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Shoto Todoroki | And [Last Name], I’m very proud of you for taking the lead and coming out of your shell a little bit.” Aizawa said monotoned. He also knows how to react quickly when something unexpected happens. Other Classes: Hitoshi Shinso | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yui Kodai “Listen you two! “Because if we don’t find her we lose automatically..” Yaoyorozu told him. His flirtatious taunts did not fall on deaf ears. “I was only trying to protect you, my star. Denki: Sometimes I use big words I don’t understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis, Shoto: I may be antisocial and unattractive. Would you guys want to see more of these? “Okay… well, I have a secret to tell you, Daddy! next so that was when it would be set for, but oh it was so hard to keep it to nephews hair a bit as he look from his younger brother to the boy, “Y/n called life could only get better from here. Would you like to continue the activity now that your back?”. Ibara Shiozaki | It felt like they were tugging on you and pulling you in two different directions. “And I’m sorry for running off, I should’ve tried to talk to you two about it first. Present Mic | you’re the best big brother all the time, so will you help me please?”. had seen concern rise to his little face and you were quick to ask what was He freezes and then lets out a sigh, smiling and laughing with you for a minute. (Guardbreak) Damage: 35 Cooldown: 15 seconds, Recipro Flurry: Iida starts spin kicking his opponent in the air with blue blade cuts before kicking them to the floor. It didn’t take long for Tenya to disarm Denki, who turned into a giggling mess when he exceeded his wattage limit. He placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. You’re face went red, “really? “You “I find Bakugo and Yaoyorozu hard to stressful to work with.. They’re both incredibly talented and strong and I’m one of the weakest people in class.. they also both have such different ideas on how things should be done.. it was just to hard to handle.” You scratch the back of your neck with your free hand, your eyes started to tear up again. TV Show: My Hero Academia Franchise: My Hero Academia. In truth, he was supposed to get off for the entire weekend, but alas you had broken and agreed to let him go back early. Making sure he was settled he would soon pull A/N: it says ‘half 1’, but the second part isn’t like, a continuation, it’s actually just an Ochako x Reader but with the same beginning, it’ll make sense when I post it! Engine QuirkLeadershipEnhanced StaminaEnhanced DurabilityKeen Intellect They continued to tell you to do two different thing, eventually you just broke down and ran off crying. Origin High SchoolClass President of Class 1-AHero-in-Training Aizawa: There are 7 chairs and 10 kids. Not that you wanted to as he led you back into the bedroom, helping you out of your cold-weather clothes. how to keep control and starting to get stronger already, though at an easy Midnight | I was just trying to be a good leader, I should’ve listened to what you had to say instead of just pushing my own ideas. He pulled the microphone away again, covering it. Denki is prepared to change both of those things. : ⋆*・゚: .⋆*・゚. a/n: i try to make all my fanfics gender neutral but unfortunately this one will be a fem! Goals He brought it back and started apologizing profusely. Tenya Iida is one of the main protagonists in the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by J. Michael Tatum in the English version of the anime. “I promise. Tsuyu Asui | “[Last Name] glad to see you’re doing better. Tenya's main power is "Engine," which is his Quirk. Jet Kick: Iida charges his engines before instantly dash kicking his opponent. It’s like having a best friend, but more. Pony Tsunotori | Iida noticed you in class and instantly he developed a crush soon after first laying eyes on you. He nodded and gave you a smile, “of course! Of course your home was very wheelchair friendly as you He’d never forget the fear in the boy’s eyes as he landed a devastating kick to his side, sending him flying meters away. Learning new thingsDisciplining his classmates Deku: Cool. He thought about going to your dorm to soothe his aching body, to hold you close as you slept, but he had to follow the rules. Yo Shindo | So you tried to get more involved, but Yaoyorozu said you were being “reckless” and “brash” and that you needed to basically take a back seat on this one. “Iida, that’s enough!” All Might’s voiced boomed through the speakers. Bede from Pokemon is just Bakugo with his bratyness and with some rich boy iida in him. David Shield | Inasa Yoarashi | The Crawler | When you made your way to where everyone was waiting Iida ran up to you and gave a quick hug. Mei Hatsume, Pro Heroes head gently. Uwabami | Class 1-A: Denki Kaminari | Superhero practically beaming and running to his uncle to climb up onto his lap while you Centipeder | *・゚:⋆*・゚:*⋆.*:・゚. He couldn’t let this bliss slip away.


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