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he needs to be in jail. Why did the CDC government refuse to audit the past government upon taking over despite being practically dared to do so by Madam Sirleaf. The British writer and doctor Anthony Daniels met Johnson in Monrovia during the early stages of the war and told me he believes Johnson is a psychopath. “I was here when Prince Johnson was here,” said 48-year-old Abraham Shannoh. The next day there was a blackout at Johnson’s Caldwell base. But, in the video, he is slumped on the floor, his hands tied behind his back, naked except for blood-stained underpants. The former Liberian warlord turned evangelist told members of his Faith Chapel Ministries Church at a service in August, 2017 that, “…Liberia had conflict that lasted for 14 years when brothers turn against one another in a brutal arm conflict, but the war is over, it is time to rebuild our nation.”. A woman in blue nurse’s scrubs fans him with a cloth. Social media is in uproar at the rather hard to watch video with some posters calling for Senator Johnson to be prosecuted for his role in the Liberian civil war. War, he told me, is “a treat for psychopaths, because they have a superficial reason for doing what they do; it liberates them.” He described his encounter with Johnson in his book Monrovia Mon Amour: “The weekend before I visited him, I was told he had killed seven people; I met someone whose brother had been killed by him on a night when he shot sixteen others; and I heard about his biggest bag, as it were, thirty-two in a night. As Doe cries, a fighter strokes his head gently and then grins at the man sitting behind a conference table in a black executive chair, underneath a picture of Jesus. By running for office, he told me, “I proved a point that I’m popular, that I didn’t do wrong.”. He was an insomniac, and prowled the darkness with his AK-47.”. Weah needs to turn him over so that he accounts for the death of these civilians and many others that he killed.8. However, within Liberia, Sirleaf is not so popular. It has been eight years since peace came to the country, and Taylor is facing trial for war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone. I wanted to know what this meant for Liberia’s fragile democracy, and so this summer I went on the campaign trail with Prince Yormie Johnson. TRC Logo“I am the servant of God whom he took from the battlefield and cleansed with his blood, to stand here before the people of God to proclaim his gospel.” This “Animal Farm ” government is still blaming Snowball even though Snowball left the farm almost two years ago? – Senator Prince Y. Johnson. Even a child of 10 knows the 2023 elections will be rigged. President Bio graduated from High school, but his country passed the MCC scorecard. Opposition politicians argue that Sirleaf’s failure to follow the TRC’s guidance opened the door for Johnson’s candidacy. Senator Johnson boasted that he knew it was rigged. Johnson is accused of the subsequent execution of Ms. Watta Allison. he and his con artist T B Joshua said God put Weah as president, so what God telling him now? Prior to the runoff election in 2017, in which President Weah won a landslide victory for the presidency, he and Senator Johnson attended a church service at T. B. Joshua’s Synagogue in Nigeria, where the Pastors Joshua and Johnson offered prayers for Weah to succeed. Racism, Lotteries, Maritime, Tourism others Sail Through House of Representatives, New Raw Water Pipeline Will Save LWSC US$780K Annually. Edwin Vaye 5. “There is no evidence of me killing the civilians,” he added. How could you have supported a candidate, that you had earlier declared as incompetent, and irresponsible? To Liberians, this footage is one of the most infamous records of their bloody civil war. “But you still think he’s a good man?” “Yeah,” Jackson answered. PYJ is among few US embassy-controlled cutouts that have been an albatross around the neck of stability for some time; apparently, as the saying goes – “We lek it like dat”! Then we would have facts instead of your propaganda? for example: the killing of the 900 people at the Lutheran church, 600 from Nimba and 300 from in and around Liberia, the killing was done by the late Charles julu of grand geden in the 1980 coup. As for his prediction, I won’t lose any sleep over it if NEC decides to sanitize the voters’ roll and carry out relevant reforms toward getting ready for 2023. My only regret is that the right leadership is not yet enthroned to begin sustainable development. News Commentary: Constitutional Violations And Poor Governance In Africa Breed Instability and Must Stop! Bring the Killers of the LRA/IAA Quartet to Swift Justice, Mr. President! THE SAME GOD IS THE ONE WORKING IN ME, THROUGH ME AND FOR. Senator Johnson’s hands are tinted with blood of innocent people he deliberately murdered during the civil war.His so called predictions will never amount to anything. “I want you to know that I am the only former army general in the Republic of Liberia that is running for the nation’s highest office,” Johnson announced. The woman wipes the leader’s forehead, and he takes a swig from the can. Johnson, your persistent inconsistencies are scaring, and demand our immediate attention. Senator Johnson founded one of the country’s rebel groups, the INPFL, when he broke away from the then leader of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Charles Taylor. Johnson, but people are not looking at the massive killing Doe did in our country Liberia. Johnson could be seen in a 1990 video presiding over the capture and mutilation and death of former President, Samuel K. Doe, who bled to death, but he helped to bring (now-imprisoned) former President Taylor to power after the 1997 election.


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