neverwinter nights crypt tower
The item Tymofarrar gives you is extremely helpful in fighting J'Nah, and you will have to fight her eventually (see the next section for details on finding and fighting J'Nah). To Hilltop West B. Halfling Caravan C. The Fortune-Teller's Caravan D. Old Farm E. Szaren F. Blake House G. To Hilltop Foothills. She will tell you to get a tressym tongue, some charcoal, and some helmthorn berries from the herbalist in Hilltop. Once the cavern is clear, head to the north cave, where Tymofarrar awaits. The sword is located in a room in the eastern passage of the crypt, on some skeletal remains. The poison trap is handy against the kobold chieftain and his henchman. The tomes are heavily guarded by dust mephits and golems. Quest: Horns of the Shadow Hart The shadow hart can appear in several different locations in the foothills. Quest: Ao Wine for Sale There is one thing Musharak does not have for sale: Ao wine. J'Nah orchestrated the attack on Hilltop. They'll be killed by the trap pretty quickly. Quest: Not Playing With a Full Deck Katriana will tell you to speak with Torias about the kobolds. The persuade skill helps immensely with this. Nimaldor will also give you the key to open the eastern passage on the upper level, which begins the Elven Test quest. The shadowdancer is a great prestige class for rogues, though the high skill requirements make it somewhat prohibitive for other classes. Before heading into J'Nah's lair, examine the magical pool in the main area. The biggest monster, though, is the tentacle beast that appears as you attempt to cross the center platform. Quest: Kobolds in the Kitchen Again, there are several ways to solve this. He will ask for your help in changing this situation. There's no way to avoid this room, unfortunately. Characters with normal intelligence or high wisdom will be given an extra option: "Where treasure lay..." Otherwise, your choice of opening lines has no effect other than the setting of your battle against the wise wind. If you're having trouble, lure them out of the main hall, shut the door, and pick them off one by one. There you'll find the greenleaf armor, which grants +5 to AC and +5 to the hide skill. Destroy the mythallar to make Heurodis vulnerable. Ron Dulin At higher levels, the assassin is granted spells that make him or her even more deadly. Note that this bonus applies only to non-magical arrows. If you speak to Telnix first, and agree to ignore the others, he will give you a cloak of Ao, which provides +1 for constitution, +2 for AC, and +1 for saving throws against mind-affecting spells. Nearby, you will see William. Open the cells and talk to Nafeeli. General strategies for successful adventuring. This is incredibly handy, often allowing you to make your henchman just as powerful as yourself, rather than just a secondary support unit. Looting the graves in the crypt will cause you to be attacked by the undead and will shift your alignment to evil. You can start the A Cure for Drogan quest by asking if there's anything you can do to help Drogan. If you've ventured into the Temple of the Winds, you have seen the ark of the three winds and its three round, empty depressions. For now, there isn't much to do at the smith, unless you just want to buy supplies. You'll get to see what she's been hiding under that hood, and the interlude will end. The hermit is a strange man who talks in circles. Speak to him to learn about the red wizards of Thay, and to possibly help him set up an enclave in Hilltop. Once he's dead, though, loot his corpse for a lens of detection, which will allow you cast the find traps spell three times a day. A. Luckily, there's an easy way to kill not only Klonk, but also the numerous hostile kobolds and ice hounds in the cave. Your biggest problem will be getting your henchman to cross safely, without stopping to attack the indestructible statues--if your henchman keeps dying in the room, change the attack settings so that he or she doesn't attack.. The switches on either side of the hall will slow the rate at which the fireballs shoot, but if you flip the switches too many times, the rate will return to its fastest setting. As you've probably noticed, she cannot be harmed. In the hallway opposite the minotaur room, you'll see a pile of rubble. The hallways leading to Kel-Garas are lined with statues of archers that will attack you as you pass. The door leading to the golem emporium is locked, with a DC of 18. Farghan the herbalist can give you two of the necessary herbs for the A Cure for Drogan quest, and he will tell you that Mara at the Bubbling Cauldron bought the rest of his helmthorn berries. Accompanying each of them are four sixth-level medusa handmaidens. Many of these begin and end simultaneously. There are several ways to do this. Head upstairs to the apprentice quarters. Quest: The Rod of Blight Ali informs you that to break