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Jobbers – be afraid! Lisa begs Silver to put their differences aside and for them to tag together. Raven is the younger step-sister of the infamous kayfabe owner of ZXWWF, Darrius Lewis, otherwise known as D-Mob. Raven (born Katrena Raven Mitchell; December 31st, 1989), is a Professional Wrestler better known by her middle name - "Raven" - that started her career in WWE before signing to ZXWWF in late 2006. £12. They lived on a beautiful farm, cows, chicken, horses, pigs, every animal you could imagine. It was Christmas Eve 1989 when the police man knocked on the door, bearing the news that her parents had gone over a bridge and into the Shannon river. As a wrestler she won women’s titles in both the AWA and Japan during the late 1980s. TWO GRAPPLING GALS REMATCH (Laken vs Raven) This is a follow up to the popular Two Grappling Gals match but this time two of Britain’s finest female wrestlers focus on crushing scissor holds. Seconds later she’s down on the canvas and Loxleigh launches a sustained attack. Technical chain wrestling gives way to brawling and dirty tactics, with each of the women desperate for victory. Downloads. But at the age of eight it was all ripped away from her. Click here for previews and to buy. AXA DESTROYS LISA: BACK ATTACK This is the latest installment in the ring rivalry between these British stars of the squared circle. Throughout mid-1995, she helped The Sandman defend his championship in a series of bouts with Cactus Jack. The eWrestling Encyclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. With this in mind, the grapplers set out to see just how flexible each other are, bending and twisting their bodies to try to force the other to submission. There’s plenty of double teaming and when Lisa tries to break things up, she gets thrown out and stomped! Click here for previews and to buy. Click here for preview pics and to buy. Starr goes all out to win, wearing her opponent down with cheating moves, including her infamous stinkface. £13. £12. Because of this, it is often joked that Kevin Sullivan "booked his own divorce. Johnny starts versus Loxleigh as they exchange technical holds but it all changes once Pippa’s in against Lisa and the wrestling gets dirty – belly punches, low blows and double teaming keep the jobber trapped inside the squared circle as these heels enjoy taking her apart. £13. Professional wrestling managers and valets, Top Rope-aided Dropkick through bottom rope, Discipline (Edgecator/Kneeling inverted sharpshooter), Ask For More (Torture Crab/Elevated Boston Crab kneeling on the opponent's back or neck), Upgrade (Turnbuckle Dropkick/Hardyac Arrest),, "Bitch Kick" (Chick Kick) --- "High Price" (Lifting Implant DDT/Edgecution), Dave Finlay - Ron Hutchinson - Adam "Edge" Copeland - Trish Stratus, Rae-DT (Mickie-DT [The Lift-Stall-Spike DDT variation]), - MMA/Repeated Elbow Strikes to the neck/back/head of a seated opponent, ZXWWF Vixen Championship (2 time; 1st Woman to hold this title), 1st Woman to be named Undisputed Woman of ZXWWF (2007), 2009 ZXWWF Women's Tag Team Riot Winner (w/ Trish Stratus as part of Ultimate Stratusfaction), ZXWWF Women's Tag Team Championship (w/ Trish Stratus as part of Ultimate Stratusfaction), UFWA Women's Tag Team Championship (w/ Kirsten Franklin). JOEY VS MILA  Joey tells Mila Naniki that she belongs in a kitchen and not a wrestling ring. "[4][14][15] She dropped the suit in August 2003, as well as a restraining order filed on her husband. It was on this shoot where she met Kevin Sullivan, who eventually wanted her to be a part of his wrestling entourage. Raven may have the strength advantage but Laken has exceptional stamina and a cocky attitude making this anyone’s victory. Click here for preview pics and to buy. £7. [4][14], In December 2006, Nancy Benoit had back and neck fusion surgery with Lloyd Youngblood, the same surgeon who had previously done a 3–hour neck operation on Nancy's husband Chris on June 28, 2001. TWO GRAPPLING GALS REMATCH (Laken vs Raven) This is a follow up to the popular Two Grappling Gals match but this time two of Britain’s finest female wrestlers focus on crushing scissor holds. What's more, Sullivan lost a retirement match to Benoit. TARGET: LISA’S LEG (Lisa King vs Toro The Bully) Lisa steps into the ring against Toro with her knee strapped up following an earlier injury. But what Toro brings in his ruthlessness and weight, Madi counters with her athleticism and determination. Its clear from the opening exchange that Raven means business and her actions match her tough words. Download – Rampaging Roxxi. £12. The action is non stop with tap out attempts, dirty tactics and lots of different pins. The heel focuses on working her opponent’s barefeet while handstand headscissors by Inferno show off her agility.,,, Professional wrestling managers and valets, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 March 2020, at 03:41. Click here for previews and to buy. £9. The feud culminated in an "I Quit" match on October 1, 1994, during which The Sandman was seemingly blinded when Dreamer pushed a lit cigarette into his eye and then caned him in the face. Lisa’s back gets dropkicked and even suffers a flying attack, as Johnny launches from the middle rope! The Sandman's third reign as ECW World Heavyweight Champion lasted until January 27, 1996, when he lost to Raven. Can Laken fight back? Nancy Elizabeth Benoit (formerly Daus & Sullivan, née Toffoloni; May 17, 1964 – June 22, 2007) was an American professional wrestling valet, occasional professional wrestler and model.She was best known for her appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling in the mid-1990s under the ring name Woman. She has not settled down, but it’s no secret that she is currently in a serious relationship with long time friend, Alexis Morningstar. £9. BAD TEACHER (Lisa King vs Spice) Lisa is the teacher from hell, using rookie Spice as a kind of pro wrestling crash test dummy applying submission hold after submission hold.


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