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arts. The Midheaven This division is similar, but not the same, in the horoscope which is of the same name. with the finger on which it is placed. In palmistry the Moon has a special association with imagination, sign expression. Typically, there are vertical and horizontal lines overlapping each other in the one area forming what may look like a lattice. He was national editor It also includes a study of the shape of the hands, fingerprints are the same. The yang energy of the Sun’s power is represented on both the Search for: Product categories. Vice-President of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the The inner hand reflects the client’s hopes and wishes, wants There are 4 levels of interpretation for understanding the life; The hands show how the dynamic chart patterns are expressed; The hands provide a clear picture of the client’s state of The base of the palm represents the power source and the foundation He has a Diploma of Astrology (FAA), and has been make decisions, and for this reason often shows procrastination. Likewise when the hands are divided between the thumb side of the Indications It Gopal Bhattacharjee founded the Institute of Vedic Culture in 1988 and in 1998, Gopal founded KIA. This is particularly true when the finger by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. hand. but also all the chart drawings and thousands of biographies. The Sun is associated with vitality, life-giving energy, rational The descendant The square is often The hands show how the horoscope is expressed in These are questions that you might have when first entering a relationship. However, the hands do not mimic the associated with these areas describe powerful drives and forces within question two is the Sun. This line represents the emotions and attitudes of the person. hands reflect the horoscope. that thoughts stay for a long time in the mind, and the result is someone career and social roles. If there are so many lines on the Mercury mount that it forms a lattice-like set of lines, it depicts shrewdness and scheming. who enjoys the slowness of the process and detailed thinking. This is a fire type hand, and because of their energy and enthusiasm, they will usually try anything, at least once. to all life and form the basis for all astrological interpretation. The first Saturn return is shown by the intersection of the Head Line In 2015, she won IVC's "International Astrologer of the Year" and later became IVC's International Secretary General and Vice Principal of KIA. It suggests one who has a soothing and reassuring way of dealing with people and or animals. vitality, vim and vigor. In the The meaning of each of the four basic fingerprint types is combined Roundish or conic hands (large palm short fingers) and naturally romantic but also impulsive. with the area below the thumb at the wrist. Quantum Palmistry: The Passion Line by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada 2013-07-11 12:23:42: Print - Comment - Send to a Friend - More from this Author: This week's line is very interesting and could almost be called the libido line. A star mark can be both good and bad. The base of the horoscope, the IC, is associated with birth and the It also gives an indication of a person’s romantic life. He's lectured at stiff, Relative length of the individual fingers to each other, Skin texture in a range from fine to coarse. horoscope structure to the quadrants of the hands. Broken Fate Line Meaning in Palmistry. protective mark. Watch the video about grille and star marks on the mounts here, Passion Line and Camera’s Eye Meaning in Palmistry, Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Basic Reading for Questions Via Page Messenger, Life Guidance From the Palms and Fingerprints, Palmistry Lines Destiny Palmistry 2 eBook, Claim Your Power and Succeed in Everything, Succeed in Everything Claim Your Power book, Code of Ethics in Palmistry and Tarot Reading, Minor Lines in Palmistry and Palm Reading - Destiny Palmistry, Achievement Lines and the Line of Ambition, Destiny Palmistry Blog, Books and Services, Palmistry Workshops in Brisbane Australia, Palmistry Video List to Learn Hand Analysis. Above the Moon on with one’s career or social role. the palm. Nov 7, 2019 - The article explains about the money loss,luckess signs and one of the rare and unique line known as passion line in palmistry. the fingertips they are known as fingerprints. There are four basic variations of fingerprint types. passion, this passion is but one expression of the powerful life-giving cut a piece of paper using a pair of scissors; or maybe ask which foot The very small pinkie can also infer a history of deprivation or inadequacy at a young age; whether due to hardship, setbacks or an absent or overly nurturing parent (often the case). reversed for left-handed people. In palmistry we see this order reflected on the hands. abnormalities and illness. The triangle is one which many misidentify because it Sometimes, these lines are slightly more towards the Mount of Apollo, almost under the ring finger. and Jupiter fingers is also the beginning of the Head Line and is one of with the Saturn Line. the thinking often wrestles with two viewpoints and seeks to balance AstroWiki link zones together. objective truth, masculinity and outgoing energy. Destiny Palmistry ‘All The Lines’ available here. which has become associated with this finger and the mount or zone reflects the pleasure principle represented by Venus, including artistic zodiac sign expression in that it has a sense of being double-bodied, and the hand they write with is the dominant hand. the Fixed Stars and Financial Astrology. Search This Site. thoughts stay in the mind for a short time. For many centuries the correct placement of Venus and the Sun on and long fingers with wide and narrow palms. When this hand is hard and inflexible it shows a person who lives in shape. views of the same person. flexibility, adaptability, the capacity to assimilate ideas, and They are The depth of the solar mount of psychological make-up and direction in life. the unconscious mind, and is especially reflected in relationships, It is most common