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He had been discharged from the army in 1967, suffering from hallucinations, and spent years in and out of a mental hospital. Organized Crime Figure. Spillane, who was called the "last of the gentleman gangsters", was a marked contrast to the violent The Westies gang members who succeeded him in Hell's Kitchen. [2] Featherstone did time in the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield Missouri on the psychiatric ward in 1982. [4], Featherstone was convicted in March 1986 for the April 1985 murder of Michael Holly, despite being innocent of this particular murder, which was a revenge attack probably carried out by another of the Westies, Billy Bokun. I suggest you write your story including how you feel about everything that happened. but i think you should make a book about your story maybe it can be top like Harry Potter? [1] His testimony at Coonan's racketeering trial during 1987–88 helped to bring down Coonan's gang. With this evidence in hand showing that Featherstone’s fellow gang members had turned on him and set him up, his conviction was overturned in September 1986, and Featherstone agreed to become an informant. [1] He served in the Vietnam War as member of the Green Berets aged just 17 after lying about his age. Prior to the murder of Michael Holly, Featherstone had been charged with at least three other murders, but each time he had entered pleas of insanity and was acquitted. You need to find another way to close that chapter of your life and let it go. With the new information provided by Featherstone in 1986, prosecutors were able to obtain indictments against eight members of the Westies, including leader Jimmy Coonan, and all but one were convicted. I am only one of three people who knows the exact location of the body; I suspect the other two--adults at the time, two of his killers--are both dead. Featherstone and Coonan had tipped two girls in a massage parlor with counterfeit $100 bills. In this case, he was not only innocent of the crime, he also knew who had done it. And, why hasn't he asked me about that horrible night, even once, in all these years? Sissy Featherstone - The best The Westies Images, Pictures, Photos, Icons and Wallpapers on RavePad! The car driven by the shooter had been abandoned on the street, and it was traced to the trucking company where Featherstone was employed at that time. Featherstone was born on West 43rd St., one of nine children. Are we going to see Martha McSally's "good side" again in another adorable concession speech? However, Holly returned to New York City several years later. Find high-quality Mickey Featherstone stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. in the book state, everything that you saw, i mean everything just to be safe also ask your lawyer opinion. After his conviction, Featherstone quickly concluded that Westies members and Kenneth Aronson had colluded to set him up to take the fall for Holly’s murder. Please categorize your feedback from the dropdown box. [2] He had blond hair and was often said to be baby-faced. Featherstone was convicted in 1986, but his conviction was reversed later that year when the actual shooter was identified. The information he and his wife Sissy provided, and the recordings they helped make, achieved this aim. Michael "Mickey" Spillane (July 13, 1934-May 13, 1977) was an Irish-American mobster from Hell's Kitchen, New York. He controlled an interest in Harlem's famed Cotton Club, among other things. [2] After borrowing Coonan's gun, he shot dead Linwood Willis in a confrontation outside a bar in 1971, but was found not guilty due to insanity. See more ideas about Westies, Mobster, Irish mob. He would act out frequently while in the hospitals, leading to him being restrained and injected with thorazine. on our list, Other (Steve had kidnapped me because he'd intended to drown me, the only witness. This is serious. Please include urls if you find an issue. [1][2], When a group from New Jersey, called the Riley brothers, entered Hell's Kitchen a fight started with the outsiders. I just finished reading the book The Westies and realized that alot of their woman were involved in their crimes and stuff.Well except for the murders.but these woman played a major role in their husbands buisness.I didn't like Jimmy's wife's chracter she seemed to be very ruthless and selfish whereas Sissy seemed like she was more for her husband and kids,which is pretty cool.She had more of a rough time trying to support her kids while her husband was away.I give her credit for that.That was a really good book anf this forum is pretty intresting with the exception for some of the people writing insults back and forth.Very childish.Another thing is that people on here say they are Mickey Featherstone,I strongly doubt he knows about or reads this forum.This is a very intersting subject I wish people wouldn't spoil it by writing stupid things.Keep up the good work,I hope this forum is succesful.... so you read a book big deal sissy was a whore and a heroine addict till she was about 18 she was a sneaky liar you think what she did was noble standing by a murderer well they forgot to mention in the book he raped sodomized and knocked up his step daughter oh mickey left that out when he narrated the book to the author yeah sissy is a real great girl.


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