the curse of the priest, you must retrieve the rod of blight from him and then place it on the altar to Lathander in the House of the Morninglord. If you have the animal empathy skill, speak with any of the dogs running around the area. The chests on either side of the tomb contain some gold, gems, and jewelry. J'Nah is a strange-looking elf. Do so, and your alignment will shift toward good. Heal Garrick and then speak with him. The maximum level for the blackguard prestige class is 10. Fight your way through the caves to the four cells in the western area. There's a chest with a tower shield +1 and some various other loot, but other than that, the place is deserted. Congratulations! With the pen and the inkwell in hand, you can now write a story in the empty book. As you find items that might make your henchman more powerful, speak with them and choose "I want to change your tactics." Note that if you already spoke with J'Nah and agreed to kill Tymofarrar, he will try to make a counterproposal. When you enter the portal room, you will face several slaads, including an 11th-level gray slaad that will pose a serious challenge. He will ask for 200 gold, but you can talk him down to 150. The second floor is filled with burning undead that aren't hostile, but do occasionally spout flames. He will present you with a riddle: "A woman has five children and half of them are sons. Just hack your way through, but beware--there are numerous traps in the winding hallway. Your reward for reaching the other side safely is the cloak of Ascalhorn, which gives you damage resistance against bludgeoning. At this point, you can head to Blumberg (which is totally unnecessary) or return to Hilltop. Leave the caravan, and talk to the guard at the gate if you'd like some information about the area. She will also provide you with a supply of wine for Musharak. There are only a few things to do in the community hall. You can easily talk your way through the door. Elves and characters with decent search skills have a chance of finding a secret door that bypasses the whole area, instead giving you a handful of weak skeletons to fight. Allow your henchman and other associates to distract her. Abilities: Hit Dice: d8 Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Light Armor Skill Points: 6 (Plus Intelligence Modifier Bonus). Top New Games Out On PS5, Series X/S, Switch, And PC This Month -- November 2020, The PS5 And Xbox Series X Launch Lineups Are Weak, But That's Not The Whole Story, PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking, By He will tell you that if you can free him from his servitude, he will give you the statue. Head to the north fragment. Head upstairs and speak to the kobold footpad in the nursery. Make sure you search the grand matron's corpse for a pen (which will become very important) and some other decent loot. Rescue Glendir and Horns of the Shadow Hart can both yield minor loot if you return to Fiona and speak with her before solving them. Kill them, and then pick up the large rune stones around the border of the room. Note that during the conversation, you can try to persuade Riisi to tell you how to get past the barrier, but even if you make a successful persuade check, he won't tell you. You can receive some gold or a free reading as your reward. Advertisement . When the pillar puzzle is solved, the portal will open. With Karsus and William, defeating the wise wind is not very difficult. The next fight may be the most difficult yet. When you find yourself in over your head, though, there is one fighting technique that always works. Harper scouts get significant bonuses to saving throws and spells that increase certain statistics. Look at the lights shining on the tiles. You'll be fighting undead along the way. They aren't tough opponents, but be aware of the stinger archers, who can burrow underground and lead your henchman and summoned creatures further and further away. This begins the Spider Infestation quest. The formian queen will offer her assistance in fighting the salad. Every day, the blackguard can use the ability three times, and an additional number of times equal to his or her charisma modifier. Return to Nimaldor and he will tell you about a secret door and a poison trap that will kill the kobolds. Speaking of creating a character, there are certain skills that you should probably consider more than others. The extra damage is applied to attacks successfully executed while the assassin is hidden or invisible. Place the shank of meat on the empty altar, and the beast will be lured to it for a brief moment, allowing you to cross the central area in safety. The shadow lich is a third-level undead/14th-level wizard. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? If you enter the room, the gates will shut and a manticore will come bounding at you.


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