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The safety catch of the 6.35mm Model 1910 is a lever to the rear of the trigger which is pressed down to engage. - Loriano Franceschini - "Pistole Militari Imperiali" - Editoriale Olimpia, Firenze 2006. TIPOLOGIA: PISTOLE D'ORDINANZA MILITARE. A derivative of the .25 caliber Model 1910 designed by Josef Nickl, it uses 32 ACP ammunition. Gun Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The 1910 could take .25 ACP, while the 1914 had variants that took .25 ACP and others that took the more powerful .32 ACP cartridge. The pistol we nowadays refer to as the Mauser “Model 1914” was the 7.65mm (.32ACP) version and development work on it began after the “Model 1910” was in production. 2, 7.65 mm Mauser Model 1914 Wrap Around Grips. Between 1867 and 1869, the Mauser brothers and Samuel Norris developed a single-shot bolt-action rifle. SPS FALCON CHROMEcal.9x21 colpi 8+1cal. These designs were most probably created by an engineer named Josef Nickl whom Mauser had employed in 1904. 1910 119,00€. Mauser 6.35mm Browning “Model 1910” field stripped. The caliber and number produced are not known. When engaged the safety catch is locked in place. L'esemplare in collezione appartiene alla produzione di "Mauser 1914" successiva al 1920. Lo stesso dicasi per l'utilizzo delle immagini correlate. Hülse des M 1909 von links mit Abnahme- und Beschuss-Stempeln, Serien-nummer sowie Firmen- und Modell-Bezeichnung. Eventuali eccezioni a tale divieto dovranno essere richieste alla redazione del sito, secondo le modalità descritte in "Avvertenze e Precisazioni". 6.02 inches (15.3 centimetres) To operate the pistol it must first be opened, but the slide cannot be opened unless a magazine is inserted. When the pistol was fired the slide and barrel recoiled together with the friction between the angled surfaces on the arms and slide delaying the unlocking of the action until the breech pressure had dropped to a safe level. Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. The bolt head did not rotate, a feature chosen by Paul Mauser to "protect the heads of paper cartridges from friction and possible damage while locking the bolt, and to p… Dabei werden beispielsweise die Session-Informationen oder die Spracheinstellung auf Ihrem Rechner gespeichert. The 7.65mm Mauser pistol was aimed at the police market, and the 7.65mm cartridge had already become the caliber of choice for many police departments in Europe. These are both export models but note there are differences in the markings: there are many variants of these Mauser pistols. Tobia, un riparo sicuro .. 119,00€ Tassa. The design of the pistol was almost identical to that of the 6.35mm “Model 1910” but … Versandkosten, © 1914 CALIBRO 7,65    CATEGORIA: PISTOLE SEMIAUTOMATICHE. (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). Mauser Model 1910 in 6.35mm with a Walther PPK. La pistola è in ottimo stato di conservazione, sia per la brunitura, sia per la funzionalità. Ammo for these pistols is common, which makes them a great shootable collectible. N.B. Mauser “Model 1914/1934” at top by comparison with its successor, the Mauser HSC. 500,000 A partire dal 1930, la Mauser cominciò ad apportare piccole modifiche al modello originario, modifiche che si sommarono nel "Mod. The pistol we nowadays refer to as the Mauser “Model 1914” was the 7.65mm (.32ACP) version and development work on it began after the “Model 1910” was in production. 0,00€. Sarà lo stesso Nick a progettare il selettore a raffica della Mauser C96/32 "Schnellfeuer". Mauser’s design for a full size military pistol used a quite unusual delayed blowback system that featured a pair of arms in the frame ahead of the trigger guard that engaged into machined angled surfaces in the slide. Rated at 80-90% by 2. MwSt., gebrauchte Artikel zum Teil differenzbesteuert, zzgl. Bevor Sie das Formular ausfüllen und absenden, lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung! His designs for the .45ACP and 9mm Parabellum used a delayed blowback system and his designs for the smaller cartridges were of a straight blowback design. The 1934 model took .32 ACP rounds only. Versandkosten*2differenzbesteuert gemäß §25a UStG.;MwSt. German Empire Not to be defeated however Mauser had from the outset also been working on smaller caliber pocket pistols for civilian and police customers. Ed Buffaloe and Burgess Mason III’s article on, Ed Buffaloe and Burgess Mason III’s on in the second part of their article. No. - Anno di produzione:1923. 