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Sixty players will be drafted on November 18. No one saw Jordan coming as GOAT, not really. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol], Orlando [e.g. But mentioning Reggie Lewis's tragedy. 1983-84 Game Log for Len Bias. Jordan was a great talent, with freakish potential, but no one knew he'd be THAT great. Bias was called the closest thing to Jordan. Career NCAA Stats & Splits - Per Game. Change settings? Bias had discussions with Reebok's sports marketing division regarding a five-year endorsement package worth $1.6 million. Season: Stat Type: Pace Adjusted. re: the trade which Boston made to acquire the No. It’s hard to argue that Jordan is the best to ever do it. All rights reserved. 1984- 76.7% He was incredibly athletic and talented but obviously from what happened to him he wasn't that much for intelligent decision making. He was a better on the boards than Jordan simply because he was bigger) nor was he as good a defender. Daugherty, Price and Salley were all ACC players. Jordan himself falls short in both RASB-T per40 and ASB40. Tools and Resources Used by Real General Managers. What is a GM going to say who has to sign the guy he drafts, "This year is a phenomenal draft year so I'm going to have to pay the guy I draft more than is normal."?). Probably not a great comparison w/ a 3/4 like Bias. Select the first team from the drop down menu. He was Superman. 7, No. On the flight down to North Carolina, we saw that the oddsmakers had us losing by 15. He was 22 years old at the time of his death. Long and Gregg were both suspended from the team on July 31. Bias was much better than James Worthy. Please re-read carefully the anecdotal comments referenced in this thread praising Len's ability to play the game at a high level. His senior season was highlighted by his performance in an overtime victory against top-ranked North Carolina in which he scored 35 points, including 7 in the last 3 minutes of regulation and 4 in overtime. Len Bias NCAA Stats. We've seen a lot of Jordan comparisons to Bias, many of which were somewhat favorable for the Maryland product. 1986- 86.4%. (I think they would have needed more help than Jordan-Pippen, particularly an actual PG, but they could have probably stole at a couple of titles from the Bulls, assuming they werent moved or went FA etc), Course, with Len Bias, even if didnt die that night, we can wonder if drugs wouldnt have hindered him at some point, like so many other players had happened to. With more college development time than Jordan and many others, Bias dominated less than a number of other prospects with better projections ... and none of them even sniffed Jordan's status. [12] All attempts by the emergency medical team to restart his heart and breathing were unsuccessful. Leonard Kevin Bias (November 18, 1963 – June 19, 1986) was an American college basketball player who attended the University of Maryland. Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Len Bias and Kevin Garnett], Chicago [e.g. In 1986, Len Bias, the 6-foot-8 all-America forward averaged 23.2 points and seven rebounds in his last year at the University of Maryland. Bias' Maryland teammates Terry Long and David Gregg were charged with possession of cocaine and obstruction of justice. Bias was too small to be a power forward in the pros, I think, so the comparisons to people like Tarpley, Washburn and Pinckney are off the mark. It just seemed that way because the 1984 and '85 drafts were so unusually strong (you hear that all the time. This year he could be number one. maryland should have won both games but lost the first in Carmichael because A) Dave Popson pulled a 20-footer out of his ass at the buzzer after the game looked all but lost and B) Maryland had Lefty as a coach. Wow, I guess being given the title of Baby Jordan and not living up to it has made him very sour. Gatlin: I was thinking to myself, "Just finish the game." Leonard Kevin Bias (November 18, 1963 – June 19, 1986) was an American college basketball player who attended the University of Maryland. This is what Sports Illustrated was saying about Bias before the 1986 season: "Lefty [Driesell] has always had excellent forwards, and he thinks senior Len Bias, the '84-85 ACC Player of the Year, is his best ever. Len Bias was a couple of inches taller than Jordan at 6’8, and had a bit more of a dominant presence on the court, even though that may be Jordan’s most recognizable trait in hindsight. It makes it seem that Kenny Walker was better than Michael Jordan and Chris Mullin. Strong P/40 rates are a requisite for SF prospects, and Bias' was the best aside from Jordan. Back then, to get a road win in the ACC was unheard of. They wouldn’t win again until 2008, when “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” was born. Go figure.) Red recounted: "He was so good, I was scared we wouldn't be able to get him. Two days after being selected by the Boston Celtics with the second overall pick in the 1986 NBA draft, Bias died from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine overdose. The bottom line is, I'm comparing him to prospects that projected to play the same position in the pros (whether you thought he was a wing or a PF, I covered both), at roughly the same level of competition, and his numbers underwhelm. 