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Marv and Vera run back into the house and pursue Kevin, who accidentally ruins the party by running into the guests and knocking over an ice sculpture that turns out to be a frozen Mr. Prescott. Bio, Height, Age, Measurements, Family, Married, Wiki May 25, 2018 Meech Actor 0 Mike Weinberg is a American Actor, who was born on 16 February, 1993 … As the mansion is prepared for a party for the royal family's arrival, Peter and Natalie go to pick them up, while Kevin notices Marv and Vera disguised as caterers. At the airport, Peter gets worried about Kevin and takes a cab back to Natalie's to check on him. "[6], Jerry Roberts of Armchair Media gave the film 1 out of 4 stars. [3][4], Clint Morris at Moviehole wrote "From the unappealing cheapish opening titles to the murky production values, it's immediately obvious Home Alone 4 isn't playing in the same park as its beloved predecessor... sad", and gave it a rating of 1/5. [8], "Home Alone 4" redirects here. Los Angeles, California, United States. He portrayed Kevin McAlister in the 4th installment of the Home Alone movie series: Home Alone 4. Weinberg became Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics at Harvard University in 1973. Michael Andrew Weinberg (born February 16, 1993) is an American actor who played Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House, replacing Macaulay Culkin from the first two films. Peter McCallister, who is finalizing a divorce from his wife, Kate, announces to their children, Buzz, Megan and Kevin that he and his wealthy girlfriend, Natalie Kalban, are hosting the visit of a royal family at her mansion, and invites them to spend Christmas there. He also starred in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, Judging Amy, Oh Baby, 7th Heaven, ER, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The duo is then tricked by Kevin with a secret wall switch, end up being launched onto a chandelier, and are knocked unconscious by their fall. [3], Sue Robinson of Radio Times gave the film 1 star out of 5, writing that "you have to wonder why they bothered". Mike was born in Los Angeles, California. After her unkind words, she eventually apologizes to him. When Peter and Natalie return, they refuse to believe Kevin's explanation, especially since Mr. Prescott claims to have seen nothing. Mr. Prescott, per Kevin's advice, resigns from his position as her butler. Kevin tricks and locks Mr. Prescott in the basement, but eventually discovers Marv and Vera's real ally is Molly, who is also Marv's mother. Mike Weinberg [7], On March 15, 2012, ABC Family announced that Home Alone: The Holiday Heist was in production, which premiered on that network during the 2012 Christmas season. The plot revolves around Kevin McCallister trying to defend his future stepmother's house from his old nemesis Marv and his sidekick/wife Vera. The fourth installment in the Home Alone series, the film stars Mike Weinberg, French Stewart, Missi Pyle, Jason Beghe, Erick Avari, Barbara Babcock, Joanna Going, and Clare Carey. IMDb profile. She was portrayed by, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 07:46. Kevin notices his old nemesis, Marvin "Marv" Merchants, and his wife, Vera, scouting the house. Molly, having escaped, grabs Kevin, but Mr. Prescott, who also escaped via the dumbwaiter, knocks her out before calling the police. Character Kevin discovers that the security cameras were turned off during the break-in, leading him to believe that Mr. Prescott is in league with Marv and Vera. Taking matters into his own hands, Kevin sets up booby traps for Marv and Vera. https://scrubs.fandom.com/wiki/Mike_Weinberg?oldid=65144. His business passion is helping companies, sales teams, and individual salespeople win more New Sales, and his specialties are new business development and sales management. To cheer themselves up, Kevin, Peter and Natalie decorate their Christmas tree, although it is later re-trimmed by professional decorators at Natalie's request.


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