ragdoll siamese cat personality
This means the white to creamy white bodies with dark brown masks, ears, tails, and mittens in contrast. In contrast, Ragdolls are a more relaxed breed. If you do keep a Ragdoll cat with other cats or animals, it is important to keep an eye on the dynamic between the various pets, in order to ensure that the Ragdoll’s kind nature is not being abused, leading to their being bullied by other pets. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could mistake a Ragdoll cat for a Siamese cat because of their strikingly different characters. Calm at heart, ragdolls, like to lay around and enjoy your company. Siameses need a companion that can play just as much as they want. However, as opposed to other affectionate cat breeds such as the Siamese, Scottish Fold and the Birman, they are never pushy. I much prefer Ragdolls’ personalities and appearance although, of course, I love all creatures (especially cats). Almost all of the Raggies we were told about are very close to their masters. You can teach both of them various tricks, such as to sit, high-five, jump through hoops, and to play dead. Many of the Raggies are cuddly with their masters at night, but are quite independent by day. My Ragdolls have been mellow, go with the flow kind of cats whereas the Siamese have been way more hyper. Ragdoll Siamese cat personality. While they’re generally docile and friendly, it is important to remember that their upbringing is as important as their natural traits and you will still need to interact with and care for your Ragdoll kitten as you would any other breed. They love food and every cat owner must provide them with a healthy diet so that they can stay healthy. Their energy makes up for their stubbornness in training. People often refer to Ragdolls as “long-haired Siamese” when, as we know, nothing could be further from the truth. Siamese – Known worldwide as one of the most intelligent cats out there, the Siamese makes for an excellent pet. Many of our Floppycats fans have been kind enough to tell us about the personality of their own Raggies and we have summarized their testimonials to compare it to the standard characteristics. It is necessary to trim the claws of Ragdolls regularly. In this section of the article, I am going to relay the most important differences between the two cat breeds. Only Pet: Although they’re very loveable and social, a Ragdoll would prefer to be the only pet in the house so they can get all of the attention. My experience is Ragdolls shed permanently compared to my non Raggy cats of the past. People who aren’t sensitive and can keep up with the grooming are great matches for Ragdolls. It is vitally important that any children that may be around the breed are taught to respect the cat, handle them properly and know when to leave them alone, as the Ragdoll is unlikely to display obvious signs of displeasure, even if they are not enjoying being petted. Siameses’ coats contain an enzyme that is sensitive to temperature. They are real homebodies and are not as apt to roam, hunt and explore as most other breeds of cat, and are generally happiest when curled up in a warm lap on the sofa purring away! While the Ragdoll is one of the larger breeds of cat, with males often reaching 14lb in weight or more (females being slightly smaller) they are also one of the gentlest, as well as the most personable and affectionate.


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