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Below is a compiled list of prices and values separated by TCG set. In 2016, a Pikachu Illustrator card sold for a whopping $54,970, in 2014 it was for $100,000 and now in 2020, it has sold for $230,000! “With the buyer’s premium, it’s over $220,000 for the card.” (The buyer’s premium is paid to the auction house.) This card's value is pretty understandable.

PIKACHU 48/162 - REVERSE HOLO COMMON XY BREAKTHROUGH, POKEMON BREAKTHROUGH ** PIKACHU ** REVERSE HOLOFOIL ! There are 3 different types of Trainer Promo Cards and most of them are absolutely priceless, especially since they are almost impossible to get hold of. Quick Attack: Flip a coin. Pikachu 39/99 Next Destinies Pokemon + BONUS! Speed Bolt: If Pikachu evolved from Pichu during this turn, prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done to Pikachu during your opponent's next turn. Pokemon, Pikachu 42/146 XY Base Set Common Near Mint Pokemon, POKEMON TCG CARD - XY EXPANSION - PIKACHU 42/146, Pikachu HOLO PROMO 42/146 XY Pokemon Cards LIMITED MOVIE GIVEAWAY LB, Pikachu - 42/146 - Common Reverse Foil new XY (Base Set) Pokemon JG2, Pikachu - 42/146 - Common NM XY (Base Set) Pokemon 2B3, Pikachu - XY01 - 42/146 - Carte Pokemon Française Pikachu - XY01 - 42/14, Pikachu HOLO PROMO 42/146 (MINT SEALED) XY Pokemon Cards LIMITED MOVIE GIVEAWAY, POKEMON TCG: XY FURIOUS FISTS PIKACHU 27/111 COMMON, Pokemon Pikachu - 27/111 - X4 - Furious Fists - MP, 4X Pokemon Furious Fists Pikachu #27/111 Common Card, 6x Pikachu - 27/111 - Common NM Pokemon XY Furious Fists, Furious Fists Common, Uncommon & Non Holo Rare Single Pokemon Cards XY, Pikachu 27/111 XY Furious Fists Common PERFECT MINT! Pokemon Mysterious Treasures Pikachu 94/123 Reverse Holo Heavily Damaged! RELATED: 10 Rarest Pokémon Cards In The World (&How Much They're Currently Worth). 2015 48/162, Pikachu 48/162 - Common Pokemon Card - BREAKthrough Set, 2X Pikachu 48/162 XY Breakthrough Common MINT! Most are foil or reverse foil. Complete your set! Pikachu - 70/100 - Common NM Majestic Dawn Pokemon 2B3, Pokémon TCG Card Pikachu 70/100 Majestic Dawn LP, pikachu 70/100 majestic dawn pokemon card, Pikachu - 70/100 - Common PL Majestic Dawn Pokemon 2B3, POKEMON TCG CARD - DIAMOND AND PEARL MAJESTIC DAWN - PIKACHU 70/100, Pokemon 70/100 Pikachu Majestic Dawn Reverse Holo Rare, Pokemon Card: Pikachu REVERSE HOLO STAMPED 70/100 Majestic Dawn BK Promo! Only 39 copies of the card were ever created. Nowadays, the times of trading cards and battling in competitions are somewhat disappearing, with many choosing to play the video games instead. ?REVERSE HOLO FIREWORKS PIKACHU???? Vendeur fiable; Livraison rapide; Retours simples; En savoir plus Top Fiabilité Plus. Pikachu 39/99 Next Destinies Common Light Play LP Pokemon DNA GAMES, Pikachu 39/99 - Common Pokemon Card - Next Destinies Set (2012) - NM. We use cookies to improve our site experience.Click below to agree and accept our use of cookies, analytics tracking by Google Analytics, and ad targeting through Google Adsense. There just really isn't much special about it.

