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Would love to hear your thoughts on this. If the hair is to be covered, it looks like only our Muslim and Catholic friends are obeying this verse. that we can so easily neglect as we try to dig into the minute details of Christian practice in our Anabaptist circles. God bless! The lace head coverings are beautiful! If there are any actual Altkolonier or Kleinegemeinde Mennonites (current or former) who could tell me how to do it properly, that would be brilliant. I guess it's one of those issues where each person works out his own salvation with fear and trembling. Fold the square in half along the diagonal to create a right-angle triangle. Take one side, brush straight down, join in the side-plait, and plait it to the end. I don't deny it would be terribly impractical for farmers and people working outside to have their heads uncovered. However, if I'm completely honest, I have to say I feel the Mennonites are somewhat unbalanced in our practice of 1 Cor 11 and have the focus of application almost entirely on the women's side and very little mention of the men, which irks me. I'm a Mennonite teacher who enjoys writing. I do believe in the covering; my wife wears one. Paul gives clear inference that it is shameful to be uncovered previous to his commentary) is a cultural practice of their day which Paul, with Holy Spirit inspiration, chose to add to the repertoire of necessary Christian practice. The reason modesty often enters into this discussion is because the covering is seen by many as a way of preserving the woman's glory for her husband. Since I Corinthians 11 deals mainly with headship, it seems fruitless to attempt to prove what exactly is "modest enough." Use the two hairpins to secure this. Yes, you're right, you could say the same of a beautiful face, I guess. Pin it at the crown, sliding the pins back into the lower hair, and at the sides, using the smaller hairpins. How would a church look if they grappled over how to really care for the 147 million orphans in this world rather than dividing over and bickering over shapes sizes, colors, etc. Some do look like they are blessed, yet they do not follow. Studying every original Greek word is very important to obtaining the true meaning to God's word. If you’re making one of your own – perhaps because you want it to match an outfit you have – it’s a good idea to hem or edge it in some way to prevent fraying. Repeat with other side. But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. Hello Brother Eicher, I like the idea that, just as the cherubim in Isaiah 6 covered their faces in the presence of God, it is suitable for a woman to cover her glory, which is to say her hair, in the His presence. Just curious to hear your opinion on that. That's why I feel that merely wearing a ribbon, or some other similar item is insufficient to fulfill this commandment. I do not want to say we should "shut down" the conversation, because it is good... but, let's keep in mind that Jesus never mentioned this and that Paul mentioned it one time. :), I enjoyed reading the article and discussion. Several years ago, I decided to learn exactly what the Bible said about the head covering. My biggest concern in our "Anabaptist culture" is that we are taking one chapter out of the Bible and making it such a big deal. I tend to believe that the teaching of I Corinthians 11 teaches a covering for the head, as opposed to the hair. Styles, patterns, color and age of when to use it depends on the church's interpretation of it. Do you mean modest as in, un-showy, un-pretentious, or modest as in, the reason we wear clothing? On the one hand stress is laid on leaving hair long, natural, etc. And then I understood why Mennonite and Amish women wear prayer veils or head coverings. You can buy a kerchief or scarf the right size. Place the centre on the crown of your head, bring the ends to pass under your chin, and tie at the back of your head. I really appreciate you sharing your studies on this subject, I have studied it somewhat in depth in the past but hadn't remembered about how that the word "for" in that verse can have different interpretations. The altkolonier veil, worn by Altkolonier Mennonites in central America, is something like an overlarge babushka veil. My only problem would be that before a woman marries, she is under subjection to her father, and therefore the sign of submission ought to still apply. What you need: 6-8 hairpins, one hair-tie, and one hair-net, Optional extras: 2 clips or barettes, or bobbie pins. Joshua, For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered, But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. I believe that the since the covering is intended for this dual purpose, it is more than a mere symbol. Probably this is sometime during the late preteen years. Those who are made up of the extra conservative branch of Old Colony Mennonites such as the ones from Lower Barton Creek, Pine Hill, and Red Bank resemble the Old Order Mennonites of Springfield and Upper Barton Creek in dress and lifestyle but their headcovering is used in the same fashion as Shipyard (Old Colony), although it is always black, never with extra colors on it. Where do we draw the line when it comes to Biblical commands that aren't practical and/or could be damaging to our health? We left the Catholic church because we didn't believe in infant baptism. I would study the original language and the original arguments used by Paul. Place the centre on the crown of your head, bring the ends to pass under your chin, and tie at the back of your head. However an issue of definition comes into play. Delmar, yes, I agree there are so many passages in the Bible concerning the fatherless, the widows, what we're supposed to do with our resources, etc. This is not a biblical thought, it was made up by Darby. How to wear the Covering. of our