mossberg 464 spx vs marlin 336 dark
All of our comparison rifles are relatively slender, easy to carry and fast to the shoulder. Shoots straight and any initial action bugs have ceased to exist with use. I then doubled my workload by adding the Mossberg Model 464 and Henry Model H009 to the mix, neither of which was available when I wrote the original article, making this the most complete lever action .30-30 comparison possible in 2017. Looking to purchase either the Marlin 336 or Mossberg 472 (I wrongly put model 464 in the title) lever action 30-30 for deer hunting in brush area. Growing Herbs In Glass Jars, Having written a Marlin Model 336 vs. Winchester Model 94 Comparison article in 2004, it seemed time to revisit the subject. The test rifle's trigger pull measured four pounds. If you wanted somthing with a little moor punch I'd look at .35 Remington. Hammerhead Gts 150 Top Speed, I sort of like it. Finish? Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by seamaster, Oct 29, 2016. Edward Kienholz History As A Planter, Thread Tools. I prefer an honest laminated stock to a "walnut finished hardwood" stock, both functionally and aesthetically. Cicely Evans And John Gavin, Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by seamaster, Oct 29, 2016. Like the Winchester Model 94 carbine that inspired it, it has excellent lines. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Looking to purchase either the Marlin 336 or Mossberg 472 (I wrongly put model 464 in the title) lever action 30-30 for deer hunting in brush area. This is not a recoil pad, but it does keep the butt from slipping on hard surfaces. Function? Come for the info, stay and make some friends.. We work hard to bring the best Glock Forum! Royal Pleco Size, by COSteve » Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:19 am, Post Questo sito usa i cookies solo per facilitarne il suo utilizzo aiutandoci a capire un po' meglio come lo utilizzi, migliorando di conseguenza la qualità della navigazione tua e degli altri. Reducing the barrel length will probably reduce muzzle velocity by about 10 fps per inch, according to Remington estimates. Most potential customers would probably rather have a Winchester Model 94, but at over twice the price? Reliability? Actors With No Experience Wanted, I have a Winchester 94 and it shoots just fine and handles well. You can add in the Browning 86's and 71's Sometimes its better to handle and shoot a few different models and buy what you want just once. Seems they can be very accurate and sometimes some great wood on them. However, for those who know how to shoot effectively with open iron sights, a scope may not be necessary. This is definitely a more elegant and attractive approach that eliminates possible fumbling when the time comes to shoot. What's In The Box Ideas For Adults, The Taking Of Pelham 123 Full Movie Youtube, Thanks, LK. I know Marlin has a great reputation but I wasn't really impressed with the one I held at Academy Sports. Courage to tell the truth is history's true currency. THE RIGHT TO BUY WEAPONS IS THE RIGHT TO BE FREE - A. E. van Vogt, "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. " I drove all the way from New Orleans to Lafayette to pick it up from a retired couple that needed money. The model used to have extractor issues, but they were ironed out in the first generations. Jeepers Creepers Full Movie 123movies, The wood to metal fit of the butt stock and forearm is very good, as is the stock finish and the quality of the black walnut, which has attractive figure with dark streaks. I campi obbligatori sono contrassegnati *. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.". Akā, ʻo ka poʻe hilinaʻi aku iā Iēhova, e ulu hou nō ko lākou ikaika; "Any man who covers his face and packs a gun is a legitimate target for any decent citizen". Remington/Marlin 336 or Mossberg 464? The wood to metal fit of our Henry test rifle is very good, better than the Mossberg and at least equal to the top of the line Marlin XLR and Winchester Sporter models. We discuss most anything here ... politely. Randy D. Smith, who wrote the full length Guns and Shooting Online review of the Model 464, managed to achieve sub-two inch groups at 100 yards from a rest using the supplied iron sights and standard Federal 150 grain flat point ammunition. Black Miniature Schnauzers For Sale, Juliette Porter Gold Choker Necklace, Like the latest Model 94s, the Model 464 incorporates a rebounding hammer, top tang safety and lever actuated trigger block. Remove this single screw and the lever comes free, allowing the round, fluted bolt to be removed. There is no significant history attached to the Model 464. All of these lever action rifles are very reliable. : MOSSB41026 Kategorien: Langwaffen, Unterhebelrepetierer, Mossberg Schlüsselwort: Mossberg Dieser Artikel ist erwerbsscheinpflichtig qualitätsgeprüfte Neuware . It looks almost exactly like the marlin. Not interesting in spending $1,300-$1,500 on a new one especially when I remember they used to cost 1/3 of that when made in USA. Cheryl Reeve Son, This with its scope set at 7x, the highest magnification available. This relegates it to last place in accuracy among our test rifles. There is no significant history attached to the Model 464. Operate the lever briskly all the way forward and all the way back and jams are almost unheard of. The Mossberg 464 I have handled at the LGS just felt better. $280 for the Mossberg 472. Remove this screw and the lever and bolt can be removed from the receiver, allowing the barrel to be cleaned from the breech end or a serious jam to be cleared. Visions of my old Model 472 came to mind, but I was wrong. by Bullard4075 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:01 pm, Post This makes the .30-30 an excellent choice for anyone, not just recoil sensitive shooters. by 86er » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:30 pm, Post It is also nicely balanced for offhand shooting. The Henry .30-30 action is a slicked-up version of the Marlin 336 type. Used Yamaha Wr250r For Sale Craigslist, The 336XLR is the high-zoot, rifle version of the famous Marlin 336C carbine. When a jam does occur the reason is usually operator error, caused by someone moving the lever very slowly, timidly or failing to fully cycle the action. I've got a Marlin 336, and if I were to get another .30-30, brand new or used, I'd probab;y look at the Mossberg 464 first. Looking to purchase either the Marlin 336 or Mossberg 472 (I wrongly put model 464 in the title) lever action 30-30 for deer hunting in brush area. The Ceo Next Door Pdf, Anfrage / Enquiry. Stacey Dash Net Worth, How To Clean Ikea Fabric Boxes, Henry should have done a better job on this rifle's trigger at the factory. I'd lke to have one in either caliber. BTW, my buddy who has a marlin 336 with scope and sling said he'd trade me on the spot for just my Mossberg as is without scope or sling. The latter means the lever must be held closed or the rifle will not fire. The .30-30 is not just a short range (100 yard) deer cartridge, as poorly informed writers sometimes suggest. Perfectly happy with my Mossy 464. Our G&S Online test rifle averaged 1.6" groups at 100 yards with four different brands of ammo and 1.2" with its favored load (Cor-Bon DPX). I can’t say this with certainty, but the 464 SPX model is really what Mossberg had in mind when they planned on revamping the age-old classic rifle. Welcome to the Leverguns.Com Forum. Any thoughts?Sorry fellas but I came accross a great deal yesterday and I couldn't pass it up. After considerable light take-up and some smooth creep, it released cleanly.


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