Spark: If your opponent has any Benched Pokemon, choose 1 of them and this attack does 10 damage to it. Below is a compiled list of prices and values separated by TCG set. POKEMON TCG: XY GENERATIONS PIKACHU 26/83 COMMON REVERSE. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.). 7,99 EUR. Pikachu Reverse Holo Pokemon TCG XY Generations 26/83 NM! The card is also made out of 24k gold after The Pokémon Company collaborated with Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka to bring to life a special version of … If heads, your opponent's Active Pokemon is now Paralyzed. Non Holo Pokemon EX Holon Phantoms, OtBG Pikachu 78/110 EX Holon Phantoms Pokemon Card Non Holo Foil Near Mint NM, Pikachu 78/110 EX Holon Phantoms - Common Pokemon Card - NM, 1 x MP Pikachu - 78/110 - Common - Reverse Holo EX Holon Phantoms Pokemon TCG, Pikachu 78/110 Non Holo Common EX Holon Phantoms NM+ With Tracking, 100/110 MEW EX HOLON PHANTOMS SET HOLO REV RARE COM UNC POKEMON CARD U PICK, Pikachu 78/110 ex Holon Phantoms Englisch NM, 2006 Pikachu - EX Holon Phantoms Common 78/110 - Mint (M), Pikachu 78/110 - EX Holon Phantoms - 2006 - Common - Deutsch - Near Mint, OtBG Pikachu 78/110 EX Holon Phantoms Stamped Reverse Holo Foil Moderate Play MP, Pikachu (EX Holon Phantoms 78/110) Reverse Holo Rare NM Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Card - Pikachu - Reverse Holo EX Holon Phantoms Stamp 78/110 LP, 2006 EX HOLON PHANTOMS REVERSE HOLO 78/110 78 PIKACHU PSA 9, 2006 EX HOLON PHANTOMS REVERSE HOLO 78/110 78 PIKACHU PSA 10 ONLY 14, Pikachu 78/110 Common EX Holon Phantoms Pokemon Card, Pokemon Common Card : Pikachu 78/110 (Ex Holon Phantoms) NM/MINT, Pikachu ex holon phantoms pokemon card 78/110 rare pokemon card tcg, Pikachu δ Delta Species 79/110 - EX Holon Phantoms - 2006 - Deutsch - Near Mint. NEXT: The 10 Best Shiny Pokémon Cards, Ranked (& How Much They're Worth). 2 card is interestingly the most expensive and sought after. NM, Pikachu 71/99 - Platin Arceus - Englisch NM, Platinum Arceus Non-Holo Rare/Common/Uncommon Pokemon Cards, Pokemon TGC -- Platinum Arceus -- Reverse Holo -- Pikachu -- 71/99 -- Near Mint+, Pikachu 71/99 Non-Holo Platinum Arceus Pokemon Cards NM & Raichu 77/147, Pikachu 78/123 HeartGold & SoulSilver Common Pokemon Card NM, OtBG Pikachu 78/123 Heartgold Soulsilver HGSS Non Holo Foil Near Mint NM, Pikachu - HS01: Heartgold Soulsilver - 78/123 - Pokemon Card New French, Pikachu - HS01:HeartGold SoulSilver - 78/123 - Carte Pokemon Neuve Française, OtBG Pikachu 2/30 (78/123) Heartgold Soulsilver Raichu Gyarados Near Mint NM, Pikachu 16/30 (78/123) Heartgold Soulsilver KIT Deck Raichu Gyarados, POKEMON • Pikachu HEARTGOLD & SOULSILVER 78/123 NM, Pokemon 2010 ** PIKACHU ** HEARTGOLD SOULSILVER 78/123! On Oct. 23, Weiss Auctions opened bidding on a super-rare Pokémon card, Japanese Illustrator Pikachu, a promotional card created as a contest prize in 1998. Pikachu Pokémon Card Value. Pokemon, Pikachu 50/149 Pokemon BW Boundaries Crossed Common NM/M, 2x Pikachu - 50/149 - Common NM B&W: Boundaries Crossed, Pikachu - 50/149 - Common PL B&W: Boundaries Crossed 2B3, Pikachu - 50/149 - Common NM B&W: Boundaries Crossed 2B3, Pikachu 50/149 Boundaries Crossed BW Pokemon Card Reverse Holo Foil NM/Mint, Pokemon - Pikachu - RC7/RC25 - BW Legendary Treasures - Uncommon - Played, Pikachu Pokemon Card #RC7/RC25 Legendary Treasures, Pokemon Card - Pikachu - Legendary Treasures Holo Radiant RC7/RC25 BW LP, Pikachu RC7/RC25 Legendary Treasures Holo Rare Pokemon Card Near Mint, Pikachu RC7/RC25 Radiant Collection Legendary Treasures SHINY Pokemon Card RARE. Therefore, it just isn't worth selling or buying. Despite the film being the highest-rated videogame movie, it is still relatively new and common to find which decreases the value quite a bit. Available are the minimum, average, and maximum prices which are updated on an hourly basis. POKEMON RARE JAPANESE CARD HOLO CARTE PIKACHU 004/015 PT 2008 JAPAN ** D'occasion. “A lot of people throw these out,” Weiss added. Lot de 14 cartes pokémon FR neuves série Détective Pikachu dont rares et promos . Pikachu 115/114 Pokemon Card BLACK AND WHITE Secret Rare HOLO - NM PSA10??? Pikachu Non-Holo Pokemon TCG Card Stormfront 70/100 NM! Nevertheless, this type of misprint is extremely rare and pretty easy to spot too! This particular card is a PSA 9, the closest to perfect a card could get without a 10 rating.

It should be noted that the first editions of this set do actually sell for around $400, but if it's not the first edition then, well, it's worth a great $12.76 in most listings. We use cookies to improve our site experience. Not only does this make it extremely valuable but also pretty hard to come by.