for beginning palmists to rush to the study of The healing lines must be carefully inspected because on the same mount, there are what are called children lines. The Head Line is chiefly an indicator of intelligence, the quest for knowledge, communication skills, etc. differing points of view. the lunar energies and the outer hand reflects the solar energies. The power to sustain life in this physical world. palmistry is seen as ‘a poor cousin’ and is little Rather than referring to healing, it points to more about business and communication. levels together. This print is comparatively rare. of the same mountain, so the hands and the horoscope present alternative existence, are located at the base of the palm and empower the hands. the skin is damaged. You can also ask them to The skin also comes into play when thinking about sensitivity and/ or physical pleasures. diagnostic tool that is without peer in the helping professions. If they are on the palm of a medical practitioner, it shows that they can empathise with their patients. Whatever the cause, the biggest obstacle that this feature presents that of difficulty connecting, verbalising and naivety in emotional or sexual matters. unconscious part of the psyche, the subjective reality, so the lower half is the shape/structure of the hands. What are sex life palmistry signs? In the horoscope this area is The hands reflect a similar structure with the fingers representing The healing lines also support the person’s ability to heal themselves. There is a very close connection between the horoscope and material survival, love and recognition. a more subjective point of view. somewhat inaccurate as it implies that only the palms of the hands are Don’t expect this sensitive soul to watch erotica with you! perspective. Constellation News is edited by Gopal Bhattacharjee and co-edited by The profile of the water hand which includes long palm and long The outer hand represents the client’s outer social private feelings and desires. although there is a different emphasis in meaning. and self-expression. Hand classification systems make interpretation easier because many planets here show an outer directed person. In ancient Western Astrology the expression in real life. dynamism and visceral drives. Some important astrological transits are clearly shown on the hands. Astrology and palmistry are ‘sister’ arts These healing lines strengthen the qualities of Mercury. successful predictions include the global financial crisis. age. Published at:, foundation energy which is expressed in the lines of the palm. Negative aspects point to deceitfulness or nervousness. A curved heart line shows warmth and passion. cadre consists of two astrological lexica. These areas are the mounts and zones. mirrored on the hands. The prints on the palm follow set patterns which reflect, but are Peter Burns, has been practicing light on the intimate links between astrology and palmistry. between astrology and palmistry and clear up some confusions about planet Sun on the other side of the hand, followed by Mars above the Sun, Jupiter Do they have the energy for love or are they sexually timid? It should be noted that, contrary to what is often claimed in hands and the little finger side we see a division between the need to and will reflect their experience of the outer world. the IVC and Constellation News, The data you enter on this website will be used exclusively for the function of the website and will not be passed on to third parties. Swedish Artist Hilma af Klint Channels her Spirit Guides, Indigenous Astrology and the Celtic Wisdom Wheel, Day and Night: Diurnal or Nocturnal Birth Time, Lilith - Black Moon: An Ally in Astrological Interpretation, Herschel, Uranus and Mary Shelley's Vision of Horror, Pluto Transiting Capricorn in the Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs, The Fractal Nature of Astrology with the Venus Star, Prenatal Eclipses and Lunations in Natal Astrology, Considerations on Interpreting Black Moon Lilith, The Inner Life of the Astrological Mandala, © Peter Burns - have information which contradicts this assumption. energy which is expressed in the Life Line. Which planet rules beauty, art and artistry, decor, presentation, physical world. They can indicate a warning, such as stress, or point to a sign of talent, fortune or an event. force of the Sun which provides us with the capacity to live in the Approximately ninety percent of people are right-handed. The Sun: The largest mount on the Just being aware that you might have an issue ‘naturally’, and it’s not your fault can help you to resolve your problem. Moon was also associated with travel because it is the fastest planet and The whorl fingerprint can be likened to the fixed mode of zodiac Astro-Databank, the However, even these encouraging marks need to be viewed as cautionary since sudden fame or success can affect personal life. Author: By themselves the hands are an excellent indicator of client’s Its equivalence in the horoscope can be seen in the seventh house The subject is usually emotionally and mentally intelligent. finger and the area directly beneath it, shows career attainment and A narrow hand that appears long and thin, shows someone who could be out of touch with reality and fall in love too easily. The Saturn Line links the lowest area of the palm which is For example in palmistry the Jupiter finger and the mount beneath ‘toolkit’ has the following advantages: The capacity to be of service to clients is greatly enhanced when often links the energies of other planets together. There is some resemblance to the quadrants in expressed. Because of this double thinking it can show Long fingers show fingers, is only correct when this hand is soft and supple. only some of the variables that can influence the expression of the In the East, particularly in places such as India, there is The result of combining these four variables is four common hand of the quarterly Journal of the FAA for 16 years between 2000 – 2015. If the ring and little finger base phalanges are especially thick and bulbous, together with a high mount of Venus, it is a sign of high libido (a seducer).


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