pack horse librarians
No running water, no electricity, very few schools. The lonely young Appalachian woman joins the historical Pack Horse Library Project of Kentucky and becomes a librarian, riding across slippery creek beds and up treacherous mountains on her faithful mule to deliver books and other reading material to the impoverished hill people of Eastern Kentucky. They are simply about the same topic. Thank you! Then last year I got s call from a well-known author, who was writing “my book” and wanted to use me as a source since some of it I gave to an archive. I haven’t read any Moyes and I probably never will, her books don’t really appeal to me, but I’m glad this post has brought Kim Michele Richardson’s book to my attention. Would love to hear other readers’ thoughts on this! I'm the grandson of Grace Caudill Lucas. Librarians rode their trails at least twice a month and usually covered 100 to 120 miles each trip. I may read it later. I haven’t personally read either, but I have heard of the first one. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: If the women are willing to do things because it's going to help their neighbors, I think we'll win out. The Pack Horse Library Project, part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and 1935 Works Projects Administration, brought hope to the young and old alike who wanted to learn and improve their situation. I’m not sure of the answer, but the internet may be partially responsible. It was produced by the Kitchen Sisters and mixed by Jim McKee. What happens to them—and to the men they love—becomes a classic drama of loyalty, justice, humanity and passion. It’s a personal, intimate look at the life of a pack horse librarian in Kentucky during the Depression. Except… the Buzzfeed piece points out that ARCs of Book Woman were made available in fall of 2018, which gives a lot more lead time. I wish it would get even half as much attention as the Moyes book. SCHMITZER: Carriers would collect recipes and patterns for quilts from people on the route, put them together into a scrapbook and share county to county. Have you read either one… and if you’re planning to, does this information change your feelings at all? I am in the middle of getting a PhD and while researching books of criticism about my author’s work, I came across a book that was a version of my dissertation published about 1.5 years ago. Picture a librarian on horseback hauling books over the rugged terrain of Kentucky coal country in the 1930s. My name is Jean Schmitzer, co-author of "Down Cut Shin Creek." Have a question? National Geographic. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They will be joined by three other singular women who become known as the Horseback Librarians of Kentucky. SCHMITZER: We're in the war, we're pulling out of this Depression. Usually it is biographies. Life happens quickly, so take a snapshot! Here’s a link to the article about the NPR piece, which also has some cool photos of real life pack librarians… According to Goodreads, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek came out May 7, 2019, while The Giver of Stars came October 8, 2019. VANCE: In Thailand, they were using elephants.


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