pelosi ice cream brand
Biden and Pelosi share a love of a premium brand of ice cream that many Americans would consider a privilege to afford in any circumstances, let alone in freezers full during a pandemic or to the tune of thousands of campaign dollars. ! QAnon Reaches HOLLAND: QAnon rukt op in Amerika: complotgekkies of wakkere patriotten? “This is, this is something you can get through the mail if you run out. If you are on a diet and dying to rush on an ice cream, this is what you need. + Information About the State of our Nation +. #ChangeMyVote, #MAGAGRA Hyden Crime Family Take Down #LevelFswampFire, Global COVID-19 Cases Average More Than 500k For First Time As Europe Outpaces US: Live Updates, Machete-Wielding Man Arrested In Central Paris As France Braces For Copycat Attacks, Deutsche Bank Wants To “Sever Ties” With Trump By Offloading Business Loans. May I show you?”, Corden: “Yes, absolutely. PBS journo Yamiche Alcindor scoffs at Trump predicting riots in Dem-run cities like Portland if he wins, ‘We Hope This Is a New Start,’ Sheriff’s Office Says After 17 Inmates Baptized, Trump Pledges Support ‘After Yet Another Vile Act of Terrorism in Europe’, Twitter CEO Dorsey: ‘We Don’t’ Have Any Evidence That Biden Laptop, Emails Are ‘Russian Disinformation’. Christmas Is a Time for Acts of Generosity, The Importance of the Latest Netflix Dystopia, Vanguard Adjusting To Prison Life – Well, at least some parts of it…, Tourism Industry to Lose Over $1 Trillion and Can Reduce Global GDP by up to 2.8%, Relations Between Mexico and India Are on the Rise, WE ARE KEEPING AN EYE ON YOU: Trump gives Pennsylvania Governor LAST WARNING in Scranton, GUESS WHO IS UNDER INVESTIGATION: Trump FIERY Rally Speech in Michigan 10/30/20, CNN HAS GONE COMPLETELY CRAZY: Trump UNBELIEVABLE Rally Speech in Tampa Florida, President Trump Set to Win Wisconsin and Michigan on the way to Reelection, President Trump Will Declare Victory When Up in Numerous Swing States on Election Night, President Trump Reelection a Certainty According to Enthusiasm and Early Voting Numbers, United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform –, Decarbonization Means DEPOPULATION, Because Humans Are Carbon-Based Organisms, Information Overload is a Weapon of Control, Mesmerising: An Ancient Chinese Ginkgo Tree Droped an Ocean of Golden Leaves, Detainment camps being built coast to coast in Canada to detain “broad spectrum” of people, Rothschild filed COVID-19 test patent in 2015 ahead of outbreak, millions of test kits sold in advance. PROOF: OPERATIVES ARE OUT TO STEAL 2020 AS BLACK VOTERS GIVE TRUMP HIS YUGE WIN! I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP! “We build community wherever we go, from near our kitchen in Columbus, to the cities across the country where we have scoop shops,” it says. Op-EdChip Somodevilla / Getty Images Mike Huckabee: These 2 Videos Reportedly Show the Coming Coup & Federal Takeover Leftists Plan if Trump Wins, CommentaryChip Somodevilla / Getty Images Whitmer's Michigan Takes Another Step Toward Authoritarian State After What Diners Must Give Up Now, CommentaryPBS NewsHour / YouTube screen shot Woman Behind Trump Steals the Show with Brilliant Rally Stunt, Noam Galai / Getty Images It's Like the Days After 9/11: NY Police Official on Preparing for Election Violence. OPERATIVES CAUGHT TRYING TO STEAL 2020! The photo used at the top of this post is one of Joe Biden and Jeni Britton Bauer of Columbus, Ohio, the founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. MUST WATCH: The Brand New Nancy Pelosi “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” Video… Surely American workers will not abide such out-of-touch lunacy coming from the D.C. elite? May I show you?” Pelosi asked Corden just before she pulled open her freezer. The next day, Biden chimed in to express his mutual love for the ice cream brand. Former Vice President Joe Biden really loves ice cream, so much so that it even says so in his Twitter bio. Do Other Politicians Have Similar/Shady Ukraine Deals? 50 CENT SAYS HE VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP! A conservative publication and syndicator with one aspiration to fulfill: a media platform where truth conquers all. “I don’t know what I would have done were ice cream not invented,” said Pelosi. And a Whole lot more…. All of this love for a top-shelf ice cream brand was ill-timed, at least for Pelosi. THIS is NOT a DRILL: A deep dark world is being exposed. Biden-Burisma Corruption Update, Election Day Legal Battles, New Biden Corruption Docs, How to Cope with Stress Without Using Medication, AFRICAN AMERICANS : YOU ARE BEING SOCIALLY RAPED, CRYING FLORIDA DEMOCRATS SENTENCED TO PRISON, BEG JUDGE FOR MERCY, KEITH RANIERE SENTENCED TO 120 YEARS IN PRISON, TEXAS DEMOCRAT RESIGNS FROM VOTER BALLOT BOARD OVER FELONY RECORD CONCERNS, Joe Biden is Here to Tell You If You’re Black Enough | Larry Elder, The Ultimate Trump Derangement Syndrome Compilation | Larry Elder, The Hong Kong Flu Killed 100,000 Americans, But the Economy Didn’t Shut Down | Larry Elder, Repeat Drug Trafficking Mom Caught Moving Meth with Infant in Car, Greenville drug bust leads to heroin and child abuse charges, Greenville man arrested on drug, child abuse charges following search warrant, State to Monitor Broward Elections After Ballots Destroyed | Miami Herald, Are Political Asylum Seekers Required to Request Protection through a U.S. You have great taste, @SpeakerPelosi. Preparing for Protests By Boarding Up. JOIN OVER 35,000+ PATRIOTS IN RECEIVING REAL, ACCURATE, AND AMERICAN-CENTRIC NEWS! But ice cream looms fairly large in Pelosi’s system of values. We are honored to have your support. And it wasn’t just any ice cream that the campaign shelled out almost 10 grand for, but Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which is the same brand that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed off in her now-infamous interview on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden on April 13. The post MUST WATCH: The Brand New Nancy Pelosi “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” Video… appeared first on . It is–I enjoy it. ICYMI: NEW EMAILS REVEAL BIDEN KNEW ABOUT BURISMA/110 YR OLD GRANNY VOTES 4 TRUMP/DEVIN NUNES/TONY B, Body Language: Tucker Carlson, Tony Bobulinski Alleged Dealings With Hunter & Joe Biden, Body Language: Tony Bobulinski, Biden China FBI, MyBLEXIT Bryson Gray on Affecting Culture. I just wonder.’, Corden: “I agree. CROOKED FBI. In fact, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee spent almost $10,000 — $9,942.60, to be exact — on the dessert as a donor gift between 2019 and 2020, according to Federal Election Commission data. Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More.


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