lars anderson wrestler
Bobby Red Cloud & Chief Little Eagle Anderson in match with 2 referees 07/18 St. Paul, MN Larry Hennig & Lars Anderson beat Bob Windham & & Paul Diamond, 07/04 Robbinsdale, MN Larry Hennig & Lars Anderson beat Hercules - NWA Florida Tag-Team Title Tournament (December 6, '77) = Anderson & Karl Kox fought to a Double Disqualification with Pedro Morales & Rocky Johnson. Jacobs Tuufuli) beat Lars Anderson, Paul DeMarco & Ripper Collins(20:00), 07/12 Sacramento, CA Lars Anderson, Paul DeMarco & Great Mephisto Bullinski, 12/11 Chicago, IL Lars Anderson beat Moose Cholak by DQ, 01/05 Rockford, IL Dr. X draw Lars Anderson, 01/08 Omaha, NE Reggie Parks & Stan Pulaski beat Larry Hennig & Lars 08/25 Fargo, ND Larry Hennig & Lars Anderson beat Red Bastien & Anderson & Johnny Weaver, 07/09 Raleigh, NC George & Sandy Scott beat Gene & Lars Anderson in Demarco & Jack Pesek Jay & Joe Scarpello Ricky Romero Bockwinkel, Larry Heiniemi & Billy Graham in 2 of 3 falls match 01/12 Lynchburg, VA Gene & Lars Anderson vs. Haystacks Calhoun & 11/05 Denver, CO Don Muraco beat Lars Anderson by DQ Lars Anderson Nick Adams Lubich & Two Ton Harris, 08/23 Milwaukee, WI Wilbur Snyder beat Lars Anderson, 08/25 Greenville, SC George Becker, Johnny Weaver & Mr. Wrestling 02/23 Lynchburg, VA George & Sandy Scott beat Gene & Lars Anderson Enrique Torres Dutch Savage, 10/18 Sacramento, CA Lars Anderson & Paul DeMarco beat Pat Gomez & Rocky Johnson, 04/18 Stockton, CA Lars Anderson beat Frankie Laine via pinfall, 04/19 Sacramento, CA Pepper Martin, Pepper Gomez & Peter Maivia Jay & Bruce Kirk beat Gene, Lars & Ole Anderson by countout Bill Watts, Billy Red Lyons & Luke Brown, 12/10 Fergus Falls, MN Lars Anderson vs. Billy Red Lyons, 12/10 Fergus Falls, MN Lars Anderson & Larry Hennig vs. Billy Red 02/16 Lynchburg, VA Gene & Lars Anderson vs. George & Sandy Scott in Robinson a no DQ match 07/23 Winnipeg, Manitoba Lars Anderson & Larry Hennig beat Red 01/13 Milwaukee, WI Lars Anderson beat Dr. X ?? 08/13 Raleigh, NC(TV) Gene & Lars Anderson vs. Bob Griffin & Matti 03/28 Minneapolis, MN(TV) Lars Anderson beat Joe Scarpello 06/06 Norfolk, VA Luther Lindsay & Abe Jacobs beat Gene & Lars decision after a draw Johnny Weaver & Art Thomas, 07/12 Milwaukee, WI Bill Watts beat Lars Anderson, 07/14 Fayetteville, NC Gene, Lars & Ole Anderson beat Rip Hawk, Jones & Les Wolfe Vachon 03/14 Charleston, SC Gene & Lars Anderson beat Abe Jacobs & Luther 11/05 Detroit Lakes, MN Lars Anderson vs. Luke Brown, 11/09 Milwaukee, WI Lars Anderson beat Mike Riker, 11/16 Minneapolis, MN(TV) Lars Anderson beat Mike Bowyer Anderson, 01/28 Augusta, GA Lars Anderson beat Alexis Smirnoff by DQ San Francisco(`72-`73), IWE(`73), AWA(`73-`75), IWA(`75), Florida(`77-`78), Georgia(`78-`80), Hawaii(`82-`88), New Zealand(`83), WLW[Hawaii](`96-`00), - Whether he was Larry Heinemi or Lars Anderson, he was one of the best, yet most underappreciated heels of the late 1960s and early 1970s. 10/13 Denver, CO Don Muraco & Lani Kealoha beat Larry Hennig & Lars Kinipopos #1 & #2, 05/21 Honolulu, HI participated in a battle royal, 08/06 Honolulu, HI Superfly Tui Selinga beat Lars Anderson in a Dusty Rhodes 05/01 St. Paul, MN Lars Anderson beat Red Bastien The Assassins Jay & George Gadaski Gene, Lars & Ole Anderson in a Texas royal match, 08/05 Columbia, SC Gene & Lars Anderson double DQ Nelson Royal & 02/27 Las Vegas, NV Rocky Johnson beat Lars Anderson George & Sandy Scott in a lumberjack match 02/21 Macon, GA Lars & Gene Anderson no contest with Billy & Billy Robinson 10/21 Atlanta, GA Lars & Gene Anderson beat Roger Kirby & Dennis Lars Anderson, 10/13 Richmond, VA Gene & Lars Anderson beat Tex McKenzie & Nelson Jay & Mike Riker Little Eagle Send mail to 07/18 Norfolk, VA Gene & Lars Anderson beat George & Sandy Scott in 05/11 Chicago, IL Larry Heiniemi beat Wilbur Snyder by DQ Weaver & Sailor Art Thomas, 08/07 Norfolk, VA Gene, Lars & Ole Anderson beat Aldo Bogni, Bronco Richmond, CA Lars Anderson & Luke Graham vs. Red Bastien & Terrible


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