logitech c920s vs c920
The two cameras have dimensions of 29 mm x 94 mm x 24 mm for their height, width, and depth. Record and stream like a pro with the Logitech C920s HD Pro Webcam. 3.74 in. The differences between these two models may be subtle, but overall, if you are planning to buy a new webcam the Logitech C920s offers better value for your money. If you are on a budget, get the Logitech C920, if you can spend a bit more, get the Logitech C922.You can typically get away from using the Logitech software and drivers on most devices, but do note they have made strides and fixed a lot of issues with their software.Do note that your lighting also plays a big factor in the quality you can get from a webcam. iPad 6th vs 7th Generation (2020): Comparing Entry-Level Tablets, iPad Pro vs Cintiq (2020): How The Cheaper Cintiq 16 Beat Out The iPad Pro. Senior Editor at Compare Before Buying. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Logitech C920x is great for those who want to give XSplit a try while the C920 is for those who just want the webcam without any extras. Le permite personalizar grabaciones, ajustar la configuración de la cámara e incluso crear vídeo vertical con una interfaz intuitiva. When you buy through our links we may earn an affiliate commission. Una práctica tapa de obturador protege la lente y su privacidad. However, the C922 comes with better firmware, which allows specific features, such as 60 FPS at 720p resolution, and works better in low light conditions than the Logitech C920.The Logitech software is still buggy. Last update on 2020-11-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Logitech C920 vs Microsoft LifeCam Studio (2020): Which Webcam Suits You Better? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. While the Logitech C920 was also marketed as “UVC compliant”,  it comes installed with a Logitech driver by default. The Logitech C920 dominated the streaming webcam market for years until it got retired. Con Logitech Capture, puede empezar a grabar contenido de vídeo de alta calidad en cuanto conecte su nueva cámara Web. Reservados todos los derechos, Cámara Web para streaming en serio con superrápido HD 720p a 60 fps, Videoconferencias HD móviles 1080p con enfoque automático, Todos los mandos inalámbricos para presentaciones, Soluciones de atención sanitaria por videoconferencia, Mando inalámbrico para presentaciones Spotlight, Piezas de repuesto para colaboración con vídeo. Last update on 2020-11-02 | Affiliate Link | Amazon API. We have a guide on how good lighting can increase the quality of a camera down below.Let's take a look at the specifications below for the C922 vs C920. You can fold the webcam together, if you want to transport it without damaging the lens. With the Logitech C920s, you’ll get the same high-quality video and audio from its predecessor, a conveniently-placed privacy cover, and a UVC compliant device that consumes less CPU power. With so many webcam variants being put out there by Logitech, like the C920’s C920c, C920s, and C920x, it can be confusing when you have to choose one for yourself. The 1.5 m cable attached to these cameras is sheathed with sturdy rubber material and is long enough to help you position it comfortably on your desk. 4.96 in. You may have seen this site, but, I think it about covers it....... See. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app , https://www.mgraves.org/2019/03/everything-old-is-new-again-logitech-introduces-c920s-hd-pro-webcam/, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-hardware/drivers/stream/usb-video-class-driver-overview?redirectedfrom=MSDN. Use el software Logitech Capture para aplicar zoom y panorámica. Learn more. With up to 1080p resolution at 30fps, the image quality is very good. Subsequently, you'll get more bang for your buck this way, especially if you are on a budget. Comparison of Logitech C920 vs Logitech C922 Pro Webcams. Given the success of this model, Logitech thought of giving this classic webcam an upgrade by releasing the Logitech C920s in 2019. The Logitech C920 is a great video webcam and will be more than enough for any streamer who can't afford an ultra-professional production video camera. This is why there’s that little “x” at the end of the name. The microphones are located on either side of the webcam’s lens and are protected by plastic microphone grilles. Both models are compatible with the Capture app, which is Logitech’s video editing software. The image quality of this webcam is the best you can get for under $50. It dampens noise and records crisp and clear sound. I would say that with webcams the only person really benefitting would be the person at the other end. Blue Yeti vs AT2020 - Best One to Get in 2020? They measure 1.14-inches high, 3.7-inches wide, and 0.94-inch deep. The C922x comes with background replacement software, which cuts out the background behind you. Advertiser Disclosure. Both the Logitech C920 and the Logitech C920s can capture videos in 1080p at 30fps or at 720p at 30fps. To sum up, between the Logitech c922 vs c920, both webcams are great. Logitech C925e Shop now at Amazon. The newer model sports a camera cover that you can flip up or down to maintain your privacy, but aside from this added feature, is there really much difference between the two models? Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon. To get the green screen/background removal effect or feature, you need to get the software separately. Clip universal compatible con trípodes para monitores, pantallas LCD o portátiles, Dos años de garantía de hardware limitada, © 2020 The newer software saves your configuration correctly.In short, the Logitech C922 is just an upgraded firmware update with added 3rd party software support for background removal put into a newer product with similar specifications. Either choice will provide you with amazing video quality.However, both are excellent starting points for video webcams for your streaming or content creation needs.Just know that lighting plays a big part in how good the quality of the webcam is. Lifelike, high-quality videos can only be achieved if it’s accompanied by top-notch audio. As an affiliate we may earn from qualifying purchases. 1.14 in. The Full HD, five-element glass lens captures razor-sharp, clear images, Glass lens captures razor-sharp, clear images. Both models have a 78° field of vision, which is enough to fit a large object or another person into the view. Both the Logitech C920 and C920x come with a stereo microphone setup. Logitech C930e vs C920 Here’s The Verdict. The universal clip allows you to attach the webcam to most laptops and flat-screen monitors. We are reader supported. Haga chat y grabe vídeos naturales y reales. Read more about us here. Both models are equipped with stereo microphones for clearer audio quality. Adding a tripod will allow you to get more creative with your camera angles, but most of the time, the clip/stand these webcams come with will work just fine. Logitech C270 vs C920 (2020): Which Webcam is Right for You? These webcams are also capable of autofocus and automatic light detection which allows them to render clear images in both brightly-lit and low-light environments. Debe utilizar una versión más reciente para ver nuestro sitio. Logitech C920 vs Logitech C920s Comparison Chart. Logitech C922 vs C930c (2020): Which One Is The Better Webcam? The image quality is definitely better than for regular budget webcams - it doesn't look bad. You should check if 3 feet is enough to reach from the USB port to the desired webcam location. Logitech did a pretty good job with these webcams’ microphones. Logitech has two excellent and very similar webcams. The most noticeable difference is that when the C920 suffered in frame rate and picture quality in a low-light room, then the C922x looks great and stays at a stable 30 frames per second even when the room is dark. We are reader supported. Ofrece vídeo Full HD (1080p a 30 fps) y nítido sonido estéreo con todas las aplicaciones de vídeo más populares. Both the Logitech C920 and C920x meet today’s webcam standards with full HD 1080p at 30fps and UVC compatibility. If you’re planning to use either the Logitech C920 or C920x for live streaming and podcasts, however, you will want to invest in a better external microphone. XSplit is a powerful app for video editing, broadcasting, recording, and game-casting. Is the c920x a newer model compare to c920s or is it the old OG version of "c920" (no letter at the end) Press J to jump to the feed. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Logitech leads the charge in webcam production with its long and diverse lineup of webcams targeting corporations, prosumers, and consumers. iPad mini 3 vs 4 (2020): Which Small Tablet Is Better? So if we had to pick a winner between the C920 and C920x, we’d go with the C920x. You will get to try for yourself the many features XSplit has to offer and decide whether or not you’ll renew your license after three months. The only difference between the two is that the C920x comes with a three-month XSplit license. Logitech C920 Shop now at Amazon. Writer and researcher passionate about music, film, and DIY projects. A lot has already changed since its release date, and newer OS and software work better with gadgets that have more optimized internal electronics. 3.74 in. 3 editorial reviews. Following comments from elsewhere, I've realised that it doesn't really matter how 'good' one's own webcam is (lens glass, depth of field, auto aperture, stereo mics, etc.) iPad Mini 4 vs iPad 2017: Which Budget iPad Offers More Value? The Logitech C920 dominated the streaming webcam market for years until it got retired. The Webcams are primarily used for VC for business discussions and have been used in single person and also with group VC calls. Mauie Flores August 6, 2020. Sound quality is another consideration when choosing a web camera. Envío normal gratuito en pedidos de EUR39.00 y superiores. You might find one or the other a bit cheaper or more expensive depending on where you’re buying from. The head of the camera can be rotated 360 degrees and is also adjustable vertically, so you will always be in the middle of the picture. With Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology, enjoy sharper images, smoother video, and richer colors. With better optics always comes better video quality.


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