1934", riconoscibile per la diversa impugnatura, costruita fino al 1945. Anche dopo la Grande Guerra la Mauser continuò a produrre la "Mod. 1914 Mauser - 32 cal. 2, 7.65 mm, Black The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Grips. A rare long barrel Mauser “humpback” automatic pistol. Pare che i ferrovieri tedeschi, per difendersi dalle aggressioni degli spartachisti, durante le sanguinose sommosse bolsceviche, le quali caratterizzarono l'immediato dopoguerra in Germania, furono armati con Mauser 1910, in cal. Dal tipo di scritta sul carrello, fu prodotto prima del cambio della scritta, seguito, qualche tempo dopo, la variazione della ragione sociale della Mauser, nel 1922. If the magazine is loaded with cartridges then when it is inserted into the pistol and pushed all the way home the slide will fly forward chambering a cartridge. 1914 - Catalogo: Antecatalogo. In 1934, the Model 1914 was superseded by the simpler Model 1934. Mauser 1914 1914", dall'anno nel quale la sua produzione divenne massiccia, anche se, fin dal 1912, la Mauser ne aveva fornito militari e Polizia. Mauser, Modell "1914", halbautomatische Pistole, Kat. 6,35 Browning, la quale ebbe un subitaneo successo commerciale, anche se dimensionalmente più ingombrante, rispetto alle "concorrenti", offerte sul mercato civile. Il brevetto, acquistato dalla neonata Cecoslovacchia, nel 1919, diede origine alla CZ 1922, primo modello di un' ottima ed apprezzata serie di pistole. 1914 Mauser Pistol Serial Number Range The photograph on the left is of the markings that are found on the right side of the slide of this pistol. Cane interno e segnale di colpo in canna, caricatore di 8 colpi, dimensioni ideali per il porto, ne fanno un'arma eccellente anche per la difesa personale. Pistol ACHTUNG: Zum Kauf dieses Produkts ist die Vorlage der Erwerbsberechtigung erforderlich !!! Pertanto, l'esemplare in collezione può essere ragionevolmente datato tra il 1920 ed il 1924. Registrati o effettua l'accesso e Utilizza il codice scontoPROMO19. *1inkl. Technical specifications (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). Ohne Cookies ist der Funktionsumfang des Online-Shops eingeschränkt. The action of the “Model 1914” was largely the same as that of the “New Model” 6.35mm pistols and featured the same improvements to the trigger and interrupter mechanisms, and the magazine mechanisms that blocked the slide open when the magazine was empty, and prevented the pistol from being fired if the magazine was removed. Sulla spinta del favorevole accoglimento della 6,35, nel 1912, la Mauser ne brevettò un'altra versione, leggermente più grande, in cal. The 6.35mm Browning (.25ACP) chambered Mauser Model 1910 was actually introduced in Europe in 1906 and into the USA two years later. Mauser Model 1914 Wrap Around Grips. Copyright © 2019 Revivaler. His travels have taken him to Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan and a number of other countries. If the empty magazine is removed the slide will remain locked open: however, if an empty magazine is inserted and pushed home the slide will close. Production began 1913 The Mauser Pocket Pistol 1914. There were many variations of the 7.65mm Mauser pistols including those purchased by the German Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, Weimer Navy, Weimer Police, and the Norwegian Police are examples. The Mauser automatic pistols were intelligently designed and proved popular with a great many having been produced, and many exported to the United States. - J. Gargela, Z. Faktor - "I Marchi sulle Armi da Fuoco