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- before curving away towards Alderstead, then northwards for an attack on Croydon, or a searching double-back on Kenley, for the airfield was hard to spot. Apart from seeing a single messerschmitt 110 tearing southwards after some high up activity beyond Coulsdon one Battle day, and probably due to dropping down and out of a dogfight situation in order to hide and save skin - a natural reaction in difficult situations, and probably your best bet - then the only other Jerry planes I saw that autumn were the night raiding Heinkels caught up in searchlight beams. So if you're driving through the 'variable speed section' in either direction, watch your speed. Considering the country was just getting over the Battle of Britain I see such laxity as odd. It later transpired that the attack was intended for Kenley, but they lost their way in spite of flying quite low at an estimated 3,000 feet. But Kenley airfield was very well camouflaged - with even the runways painted in various colours. After all, the Heinkel III wasn't regarded as the faster of three types of German bombers available for reconnaissance or photo work. Caterham are busy, very busy; over 90% of their cars are now factory built and there’s a sizeable waiting list. St Johns / Woking Hermitage Road 20mph Speed camera located outside Winston Churchill School, on the A324, used to be a 30mph zone, believe this may be now reduced to 20mph but there are no speed signs approaching the speed camera. These speed cameras enforce a 20mph speed limit along the River Thames. 5 tips to help prepare for the Goodwood revival. The nearer Hurri ws at least half a mile behind and, with the un-loaded bomber in a shallow dive, none of the fighters was visibly gaining ground. And provided the Jerry kept to his undeviating line he might just get away with his daring dash of escape. Harris Mann(k) to Casablanca – your invitation to a BL roadtrip/experiment. Yet I leave Caterham in their most modest product, the new 165 which is the export version of the 160. BletchingleyA25 30mph Before you come to the Bletchingley Arms pub on the right-hand side, after you enter the 30mph limit (just after the left turn to take you back towards Tillburstow Hill). The Horseshoe Lane junction is about another 100yards in front of you on the left. public. One building holds the awesome SP300/R cars, 300 BHP from a supercharged Duratec, a racecar we’d love to try some day. It has over 900 stations operating under the BP, Shell, Texaco and JET fuel brands. Tilford B3001 40mph Go on the B3001, and just past Tilford, turn right into Crooksbury Road (towards Runfold). Also has been seen further down road after roundabout. On... Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid Gets Wet And Wild in Wales, An assortment of my old cars on an assortment of old tracks – a memory dump. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. He also did a book no-one bought. Follow the latest news for Woodnesborough in Kent, England, UK - Local news and information in your area Walking home from Caterham at the time - with no sirens having sounded - I had a perfect view of the approaching Jerry before jumping into a ditch near Fryen for cover, cutting my knee in the process. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. those of the BBC. Manned laser trap. Unmarked on left-hand side, located straight after coming over railway bridge (travelling away from Scilly Isles Roundabout/Esher). Ashford / Shepperton Charlton Road 30mph Heading towards Shepperton Studios from A308 you go over mini roundabout towards village. Bagshot M3 50mph SPECS speed cameras located along the M3 between Junction 2-4a. We could hear a lot of distant activity and were well within stepping range of our Anderson shelter, when to our surprise and coming from the Cateham direction was a neat and tidy formation of 20 Dorniers at 8,000 feet and with not a Spit or hungry Hurri in any vacant height! A delve into the tiny minds of (some) AutoTrader sellers. Then, there are several more Gatso cameras every 1.5 miles or so heading into town. East Horsley A246 30mph Gatso speed camera targets westbound traffic just before Chalk Lane on A246 travelling towards Guildford. Ferrari sniffily dismissed these as ‘Garagisti’. Le Mans winner Derek Bell once refused to get in Rich's Morgan Three Wheeler with him at the wheel. You can set up your app to see all the latest news and events from your area, plus receive push notifications for breaking news. Considering how many Spits and Hurris 'lived' at southern airfields, that 'cheeky' low flying Staffel should have been shot to ribbons before reaching Surrey, for they were quickly seen crossing the beach near Seaford. Not very Goodwood. Camera targets traffic travelling towards Aldershot. Walton-on-the-Hill B2032 - Dorking Road 40mph Gatso speed camera just after the bridge over the M25 (after the Pfizer roundabout) heading away from Box Hill towards Tadworth. Now I could actually boast of a war wound! In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach of the site's House Rules, please click here. Morden London Road 30mph The first speed camera sits just before a railway bridge, virtually opposite Morden South railway station. Lancasters with four engines set discordantly or de-synchronized were worse than Heinels, the standard German night bomber. The road winds a bit for 500 yards, then it straightens and the road has a series of largish dips and rises. You will find a speed camera facing back into Kingston near the brow of Kingston Hill, the second is ¾ miles further along as leave Kingston on the same road just before A3 Junction you will find yet another. This is on the 1/2 mile gantry before Junction 10. The lines in the road are on the brow of the hill, and are not visible until you are driving over them. Our sky watchers must have been of very poor quality, for I could instantly recognise both ours and German planes; from a good distance too. And they were doing a good job too, till the Hurri boys got the message; but by then the bombs had done their work. The next enemy plane seen close up was a Heinkel that came speeding across our upper Happy Valley field after a snappy photographic pass at Kenley then the Guards Barracks. The monitored area is a 30mph limit by a school. The speed camera is about 150 yds from roundabout on left. Reigate M25 70mph (occasional) On clockwise carriageway about 3/4 mile after Junction 8, just as the road starts to go downhill, and traffic starts to thin out, high top Transit van with blacked out side windows, reflective marking on side but none on rear, parks under a bridge on hard shoulder at a point where the emergency vehicle lane is behind a concrete wall separated from the main carriageway. Flying fairly high up - say 9,000 feet? Opinion is split on speed cameras, but love them or hate them, here is a complete list as of November, Subscribe to our FREE daily newsletter for a round-up of the biggest stories from across Surrey. Dorking A25/A24 50mph There are average speed cameras as you leave Dorking on to the Holmwood roundabout to head north to the Deepdene roundabout. And where were the Spits? It’s raining, I’m in stop-start traffic in a LHD car and I’m snicking through gaps an Italian would baulk at. Available to download from the App Store or Google Play for Android. For any other comments, please Contact Us. Guildford A3 and M25 70mph Surrey Police reportedly use laser guns on the A3 between Wisley and the two BP garages, 1 mile East of Wisley. About 200 yards before the railway bridge with traffic lights. For the price of two aircraft shot down over England and two trying to swim home, they had wrecked Kenley, shot down 3 Huricanes, and destroyed another seven various aircraft on the ground and in burning hagars. The inside story of that talking dash, Hesketh Racing - The greatest, most MotorPunk, F1 team ever, McQueen’s great escape – The ending we actually wanted, re-enacted, Garage Dressing: Antique Art For Your Man Cave, Born in Britain – Barbour International Wax Cotton Jacket.


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