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These are dogs that are part of our breeding business. These play pens encourage the puppies to commence their exploration of life. As you can well imagine, our household is a popular one after school when there are puppies in the house. At Island Miniature Schnauzers our Breeding Portfolio (under “The Parents” tab) reflects our current lineup of our Doggang. Spencer suited us perfectly. We welcome your qualified farm visit to experience the joy and magic that our Doggang provide to us on a daily basis. Not docked. The “regulars” of this living arrangement are Young Cash Daddy, our Boarders (we offer pick-up and delivery boarding service for our customers), very pregnant females and the puppies in training (carrier and potty routines). I m looking for a Male miniature schnauzer I live in NS, Looking for a female schnoodle puppy a schnauzer crossed with a miniature poodle. Reberstein Miniature Schnauzers was founded in 1998 with one goal in mind. Miniature Schnauzers are "people dogs". He was so smart and affectionate, it was impossible not to grow to love the breed. One time I had a new born puppy “chirp” in my ear announcing his arrival! The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. Cooper is our family pet and  surrogate "uncle", "father" or "grandfather" to the puppies. Each Mother is different when it comes down to keeping a clean bed. Dad - Shih tzu X is 22 lbs mom - Min... Chocolate miniature schnauzer puppies for sale ckc registered , born October 18 $3600 this litter had 1. Help Find a Miniature Schnauzer breeder. Dog Sitters | We offer a four-hour training session at our farm. Once they understand that they get praise for doing their potty outside, they will squat and at the same time, look up at us for their habitual praise. For more information, see our website at: … So, now that you understand our Doggang living arrangements, we can explain our breeding methodology. Couches, chairs, cushions and slides are the furnishings of their large pens. Cooper and Shelby are our family pets and "surrogate uncle/aunt" to the puppies in residence. Lesley has a grooming shop in her home so her Trainee meets and greets other doggies and people. K-9 Learning Center | For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. We offer Athletic Schnauzers at Island Miniature Schnauzers. PST #: 1017-3628. Our decision criteria depends on the following three factors: lineage, size and temperament. Privacy Policy Disclaimer: This is a list of current assured breeders who meet all the scheme requirements and who have been issued with a UKAS certificate. 1... October 23, 2020. This training is scheduled with one of our Trainers when the puppy is 10 weeks of age. Lovely black & silver Schnauzer puppy . They participate in hourly romping freedom up in our forest. They're 5 weeks old now and will be available next Friday, October 30th. The most extreme case is that we need to rush the Mom into the twenty-four hour clinic in Victoria where a C-section is performed. Once all introductions are complete and there are no personality issues, the puppies are allowed to play and learn social valuable lessons independently with the members of the Doggang. They are trained to be quiet in their playpen and are potty trained. She teaches the puppy/dog to be respectful with children and to be quiet in her home. We participated in 6 … The puppies are placed back into their play pen at night time. We are a registered breeding and boarding facility, established in 2006. Female is all black. Miniature Schnauzers are known for their playfulness, child-like personality, intelligence, humor, friendliness and totally family devotion. $ 600 . By having their own families, they each get the time and attention they need and deserve and everyone benefits. Taxes are extra. The Doggang enjoy regular romping by themselves, as well as, with our Trainers. Below is a sample search of our Miniature Schnauzer breeders with puppies for sale. They enjoy a large fenced yard. (Detailed contact information has been omitted. All our dogs and their subsequent puppies are trained to show affection by providing kisses and hugs. Island Miniature Schnauzers is located on Vancouver Island, just outside of the town of Sooke in a geographical area called Otter Point – 50 kms. Not registered. Contact British Columbia Miniature Schnauzer breeders near you using our free Miniature Schnauzer breeder search tool below! These dogs are advertised under our “Adult Dogs for Sale” tab. We also offer off-site training where one of our Home Life Trainers train your puppy to simulate their potty training in a different home than ours, as well as, the puppies are trained to walk correctly on a leash, ride in the car, experience children and other doggies out on the trail. The only time they live with us is when they are needed for breeding and once the female arrives to have her puppies. This group of dogs are romped up into our forest every second day. Excellent miniature labradoodle puppies! Their tiny systems need to concentrate on processing a different food stock which takes more energy to do so – so they curl up and fall sleep, many times in their food bowl! We are a registered breeding and boarding facility, established in 2006.


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