Significance & Celebration. Lion is the National animal of india. Ancient Egyptians, in contrast to African folklore, revered lionesses as fierce warriors and depicted their goddesses- particularly of war, healing, and cats- with them. They have few sweat glands in their body, so they wisely tend to conserve their energy by resting during the day and become more active at night when it is cooler. Because lions are classified as a Vulnerable species, we humans must put effort into protecting these majestic creatures from extinction. (8) Its body is covered in greyish small and smooth hair. However, no king can rule without creating enemies. His body is covered with greyish small and smooth hair. The yellow wallpaper essay free: how to do a media analysis essay lion on English essay, example essays of 1984 easy essay on christmas in english, essay on value of outdoor games hr case study assignment. Copyright. Your email address will not be published. 176 Words Essay for Kids on the Lion – The King of the Jungle ; An interesting story about the giant lion for kids ; 206 Words Essay for Kids on the Peacock. Required fields are marked *. You can also use the information given here in school competitions – essay writing, speeches and debates. However, no king can rule without creating enemies. The lion belongs to the same species to which the tiger, wolf, etc. A similar situation can also arise with Nile crocodiles, depending on their size and aggression. Nevertheless, such trophy killing continues to take place, particularly with celebrities engaging in the act to show off their riches and influence. Which contains 2-3 adults and rest are lionesses and their cubs. They stay inactive for almost 20 hours a day and spend the rest of the time hunting, walking, and eating. They avoid animals that can easily fight back, like fully grown elephants or rhinos.


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