Portatili" - F.lli Melita Editori, La Spezia 1990. Authors, researchers, and collectors derived further model designations based on the earliest year of significant change in appearance. DENOMINAZIONE: PISTOLA MAUSER MODELLO 1914. The development of Paul Mauser’s small pistols was well underway by around 1908: around this time he told the Deutsche Versuchs-Anstalt für Handfeuerwaffen (the German Experimental Laboratory for Handguns) that his company would be producing a small 7.65mm pistol “…not larger in weight and size than the well-known Browning 7,65 pistol…,” (Note: See “Paul Mauser: His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838-1914” by Mauro Baudino & Gerben van Vlimmeren). The pistol was reworked again in 1934 as the Mauser 1934; however, with the introduction of the much superior Walther PP, sales of the 1934 were slowed massively, with the Mauser 1934 being out of production by 1941. Sixth Variant Mauser Model 1914 -Model 1934 or 1914/34 Serial Number 526000 - 617000 approximately. Based on the older Mauser 1910 chambered for the fairly weak .25 ACP cartridge, the 1914 was practically the same weapon chambered for a more powerful cartridge with the addition of a slide stop. Curiosità: Nel corso della Grande Guerra, il Nickl, studiò un sistema di chiusura a canna rotante, che ancorchè compatibile non fu mai applicato alla "Mod. Weight empty B, Kal. Number built But if you have one of these in your “I’ve got this old gun” drawer somewhere it might be worth dusting it off and taking it to the range for some shooting fun. Le evoluzioni della C96 furono tutte a livello sperimentale e nessun esemplare venne commercializzato, finchè, in cal. If an empty magazine is inserted then the slide can be pulled back and will lock in place. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Picture courtesy 3.43 inches (8.7 centimetres) Enter your email address to subscribe to Revivaler and never miss a new post. Even the stodgy British, who tended to regard an automatic pistol as “dashed unsporting”, created their own in the form of the William Whiting designed Webley Mk I pistols adopted by the Royal Horse Artillery in 1913 and Royal Navy in 1914. The New Model eliminated this issue and provided some other changes to the lockwork including improvements to the interrupter mechanism, and the magazine and slide stop mechanisms. Dieses Gewehr war ein Repetiergewehr mit Zylinderverschluss, welches von Peter-Paul Mauser (1838-1914) konstruiert worden war. 9 parabellum depotenziato, vide la luce il modello denominato "1912/14 Armee Pistole", di cui, pare, sia stata dotata la Marina Brasiliana. Ludwig Olson wrote that an example had at one time been on display at the Smithsonian Institutionin Washington, D.C. Almost as well known as the M98, which formed the basis for the German Military Gewehr 98 of World War I fame and Karabiner 98k of World War II, was Mauser’s C96 semi-automatic pistol which is most often referred to as the “Broomhandle” Mauser because of the shape of its grip. When the arms were forced down the slide and barrel unlocked allowing the slide to recoil to battery. Weapon type With the Model 1914 “humpback” pistol in production Mauser decided that the additional machining to produce the humpback shape was not actually necessary and so a new design was introduced which eliminated it. - Marchi e Punzonature: La scritta, tipica delle Mauser, è impressa sul lato sinistro del carrello e sovrasta la dizione "Mauser's Patent"; sul lato sinistro del castello è riportato il "Marchio di fabbrica Mauser"; la scritta "Mauser" è incisa sul lato destro del castello, seguita dall'indicazione del calibro impiegato; il "Marchio personalizzato del banco di prova", è sul carrello, dietro la tacca di mira. 1910 The design of the pistol was almost identical to that of the 6.35mm “Model 1910” but scaled for the larger and more powerful .32ACP cartridge. Addirittura, si potrebbe datare con sicurezza, in quanto, secondo una fonte attendibile, la produzione del Mod.


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