7, No. But then Bias did jump over Salley, not to mention the moon, to tie the game with 12 seconds left.". winning the NBA Title down-the-road]. Remember, this is evaluating their merits as SFs. Still, a terrible story/loss. You never do know. Choose at least two teams from the menus below to start your trade. 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[19], The controversy prompted athletic director Dick Dull to resign on October 7, 1986, with Driesell following suit on October 29 after 17 years as coach. Brad Daugherty. Lenny was so great that night. Boston Celtics daily links 5/10/20 | Covid-19 Outlook, Boston Celtics daily links 5/10/20 – Get sport info. [20], On December 5, 1990, Len's younger brother, Jay Bias, was murdered in a drive-by shooting at age 20. Twice. A good article. These are not hard-and-fast rules, mind you, since so many factors can influence college stats, but they serve pretty well as general guidelines. It's not about FG% as much as it's about the rebounds, the blocks, the steals, and the assists. The second time, he was so good, I was wondering if he was the best player I'd ever seen. When the Celtics drafted Len Bias, Larry Bird was coming up on 30 years of age. Those 2 really could have been a lesser Jordan-Pippen to help lead the Celtics through the 90s battling the Bulls. He went off on North Carolina. You wanted to win your home games and maybe go .500 on the road. But, with a franchise player like Bias to replace the aging Bird, the Celtics very well could have been known unanimously as the greatest franchise in NBA history. Lonise Bias became an anti-drug lecturer, while James Bias became an advocate for gun control. Please see the link above for our current blog or click the logo above to see all of the great data and content on this site. A film about Len Bias' life, directed by Kirk Fraser, was promoted at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival[29] and released June 19, 2009. [citation needed] On June 18, Bias and his father flew to Boston, Massachusetts, from Washington, D.C., for an NBA club draft acceptance and product endorsement signing ceremony with the Celtics' coaches and management. But to be a superstar, you really had to have good numbers in the non-scoring categories. 'Power 5' should be 'Power 6' in men's hoops, The coronavirus and college sports: NCAA reopening plans, latest news, program cuts, more, Five-star recruit Houstan commits to Michigan, LSU's Orgeron, Wade take pay cuts during crisis, Inside Eric Devendorf's plan to keep kids off their phones and on the court. just out of curiosity. And it would have helped Bias get as much out of his potential as any young player could hope for, so everyone was right to be terrified of the fact that the defending champs (and possibly the greatest team ever) added the #2 pick in the draft. No team in the NBA was able to stand against Jordan and Scottie Pippen, who, coached by Phil Jackson, won six championships in eight years. Despite unimpressive numbers, Bias showed flashes that had coaches labelling him as a raw talent to watch out for. i respect him as a player. However, in college Bias didn't rebound or contribute in non-scoring areas as much as his fellow prospects (historical, modern, you name it) did, and his NCAA efficiency numbers were sub-par. In Bias' case, there was no post-college career, so the "can't-miss" stories stick with him. Our basic report characterized Bias as a 'Michael Jordan type who was bigger, with a better jump shot, but who didn't go to the basket as well.' We started off that year 0-6 in the ACC and we had just played bad and couldn't get over the hump. The grand jury presiding over the Bias case issued a final report on February 26, 1987 that criticized the University of Maryland's athletic department, admissions office and campus police.[19]. ESPN: When you look back at that game and that moment, what's your lasting memory? Bias couldve been molded into a great but the league was changing and he couldn't even hold on to the ball. [6], Bias impressed basketball fans with his amazing leaping ability, his physical stature and his ability to create plays, and was considered one of the most dynamic players in the nation. He was also a better rebounder. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account.


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