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Seraph GR040 is in fact the Carbonda CFR696. If an item arrives and is damaged or "significantly not as described" in its advertisement, or does not even arrive, you can appeal to PayPal. © Nove Bikes 2020, ABN: 49 616 465 519 | Developed by Signifi Media Sell them for 699USD delivered vs $2500. No offense, but Johnstone is hardly what one could credibly call a reputable source. At the time, Johnstone was selling his frames for US $699.00 each. “Durianrider,” was selling Chinese carbon bicycle framesets to unsuspecting buyers at greatly inflated prices. Anyone who chooses to apply the information on this web site does so of their own volition and their own risk. Yet Another Reason to Avoid Purchasing Framesets from "Durianrider Publications". Back in February, I revealed how serial cyber-bully and accused sex predator Harley David Johnstone, a.k.a. If You Enjoyed this Article, Please Consider Sending a Tip. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways. The above photo is from Johnstone's "Pragma Glycogen" page. Johnstone has also posted a series of photos featuring a damaged bottom bracket, claiming the frame is from a seller I recommend. The owner and contributors to this site accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm, real or imagined, from the use or dissemination of information contained on this site. I strongly suspect they received a very shrill email or two from a certain well-known Internet bully. Since the inital posting of this article, it appears Johnstone has undergone yet another of his trademark psychotic turns, escalating his cyber-stalking and defamation efforts against me and at least one other individual he holds a burning grudge against. As I wrote in February, there’s simply no need to deal with a puerile character like Johnstone if you want to buy a Chinese carbon frameset - all you need to do is buy direct from China, which is quite easy to do. For the sake of balance, it behoves me to point out there is no guarantee you won't have warranty difficulties with a big name brand, either. From what I've observed, the FM066 seems to be the most problematic of the Chinese framesets (earlier models exhbited a tendency to develop cracks in the seat tube). Again, just save yourself a bunch of money and do this yourself. Given the worrying and compelling allegations of sexual predation made against Johnstone, I would urge female readers to be extremely wary of sharing such information with him. While I don't explicitly recommend any particular brand or seller, I will wholeheartedly make the following recommendation: Don't purchase a frameset from Durianrider Publications. Again, he conveniently fails to mention who the seller of that damaged frameset is, but given his Durianrider Publication and social media sites are peppered with pictures of his girlfriend riding a pink FM066 frame, well... Johnstone's terribly obnoxious and immature partner, Natasha Miklich, with her pink FM066. Keep in mind that just because framesets from different sellers share the same model designation and even the same mould, does not mean they are in reality the same product. Since February, Johnstone has not changed his behaviour. Search around on the web and you'll find the Carbonda version is a popular frameset with overwhelmingly positive reviews. That is, whether they are happy for someone like Johnstone - with his long and well-documented history of sociopathic behaviour - to have their name and address. As I shared in February, I’ve purchased nine Chinese carbon framesets from various sellers over the years, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The closest of the two in appearance to the Mawson was the GR030, which is selling for US $468.93: The GR030 can only be used with the included setback seatpost, due to the seat tube's teardrop shape. When buying a super light frameset, it is especially important to ensure you are buying from a reputable source. Most Chinese sellers promise a two-year warranty on their frames, as does Johnstone. For a 100kg 'clydesdale' to be riding a 850-gram frame with pencil-thin seat stays, all for the sake of shaving a couple of hundred grams from their bike's total weight, is a highly dubious proposition. I don't sell bicycle framesets myself, and I don't get paid or otherwise receive incentives to endorse (or even mention) any brand or seller. If you're interested in buying a Chinese frame, there are plenty of freely available online resources. For example, there's this lengthy FM-066 thread at the Weight Weenies site, which stretches all the way from 2009 to the present: No-one pays me to do this stuff, so feel free to show some love and send a tip via Coinbase (cryptocurrency) or PayPal. If these conditions are not agreeable to the reader, he/she is advised to leave this site immediately. Seraph offers a model with a conventional seat tube, the GR026, for $486.36: However, neither of these framesets are identical to the Pragma Mawson. Like I said, if you have your heart set on a bargain-priced carbon frame from China, do your research and stick with reputable sellers. In the case of a Chinese frame, you're the one who will be repackaging it and paying to send it back to China. This is not a cop-out disclaimer, but solid advice that I practice myself. Your local consumer protection agency will have little or no power to act on a frameset purchased from China. For those of you new to buying Chinese carbon frames and feel like you need some guidance, there are numerous bike forums where the participants will help you out - for free, without skimming an extra US $500.00 from your pocket like Johnstone. There's no need to spend US $899.00 on a frame you can purchase for $400-$500 less. Back in February, I revealed how serial cyber-bully and accused sex predator Harley David Johnstone, a.k.a. Consumer Alert: The Latest Rip-Off from Harley Johnstone a.k.a. Because you'll need to give them to him to have your order shipped. The more popular cycling forums have often very lengthy threads with commentary from people who have already purchased and ridden framesets from various Chinese sellers. I believe a major reason why I've had a hassle-free run is because I've carefully researched the frames I was interested in. A Further Word on Chinese Frame Warranties. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for buyers to preserve their PayPal Buyer Protection. Conveniently, he fails to name the seller of this ill-fated pink frameset. Again, I implore readers to avoid any seller who asks them to tag a commercial PayPal transaction as a "friends and family" payment. This, coming from the same guy who proclaims all women to be "basic handbag-wearing bitches," called a domestic violence victim a "fucking doormat loser," and called a genuine cancer victim a "scammer"! One company Johnstone is sourcing his bicycle frames from is Shenzen TanTan Sports Equipment Co., also trading as "SERAPH Factory Store" on Aliexpress. ISO4210 rated. If the flaw is serious and poses a safety risk, then you're going to be faced with the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars to return a frame that you purchased for as little as $379.00. Others have not been so lucky. When Reader X queried Johnstone's aversion to transparency, this was the reply he received: How precious: Johnstone asking someone why they were being such a c~nt to him! Keep in mind PayPal Protection only extends for 180 days after purchase, but at least you get that first six months' of extra cover. is the manufacturer. There's no need to buy a bicycle frame from a well-known cyber-stalker when you can easily do it yourself. At the time, Johnstone was selling his frames for US $699.00 each. Seraph had two CX / gravel framesets listed. And Johnstone's claim that I recommend this, or any other seller, is a blatant lie. And as if inflating the price isn’t enough, he’s still instructing unsuspecting buyers to pay by PayPal using the “friends and family” option in order to avoid paying his seller fees. Performing a web image search for Carbonda's CFR696 retrieves photographs of bikes with colour schemes similar to those of some of the frames pictured in Johnstone's "Mawson" listing. Before forfeiting your PayPal Buyer Protection at Johnstone's request, consider carefully what this will mean if the bottom bracket on the frame you purchase from him implodes, as per the picture above?


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