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Then, to think of and write about a time when they may have squandered a "golden" opportunity. The Civil War was the culmination of a series of confrontations concerning the institution of slavery and include the Missouri Compromise, Nat Turner's Rebellion, the Wlimot Proviso, Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Bleeding Kansas, case of Dred Scott, Lincoln Douglas debates, John Brown's Raid, Lincoln's election, and the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Battle of Chancellorsville Reading Comprehension - Printable. Description: This activity requires students to create the cover of a newspaper (with images) that features the four stipulations of the Compromise of 1850. Grant managed to surround and trap General Lee's army in Virginia, where Lee surrendered on April 9th, 1865, and with that surrender, the Union won the war. This page describes the gruesome reality of the Civil War - how hundreds of thousands of people from both sides died in battle, from disease, and in squalid prisons. A Prelude to the Battle of Gettysburg - Reading Comprehension - Printable, The Battle of Gettysburg Day One - Reading Comprehension - Printable, The Battle of Gettysburg Day Two - Reading Comprehension - Printable, The Battle of Gettysburg Day Three - Reading Comprehension - Printable, The Battle of Gettysburg Day One - Reading Comprehension - Online. Definition and Examples. Description: This is an online word search with the Civil War-themed words. It gives immediate feedback. Battle of Antietam Fact or Fiction - Printable. United States - Highway State Welcome Signs, United States - 50 States Postage Stamps Coloring Pages, United States - Land (Physiographic) Regions, United States - State Quarter Coloring Pages. $ # � �% � y! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Battle of the Ironclads Reading Comprehension. U.S. I'll Always Remember Where I Was.... (Emancipation Proclamation). Description: This activity features a short historical passage followed by seven multiple choice questions. Description: This printable activity requires students to match the eight different headings to their correct paragraphs. Please download the preview to examine the reading and questions. Civil War - CLOZE Notes 1. Students first must discover the errors, then click on them and select the correct answer from the drop down menu. Key Events Leading to the Civil War . Teachers Pay Teachers for . A variety of events prompted the war, not just the underlying issues of enslavement and states' rights. First Battle of Bull Run Reading Comprehension. Great Ironies of the Civil War: The Story of Wilmer McLean. Click on each image in history to enlarge and inspect and then answer the question associated with it. Key Events Leading to the Civil War . Type: Historical Profile or Biography Narrative. This game will test your visual knowledge of American history. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, 1856: 'Bleeding Kansas' Riots Shock Northerners, 1856: Charles Sumner Attacked by Preston Brooks on the U.S. Senate Floor, 1857: Dred Scott Loses His Case to Be Free, 1858: Kansas Voters Reject the Lecompton Constitution, October 16, 1859: John Brown Raids Harper's Ferry, November 6, 1860: Abraham Lincoln Is Elected President. It has commentary from yours truly! Civil War Battles Reading Comprehension Bundle. Absolutely perfect for grades six and up! This lesson includes a presentation with important facts and images related to slavery, states’ rights, nullification, Compromise of 1850 and the Geor, Events Leading Up to Civil War Activity. Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville Power Point Presentation. We're always adding new printables, and would love to hear your suggestions. At first, Lincoln called for the Confederacy to rejoin the Union, but he refused to sign treaties of peace with them because he thought this would legitimize them. It gives immediate feedback and a detail score report. The program gives immediate feedback. The Journal of the Civil War … @ 2020 MrNussbaum.com is a copyright of the Nussbaum Education Network,LLC. The Civil War is the bloodiest war in US history, with over a million-total dead. Description: Students must use the process of elimination, problem solving, and logic to successfully label the important points during the Battle of Gettysburg such as Little Round Top, Cemetery Ridge, Culp’s Hill, and 15 others. � � � � � �!


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