output arcade vs splice
So, the latest product from the LA-based sound boutique Output is called “Arcade” – so play, get it? It even works with your own loops. But Loopmasters library is also really exciting, so you may want to see if they are more likely to have the type of samples you want before deciding which service to subscribe to. I got to sit down with Output CEO and founder Gregg Lehrman, and we took a deep look at Arcade and had a long talk about what it’s about and what the future of music making might be. Arcade by Output is a more radical interpretation of a sample library. It wouldn’t be an Output product without some serious multi-effects options. Those effects helped define the character of earlier Output instruments, so it’s great to see here: • Chorus • Compressor • MultiTap Delay • Stereo Delay • Distortion Box • Equalizer • Filter • Limiter • LoFi • Phaser • Reverb. Each Loop Voice – up to 15 of them – has a whole bunch of controls. It’s really a single, integrated instrument. At the time of the review, there were 15 Product Lines available ranging from drums and percussion to machine noise, toys, natural sounds, and synths. By design, it is so simple to use, that your time is spent focused on music making instead of setting up complex signal paths or browsing endless loop and signal modification choices. Arcade is a sample playground with new content delivered every day and tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. This procedure can be repeated for different loops, or you can play them all at the same time if that feels more natural. Output adds a twist: don’t just give you new sounds, but give you a way to play them and make them your own. Drop those all into LoopCloud, have that manage your samples and then from there, and maybe consider a subscription. The quality of the sounds on Loopmasters is excellent as well. “Why the hell, did I cancel this?” I wondered. OUT NOW: New Kits for Passport The more I look at what is out there, the more I think the "value" that Output is selling for $10 per month is the added content. Not quite sure why the OP flipped out. And it’s an early entry and fresh take on an area that’s set to heat up fast. $99 a year for unlimited sounds. The effects suite is always a mouse click away. Arcade skips bundles and offers a fun tool that lets you perform and process episodes in real-time. 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Here’s where Arcade is interesting. 50 or so musicians, 9 dogs, and at least 4 espresso machines wake up every day in our Los Angeles-based quarantine homes. Arcade also has a unique pricing structure. They all seem to be of similar quality as Splice and Noiize. What other sites are like Splice and Noiize? Deep modulation options either power presets – or your own sound creations, if you’re ready to tinker. The Splice app is good, but all it does is it manages the samples that you download from Splice. Fortunately, restarting my subscription was a matter of mouse clicks and I was literally making music with Arcade again in minutes! So, the latest product from the LA-based sound boutique Output is called “Arcade” – so play, get it? Now, we’re going to turn to pricing. Contributor Steve Blizin reviews Arcade by Output “Arcade is a hybrid plugin, synth and web-based loop browser, all rolled into one. It lets you search through them, sort them by key, tempo, by different types of instruments, that sort of thing… and that’s helpful for managing your Splice samples, but only does the Splice samples. Simply click the bottom of the white keys with your mouse to reveal the edit menu. Each kit includes 15 curated samples with loop editing easily available. For example, you could get Serum for $9.99 a month and own it free-and-clear after 19 months. The samples on Splice are the best in the business. Arcade is actually an instrument that you use in your DAW. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s probably time to check it out. You’ve got a tight scoring deadline, and the job needs a really particular sound, and you’re literally counting the minutes and sweating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I do use them sometimes, but never use breaks that sound sampled. Your email address will not be published. The keyboard (or whatever MIDI controller you’ve mapped) triggers loops, but also manipulates them on the fly. ‘She’s The One’ brings nothing short of Juice WRLD’s signature sound and has us all hooked; its modern take on a classic R&B love song is exceptionally unique and addicting. Arcade is available by subscription only with a $10 monthly fee. If you're trying to figure out where to spend your money in a battle of Output Arcade vs. Splice, I'd personally recommend Splice, because it has access to so much more content. Once you’ve decided you want to use a particular collection, you can download the loops, then load them to begin playing. The only thing you can’t do is resell the samples themselves on their own. Add drama to any track with regal brass, soothing woodwind, and massive string samples neatly packed into a diverse array of emotive Kits. Arcade looks good. I think it’s just that there’s more on Splice. I believe there's one called Loopcloud also. It works really well from a keyboard or other MIDI controller. This 5-day mini course will show you exactly how to launch a music licensing side hustle so that you can finally get paid for your music! How did you use Portal this month? So, like if you’re into lo-fi hip hop, buy five or six different packs that are sort of adjacent to that and that’s going to be a much better value. On-demand cloud browsing lets you check out selections of sounds, complete kits, and loops. LoopCloud and Splice aren't the only players in town. Arcade has just made me realize how much I want Spectrasonics to update RMX with audio import, more extensive file format support and waveform view / edit. Join hundreds of students from around the world who have completed the free 5-day music licensing challenge and launched their music licensing careers! What you want, baby we got it. Far away the pads are humming, where echoes of otherworldly vocals dissolve into the vast and never-ending drone. Simply drag and drop loops from their current position, into the file browser and you can start taking advantage of all of Arcade’s “re-sequence,” modulation and effects tools on all your loops. The curated collections of loops are excellent, spanning a wide swath of genres, styles, instruments and moods. Make a one-of-a-kind sound and automate your live(streamed ) performance like @tokimonsta. What’s your favorite instrument to reverse? Google just returns a bunch of stuff about Arcades (kinda risky branding?). This is really helpful. And it’s got tons of exclusive, unique libraries. I don't know much about it yet. Now let’s get into the differences. Feel free to use them as much as you want. OUT NOW: New Kits for Feedback Like all of Output’s products, the recipe is, build a deep architecture, then encapsulate it in an easy interface. A preview of a kit plays snippets of all the loops within that kit, not just a mixed version of something created with the kit.


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