my cafe level 29 stuck
When he speaks with Emily, he tells her how he feels and comes clean about everything. If you tell her that she's not ready for this, she will cancel the reception (?). The same dream tormented him for three nights in a row, and he doesn't seem able to get to sleep anymore. He claims he wore a bra to make it appear as if he were a woman. Elsa was a little jealous that Clyde had someone else he was thinking of, but she can’t really talk when she’s trying to impress someone else. You talk to Margaret about this, who then claims that the ghosts tales are a bunch of fake tales designed to scare children. Correctly answering his queries will reward you with 75 gold. You advise her to ask for Margaret's help. Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for My Cafe: Recipes And Stories on the Android, with a game help system for those that are stuck Cheats, Hints & Walkthroughs 3DS He asks you to talk to Koffsky since he knows so many recipes. Clyde’s love story involves a girl he wrote a song for when he was a teenager. When you talk to Mike and tell him Watson is about to start his shift, he’ll tell you he’s found a chest that he needs help opening. Mary thinks her friend is too tactful to criticize anyone, so she asks you to find out whether Elsa really likes Bill or is just telling white lies to avoid hurting Mary’s feelings. To get her to come to the coffee shop, you’re going to have to raise your prestige level. Levels are one of the key mechanics of the game. Juice box - use Cleo's friend baby, try a different juice, give something to eat to get a smile. They confess to framing Petrovich years before. It’s always in front of us, but we can never see it. He mentions that whoever slandered his reputation was someone whom he had always gotten along with and while they were competitive, they were always honest before becoming too caught up in emotion and needing a break. If you reach level 10 on that skill you can give all your items an increase of 30%, allowing you to go past the numbers that used to be yellow in color. He gives you a Gold Gift for helping him. There's no other flights to take. On her cupcake break, Margaret says she used to be hired by museum owners to steal from them so they could isolate weak points in their security systems, and it seems she was hired by the museum again to do just that! He asks you for an Aphrodite Tea with Nutmeg, Rose and Cinnamon, hoping Felicia’s mother will love it too since it’s her daughter’s favorite. Either winning candidate will ask you to get a Provence table for Four to celebrate. Elsa is the only one who agrees, much to Clyde’s dismay as they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch in their relationship. Ich möchte mir Diamanten her cheaten, aber ich bin kein Admin!!! Fulfill her request and you will be rewarded with a couple of bucks’ worth of tips. Kevin thinks Donald is a very experienced politician. The survey reveals that the election would be a tie unless Mary Ditt voted. Elsa decided that Mary isn’t ready to learn the whole truth about her parents yet. She asks you to speak with Clyde while she’s off with her mysterious crush. The cop agrees to share the details over a cup of Coffee with Cardamom. Wenn nein, wie schaut es mit erhackten abos aus? Clyde agreed to help Cleo get another performance, although couldn't guarantee it. Unfortunately, when Lucas tests Mike's food from a restaurant in another town, it turns out to be completely harmless. Drink machines also come in special stylish versions and allow you to save time by brewing 2-3 cups at once, although these versions cost diamonds. You report the scam artist to Watson, who tells you he has a feeling someone is about to get arrested. With the last piece, Carl is ready to put everything together. Out of all his ramblings, it seems that Carl is one of the most prominent suspects as he’s come into some money recently. Pink Gift and another Pink Gift if you pick her (2nd Pink Gift at level 16). Bill says he bought the ring, but has no receipt and hasn't named the store. My Cafe — Restaurant game is a popular simulation and management game created by Melsoft Games. He says it's hard not to worry because if you're trying not to worry, that means you've definitely got something to worry about. The hauntress spells out a chilling message for them: Death, horror, decay, and South Night Supercupcake. While Jennifer thinks she’s won, Mike has some surprising news: Cleo finished shooting her music video in secret thanks to Mike keeping all of Jennifer’s attention on him. All he needs is some confidence and maybe a little push, so you suggest that he writes Mary a note. She admits that she has a problem with speaking nonsense when excited. *, Elsa gives you, as promised, a Gold Gift for all your help! Petrovich ends up tagging along to escape some of his own problems. Then you talk to Watson, who tells you there's nothing wrong. Cleo wants a Forest Pudding. Some customers can actually give you spices. Requirements: 1 Chocolate Ice Cream with Saffron for Mary, 1 Iced Tea with Tapioca and Milk for Margaret, 1 Coffee with Cardamom for Watson. Some quests appear to be optional or do not occur at the same level for everyone depending on what you have already purchased, unlocked, etc. She suggests they ask a focus group of women between the ages of 35-50 to choose a