lemon cake strain
Lemon Cake by Moxie Seeds ENERGIZE YOUR MIND/BODY. Even though you might be aching to cut it down, it’s great if you wait as long as possible before harvesting, and cleanse it properly to maximize the scent and flavor. It has a lemony, spicy and hashy scent but it can produce a range of other aromas and smells. Lemon cake weed has a typical Sativa shaped buds and is known for the dense coating of its trichome against a light green background. One version of Lemon Cake was created by Heavyweight Seeds, which crossed Lemon Skunk and Cheese to create this potent, indica-leaning strain. This particular variety of Lemon Cake, created by Moxie Seeds, is a cross between its own Lemon OG and TGA Subcool’s Jesus OG. UPLIFT YOUR MOOD. It has high contents of Sativa which boosts energy that spills into full-body relaxation. It has a THC level of almost 29%. It can be found in the form of vape cartridges, wax, concentrates, and oil. Lemon Cake is a sweet and lemony strain that will leave your buds with a sour taste. Lemon Cake has the distinctive Sativa shaped buds and is popular for the dense layer of trichomes. Its Sativa vs. Indica ratio is 70% and 30%. 1. Just like the. In 9 - 10 weeks of flowering high yields of excellent quality marijuana is produced with THC levels of 23% and 0.3% CBD.It stretches quite a lot during this stage and therefore it is recommended to only veg. Lemon cake strain THC level of most cuts of Lemon cake weed is a lot stronger, unlike the lowest THC level you usually find. It’s perfect with a vaporizer because of its flavor, but it’s also a famous alternative for lovers of concentrates. 4.5. It can also be enjoyed as a concentrate. This is potent, hard-hitting, and long-lasting strain that is known for its energetic and busy buzz. Here is how you can know for sure: Cultivating Lemon Cake is encouraging to the growers. The Lemon Cake Marijuana strain helps with chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms making it a favorite amongst the medical community. You will hardly come across edibles made from this strain but this doesn’t mean that you cannot make some out of it. The smell coming from the jar might give you a false sense of what’s to come with whiffs of freshly cut lemons. Description. 5. It produces a strident taste of sweet lemon with hues of pine and cheese. You would instantly sit down and let the high take over your body, starting at the top of your head and slowly making its way down to your toes. Overall. It has high contents of Sativa which boosts energy that spills into full-body relaxation. But, unlike most marijuana which is used to fight stress, it’s not a good idea to try Lemon cake strain during the night because its effects would only give you energy and it would be hard to go to sleep. Concentrates are the most common forms. Lemon Cake has a citrusy, earthy flavor profile and THC levels reaching up to 23%. Lemon Cake has a strong citrus scent and an earthy, sweet, spicy flavor profile, according to the cannabis seed bank Seedsman. This is due to its pungent scent that would fill the room. Just like the Wedding Cake with how delicious and sweet it tastes. PROMOTE CREATIVITY. The Lemon Cake has a thickly-caked coating of resin that covers the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers. Lemon Cake, sometimes referred to as Lemon Cheesecake is a hybrid that combines two clashing strains. Lemon Cake is available in numerous products. Some users will experience physical relaxation which leads to early mental effects which relieve stress. Patients with mild to moderate stress and depression can also benefit from this weed strain. This strain is renowned for its dense dark, and potent buds. As a result, those prone to panic should control their dose accordingly. If you have a low tolerance level, you could experience paranoia if you use it in high dosage. Copyright © 2020 Weedmaps. Created by Heavyweight Seeds, the European company responsible for flavor-focused strains like Fruit Punch, this bud is a cross between Lemon Skunk and pungent staple Cheese. This cannabis strain was developed by Heavyweight Seeds, who are plainly interested in dreaming of the most potent cannabis strain they can think of that would taste amazing. Lemon Cake cannabis is highly potent which means that you need to be very careful if you decide to use it in the morning. Share. The potency of a strain is dependent on trichomes, which Lemon Cake contains. Lemon Cake strain also known as Lemon Cheesecake has a musky and sweet aroma and a potent Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Maven Genetics - Limited Special, Lemon Cake OG A, 4.8 star average rating from 1567 reviews. The test shows that the Lemon cake strain THC level is 25% which makes this cannabis strain one of the strongest of all. It is ideal for daytime use by boosting your energy reserves. Some users have reported a boost in creativity after using this strain. It has a 9-10 weeks flowering time, and has an abundant yield, it can thrive both indoors and outdoors but thrive greatly … Lemon Cake Weed was developed by Heavyweight Seeds, a European company that is responsible for flavor-focused strains. Indoor plants can yield between 600 to 700 grams per square meter and 800 grams per plant outdoors. However, if you are looking for an alternative offering the same effects, you will want to try Bruce Banner. Growers will be required to invest in carbon exhausts if growing the plant indoors. Lemon Lava is a potent mix of Lava Cake and Lemon Heads. On exhale, the smoke has a herbal taste.


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