headcoverings? As for churches which wait until marriage, I guess that is between them and the Lord. If 1 Thess 5:17 coupled with 1 Cor 11 headship/submission to Christ applies to all of us then how come they can wear hats whenever they want except they for sure may not for church? Some Mennonite women began to view their head coverings as a banner of their religiosity and a symbol of status.15 Many groups began to employ the wearing of head coverings to signify other things as well. I haven’t been able to find any reliable source for the construction of this bun, and have worked it out as best I can from the few pictures which can be found of the back of Altkolonier Mennonite women’s heads. Some put them on when they start school. There are lots of things closer to God's heart -- such as the kingdom of God, loving one another, finances and caring for people. I admit that I struggle with the fact that there are so many people who do not follow clear Scriptural teaching, and yet seem to enjoy the blessing of God. The question of when to start wearing the covering is an interesting one. I am honestly perplexed. a square of cloth, at least 1m on each side. And finally, is the head covering mentioned by Paul based on the principle of modesty to cover the glory and beauty of the woman's hair (as the Muslims believe) or is it a symbol of headship? If a woman's hair is immodest, what then about her face? God's love is not a feeling. You can see a photo essay from a young Amish girl in Michigan showing how to make this bun at Amish Workshops, or you can watch this tutorial from a sister on YouTube: What you need: hairnet, 2 large hairpins and 5 small hairpins. I love your blog and I will be following it! How to care for the Covering. The most known Plautdietsch Mennonite food is the, I don't want to sound demanding or judgemental, I just wondered what you're getting at or where you're coming from. I figured it was simply some type of quaint costume. If we wonder why some make a "big deal" out of the head-covering, this statement suggests that we can put God's commandments in a priority list. Instead of straw hats for going out in public, many of the ladies use a black bonnet (see picture below). That's why it's so important to read the Bible and have it renew our minds and show us over and over what it is that God really desires from us. If you brush firmly, you shouldn’t need clips, combs or barettes to keep the hair smooth, although you might like them if you have very curly hair. They are all there to keep us from falling away. I would study commentaries and other sources to do my best to take an unbiased view of the subject. I would merely tolerate it as a quaint practice based on a quirky interpretation of Scripture. Still others apparently choose to wait until marriage. Delmar Stoltzfoos. Also, men tend to find long flowing hair to be attractive, and as such, it is a good idea to remove temptation by covering the hair. 2 – Fold the ponytail in half 2-4 times, or however many it takes to get a bundle about the size of a fist. 4 – Bring the ends down, criss-crossing them through the side-loops as needed until you reach the end of the plaits. In this blog are some of my thoughts regarding the Anabaptist church. Cross them just behind the crown and fold so that the ends run between the plaits. > 1 Corinthians 11:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. I'm thankful that those details do not qualify as "doctrine" per se, and we can still enjoy fellowship and learn from others in the family of Christ who have not come to the same conclusions in these areas. Each and every command is just as important as the others to follow. Just wash it with everything else – unless you’ve used a difficult material, in which case, use your own discretion. I'm not just thinking about the covering. I do not think it is an outward sign of something deeper, nor do I think Baptism is. I would study commentaries and other sources to do my best to take an unbiased view of the subject. I think it is best to seek the truth and follow it, and leave the reason why to God. I also want to say that there are many vibrant Christians who do not wear the covering, and God is blessing their lives and ministries. At first glance, the women on both sides of this heavenly fence seem to be nearly identical in every way – but this is not true. For some groups, different covering styles or colors were used to signify the availability of a woman for marriage (as old order Amish and some more conservative groups still do). It does make a lot of sense, and I'm glad to have learned that. I wholeheartedly agree that the Devil seems to be a master at side-tracking God's people into majoring on minors. And if a symbol, can one just wear a fancy hair clip or doily, call it a symbolic "head covering" and be content that scripture is now being followed? God's commands are the issue, they mean what they are, they may cause a feeling, but they are not a sign of a feeling. But then I read the writings of the early Christians. Blessings to you, too! The rest of this paper details my findings. They look wonderful on your head, the way they lay . This seems to be the most popular bun if you search for an “Amish” or “Mennonite” bun on the internet, and it produces a reasonably flat bun well-suited to the stiff, pleated caps worn by many Amish and Conservative Mennonite groups. Some churches put coverings on baby girls. I’m researching Mennonite prayer coverings for a book I’m writing. There are many things that are not hard to understand or controversial (which are repeated over and over again in the Bible) that I wish we would spend a lot more times focusing on and really applying to our daily lives, like James 1:27. It doesn't make sense to me, but perhaps its just a tradition from the Amish that we don't think much of it?


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