winner between him and Clyde. Raid gear from VOG also gets you to straight 30. She needs you to talk to Lucas and Emily to see if they’ll help her. When you confront Margaret, she already knows what you’re going to ask about. She wants Elsa to use her story as a cautionary tale to warn others about what’s really important in life. Kevin is no longer a suspect, thanks to your help so he rewards you with a Simple Gift. The mayor has set up the “Green Moon” foundation, collecting money to… plant greenery on the Moon. But things still don’t add up: why would Carl confess if the police were looking for a woman? If you max out a complete set of Vanguard armor and nearly max out an Exotic armor piece, you'll hit L31. There we go with the tips and tricks for My Café: Recipes and Stories. Tip: When talking to Carl about Watson not thinking the note is not enough evidence to put Mr. Fisk behind bars click slowly because you will be asked to get a painting to help Carl plan for the heist and it would be best to chose a painting in your cafe's style. Dejavu. Lucas agrees after a little persuading and Emily is even more willing since it’ll look great for her work experience. In APP Käufe...ohne root & Lucky patcher...? For her help, Margaret requests a Sweet Roll with Cinnamon and Caramel Syrup. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect and everyone in the precinct seems to be calling Donald for the most mundane things. She wishes she was a superstar like her parallel-universe self, so she decides to copy the other Cleo and asks you to speak to Lucas for more information about her. When he returns to the coffee shop, he says things went horribly. Also her ideas of marriage are tainted by parents. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. She tells you that Mary thinks putting the ring in a drink is romantic. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The current list of valid options is also available in notes/iana/assignments. As if to answer her prayers, Mike walks into the coffee shop. Hammer - survey customers. The soccer team lost their coach and Ron tries various things so his team could win. Is your vanguard and Exotic gear up to date? Watson have yet to free real Koffsky. Ann tells you Petrovich is acting a little weird. Ron tells you he and Bill have come up with a plan to treat the players like pieces on a chess board. You can also do this only once a day. When Watson successfully (thanks to dog) finds Koffsky's wallet, there is a woman's photo in it. Rewards: 5 gems from Ron; 1 gem from Ben, after interpreting Mary's dream; 1 gem from Mary; 2 gems from Petrovich; blue gift from Ron at the end of the story, if you decide to tell him the truth. Gives you 3 diamonds. Help Ann and your other servers by taking orders and preparing the machines in case they don’t have an available product. Requirements: Ice Tea for Bill, Cupcake With Cinnamon and Anise for Margaret. @therachelbee ... Margaret suggests that he's under scopolamine's influence, but is it only possible reason? Clyde dreams of giving another concert, but he needs to write a new song to perform. Mary sends them back without comment. The final recipe fragment is in none other than Donald Mulligan’s file. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Despite everything, however, Bill is determined and decides to do what he does best: data analysis. Bill checks the security tapes for Watson Holmes and discovers that Kevin went into Elsa's house at 1:00 am. You find out that she made up her mysterious crush because there was nothing happening in her life. Hi,warum funktioniert dieser Lucky patcher bei mir nicht.Habe es bei picsart und Township probiert geht aber alles nicht ! When Koffsky introduced himself he mentioned he used to own a café but that someone slandered his reputation as a chef and that he was simply unable to work under those conditions any longer. He begs you to talk to Watson since he’s worried the town will never trust him again, but the cop knew all along that Donald was just pretending and hatched this scheme to make him admit it. It’s crucial Emily doesn’t find out about the tests or the results will be compromised, so he’s taken precautions and installed a defense system in your coffee shop that will sound off if anyone tries to tell Emily the truth. Just in case, here's a brief: ~ for Ron's dream, (1) Ron is at the edge of the forest; (2) he looks up and sees a full moon; (3) the moon flies over the horizon ~ for Mary Ditt's dream, (1) Mary is standing in a crowd by the side of the road; (2) she sees some beautiful peacocks; (3) an electric shaver appears and shaves the peacocks bare ~ for Petrovich's dream, (1) Petrovich is riding a boat down a river and sees a flock of penguins; (2) one of the penguins tells him there's a treasure at the bottom of the river; (3) Petrovich finds a diamond at the bottom of the river. When you talk to the construction worker, he agrees to look in his father’s old garage for a Cupcake with Berries, Maple Syrup and Saffron. She keeps the cat Ben gave her. He reveals you that Cleo behaves strange, what makes Ron afraid of loosing his authority as a football team captain. You then pour Petrovich another cup of tea. Tuh die ab das ? He also says that letters addressed to the mayor’s fund often contain profanities.


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