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If you believe what she says, My Big Sister is an RPG-like adventure game that is not about her but about her sister Sombria. Giant Bomb users. Best places to stand when not attacking are to the extreme left and right, as far to the background of the level as possible. Once again, I haven’t fought her again, so, I don’t know if doing so breaks the game. Big Sisters are the only creatures in Rapture shown to damage the exterior glass windows of the city, something that shooting bullets, grenades, a drill or any other weapon fails to do. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For example, the Little Sister vent located at the, It is a bad idea to try to retreat during a Big Sister fight in order to recover, using hit-and-run attacks as one might during a Big Daddy fight. Location Big SISTER 1/3 Location Build Service Access in Central Production B The first real battle with a Big Sister occurs at the end of the Ryan Amusements level, after obtaining the Incinerate! These suits were designed by Alexander himself, as heard in the Big Sister audio diary. (38 EU and 5 British). Big Sisters, like Big Daddies, have an air tank which, if hit, can be caused to leak oxygen in the form of a small gas cloud. If the player is careful in avoiding her, it is possible to complete the battle without losing any health or having to use weapons or Plasmids. Eight years after the events of BioShock, the Big Sisters are post-pubescent Little Sisters who have become unstable and confrontational in Rapture's environment. Help Luzia solve puzzles, uncover mysteries find clues and escape the clutches of insanity in this original story adventure game. When I started it back up again, I found that the corpse path was no longer there, because Big SISTR respawned and was just there as if I didn’t already destroy her. A Big Sister is seen outside underwater through the large window by the Kitchen of Tomorrow in. The left gauntlet would have originally been an attached bayonet instead of an extended syringe needle, with the right gauntlet strapless, and not containing a harpoon and wrench-like device. If the player dies during the fight and is resurrected, they have a little time before the Big Sister returns. The Big Sisters' role is to accommodate, protect, and transport Little Sisters, and they have a cage-like basket on their backs to carry the Little Sisters. Every second arm attack a laser will try to hit where your standing from the front and then a second or so later again where your standing from the back, so be sure to avoid that and don't attack unless you're sure you won't get hit. A Big Sister screech is heard when Delta finds the last part of the Big Sister suit for Eleanor. Summary: Meet Luzia, a sarcastic twelve-year-old with a playful sense of humor. Shooting the cloud will cause the tank to explode, dealing an enormous amount of damage to the Big Sister. If you are using a heavy weapon or Single-Rigged you may want to switch to something faster for this fight. Liquidator full set will weaken the energy attacks, phase one, move far back, you can see better and the sweeping blows won't get you. Big SISTER 1/3 is a Boss in The Surge. Eleanor dons a Big Sister suit after teaming up with Subject Delta, and she displays the same abilities as other Big Sisters. Thus, they have a much greater natural affinity for the powers that ADAM creates. It is not known how many actual Big Sisters the player encounters in the game, as the same Big Sister might appear on more than one occasion. Easiest boss in the game, I'd say. Since she cannot be defeated, one should try to conserve health and ammo by keeping the sculpture in the middle of the room or other objects between the Big Sister and the player. Continuously Drill Dashing the Big Sister will not only deal good damage but will shortly disorient her. Repeatedly freezing the Big Sister with Winter Blast will allow you to defeat her with ease (Big Sisters will not be obliterated when killed while frozen). Honest this boss is too easy compared to every other boss, use single rigged and use your slide attacks, easy win even a caveman could do it, I did it first try on my first run and on NG+, hardcore kill is easy, ripping off its arms is honestly wasted time with just how quick she goes down, so yeah, as the saying goes, Git Gud, but you don’t need to be good when single rigs exist. They are armored, deadly, and can survive out in the ocean, but are also able to drain ADAM from corpses to power Plasmid abilities. Just make sure to constantly draw attention from the Big Sister or disable her through Plasmids, as she can easily destroy security bots. Just like Big Daddies, Big Sisters can be killed with the Winter Blast's "shatter" effect while still leaving a corpse to be looted. BioShock 2: All levels except Atlantic Express and Inner Persephone Minerva's Den:Minerva's DenOperations Big SISTER 1/3 is a Boss in The Surge. After Luzia and her older sister, Sombria are abducted by strangers; it is up to Luzia to help her and her sister home. 2 The last appearance of a Big Sister is when Eleanor, in her Big Sister uniform, saves or kills Sofia Lamb in Sinclair’s flooded escape vessel. My Big Sister is a game about Luzia and Sombria, two sisters who are trying to … Released Nov 09, 2018 PC; PlayStation Network (Vita) ... My Big Sister last edited by Patcha on 01/15/20 06:52AM View full history wow so this was the easiest boss so far and like the rest i used the pax also . Confrontations with the Big Sisters are typically difficult. Play as Luzia in her quest to return home. A Big Sister is seen as she carries away the Little Sister that speaks to. Their extreme level of powers go far beyond that of normal Plasmid users and might be attributed to their growing bodies adapting to the ADAM created in their bodies as children.


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