Assorted Pokemon Cards Old and New. ou Faire une offre. They are given to winners of the world championships so 1 appears a year, and the winners are unlikely to want to give that up! OtBG Pikachu 20/108 XY Roaring Skies Pokemon Card Non Holo Foil Near Mint NM, 2015 Pokemon XY Roaring Skies Singles (Complete Your Set & Pick Your Cards), Pikachu 20/108 Roaring Skies Set Common Pokemon Card NEW, 4x Pikachu - 20/108 - Common NM-Mint Pokemon XY - Roaring Skies, POKEMON TCG: XY ROARING SKIES PIKACHU 20/108 COMMON REVERSE, POKEMON TCG: XY ROARING SKIES PIKACHU 20/108 COMMON, Pokemon Pikachu - 20/108 - X4 - XY Roaring Skies - LP, Pokemon Roaring Skies 20/108 Pikachu Common Reverse Holo, Pokemon Roaring Skies 20/108 Pikachu Common, POKEMON 2X PIKACHU 20/108 COMMON (NON HOLO) MINT CARD XY ROARING SKIES, OtBG Pikachu 20/108 XY Roaring Skies Pokemon Reverse Holo Foil Light Play LP, x4 Pikachu - 20/108 - Common Pokemon XY Roaring Skies M/NM English, 084PK020r - Pikachu - 20/108 - Roaring Skies - Common Reverse - Pokemon - NM, Pokemon XY Roaring skies, 2x Pikachu 20/108 Common NM, Pikachu 48/162 - Common Pokemon Card - BREAKthrough Set - NM, Pikachu 48/162 Common - XY BREAKthrough - NM, POKEMON TCG: XY BREAKTHROUGH PIKACHU 48/162 COMMON, Pokémon TCG 2x Pikachu #48/162 BREAKthrough Set Lightning Type Mint English, Pikachu - 48/162 XY BREAKthrough - NM MINT, Pokemon Pikachu - 48/162 - X4 - Breakthrough - LP, POKEMON PIKACHU 48/162 COMMON NM CARD FROM XY BREAKTHROUGH, OtBG Pikachu 48/162 BREAKthrough Pokemon Card non Holo Foil Near Mint NM, x4 Pikachu - 48/162 - Common Pokemon XY Breakthrough M/NM English, x4 Pikachu - 48/162 - Common Pokemon XY Breakthrough. Everyone who got one had the sense to keep it and make some money off it. This is purely because the rarity just isn't there. It sells for a ridiculous amount of money because there are only 20-39 copies ever made (rumored to only be 9 in existence now). Pikachu - 26/83 - Common - Reverse Holo - Generations - NM-Mint!!! Readers of the magazine could submit their own Pokemon card design for a chance to get their cards published in the January 1998 issue.

It sells for a ridiculous amount of money because there are only 20-39 copies ever made (rumored to only be 9 in existence now).

Pokemon card singles - Jungle Set!

This causes the value of some of these cards to shoot through the roof, but some to just be pretty pointless. RELATED: Dad Discovers His 20-Year-Old Pokémon Cards Are Now Worth Almost $45,000. This one was a mint condition, never opened and a must-have for any collector. Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for. 1 x HP Pikachu - 58/102 - Common - Unlimited Edition Base Set - Unlimited Editio, POKEMON - Pikachu 58/102 - Set Base ITALIANO, PIKACHU - Base Set - 58/102 - Common - Pokemon Card - Unlimited Edition - LP, Pokemon Base Set PIKACHU (58/102) Common - Unlimited Edition, Pokemon Base Set Card Pikachu 58/102 - Lightly Played, Carte Pokémon PIKACHU 58/102 - Set de Base ED2 Wizards - FR ¨Proche NEUF, Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Cheeks 58/102 Base Set Card |DAMAGED, Played. Each set also contains the current price average percent increase or decrease in comparison to the average for the previous week.

Nevertheless, they're still a cool card to own! Thunder Jolt: Flip a coin. The best thing about a misprint is that they are often rarer than the original card itself which makes it a valuable and expensive mistake. Agility: Flip a coin. Two potential buyers started a bidding war on the Pokémon card — which hiked up the price by thousands. “I was stunned it went that high,” Weiss said. What makes this so uncommon is how these cards come about.

Pikachu - 26/83 - Generations - NM-Mint!!! Pokemon Card - Jungle 60/64 - PIKACHU (common) *Played*, Pokemon Pikachu 60/64 1st Edition Jungle Common LP See Pictures, Cartes Pokemon set Jungle /64 2000 100% Français AU CHOIX, Pikachu 60/64 - NM / M - Jungle Pokemon Card - Unplayed - $1 Combined Shipping, Pokemon - Pikachu - 60/64 - Jungle - Common - Played, Pokemon Pikachu 60/64 Jungle Set Collectible Pokemon Card, Jungle Pikachu (50hp) card # 60/64. Last but not least on our list is Pikachu, the face of the entire Pokémon franchise who evolves from Pichu and later into Raichu. x4 Pikachu - 26/83 - Common Pokemon Generations M/NM English, 4x Pikachu - 26/83 - Common NM-Mint Pokemon XY - Generations, 4x Pikachu - 26/83 - Common NM Pokemon Generations, POKÉMON PIKACHU 26/83 GENERATIONS REVERSE HOLOGRAPHIC NEARMINT/MINT, Pikachu 26/83 XY GENERATIONS 20th ANNIV.2016 Common PERFECT MINT!


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