montel williams show archives 2001
Hotel Clerk There are detailed discussion board threads and brilliant blog posts about it. Perhaps, there is some Fargo in Fargo, after all. Marge Gunderson Well he's got his gun on his hip there and... he looks like a nice enough guy. Norm Gunderson Why don't you sit over there? : : : Share: When Joel and Ethan Coen’s Fargo slipped into 36 theaters on March 8, … resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. : As the movie ends, Marge and Norm are together again, building a blanket fort of kindness, old magazines, and duck paintings for their future child as the winds of evil beat against their door. Well, the little guy was kinda funny-lookin'. Mike Yanagita Yeah. Jerry Lundegaard Marge Gunderson It's terrific. Oh, that's terrific. Marge Gunderson OK, so we got a trooper pulls someone over, we got a shooting, these folks drive by, there's a high-speed pursuit, ends here and then this execution-type deal. : You were such a super lady... and I'm, I'm so lonely. Is it what makes her go back to the car dealership and crack the case? ... Well, that passed. Well, Mr. Proudfoot, this call came in past three in the morning. : The key to why this seemingly purposeless digression from the storyline to introduce and then quickly dismiss a character that seems like he is going to be important later on is the way he totally convinces Marge that his wife has died. It's OK, Mike. There's no definitive answer. If a major character in a movie is pregnant the first time she appears, the smart money is always---always—on the bet that she is either going to deliver the baby (probably at a crucial and inconvenient moment) or she is somehow going to lose the baby. There's one other character in the film that underlines just how vividly crafted she is: Mike Yanagita. Marge Gunderson I know you don't wanna be an accessory to something like that. So... you think you might remember who those folks were who called ya? The Coens like to write idiots and cast against type. How's it look, Marge? | : And, aw jeez, it's not even close. Yah... Marge Gunderson Yah, that's a good one. I'm turning in now. Marge Gunderson : Yeah! this section. I saw some rough stuff on your priors, but nothing like a homicide. Marge Gunderson Well, associating with criminals, if you're the one they talked to, that right there would be a violation of your parole; would end you up back in Stillwater. Marge Gunderson : Each time, she's humming on a different frequency, threatening to steal the movie with her cagey intelligence and wit. : Marge Gunderson Norm Gunderson It's just hard for me to believe you don't remember anyone calling. Is it reasonable? No, I gotta - hey, Norm, I thought you were goin' fishin' up at Mille Lacs? ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. [amused by this unhelpful detail]  I dunno... just funny-lookin'.


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