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Kitty and Glenn take the stage, in a pair of comfortable armchairs, to discuss Kitty's best-selling book, 488 Rules for Life. "@type": "Place", "offers": { "@context": "", "@context": "", "addressLocality": "Melbourne", On this DVD, Kitty delivers more funny stories, more physical comedy and even a couple of new songs courtesy of her favourite musical guest and singing nun, Sister Penny Flanagan. 05/12/20 "address": { } "@context": "", { }, { Home Golf Etiquette Kitty Flanagan – Etiquette. Melbourne Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people love salt so much and why it’s time newsreaders gave up and let Kitty Flanagan read the nightly news. }, "name": "Malthouse Theatre", "startDate": "2020-12-10T19:15:00", Cassidy Knowlton. "performers": { Buy Tickets Learn more in iview Support. A lot of the humour is of the 'my stars, that pretty lady just said a naughty word' variety, and it's more gentle chuckles than belly laughs. "location": { "address": { "@type": "Organization", "@type": "Place", The Festival Club, Drinking & Dining "@type": "PostalAddress", Follow. "startDate": "2020-12-08T19:15:00", "@type": "PostalAddress", "@type": "PostalAddress", "startDate": "2020-12-15T19:15:00", ]. } Required fields are marked *. Is it okay to take beverages into the dunny can? "addressCountry": "AU" "name": "Malthouse Theatre", Malthouse Theatre }, Funny farm ... Kitty Flanagan spent years in London honing her stand-up skills. She lives in Sydney with her dog Henry, her cat Sarge and a lovely Magnolia tree called Mary. She has joined forces with Dave O’Neil to investigate junk food, old and new on ‘The JUnkees with Dave & Kitty’. "startDate": "2020-12-12T19:15:00", How can there be so much fun and learning in just 75 minutes? "@type": "Organization", "startDate": "2020-12-17T19:15:00", "offers": { "performers": { "@type": "Organization", Browse more videos. Playing next. }, "@type": "PostalAddress", City All that plus over half an hour of extra special, extra stupid extras. They've made some aprons! Buy Tickets Malthouse Theatre Michael Smith } "@type": "Organization", You’ll discover everything there is to know about dating a “pleeceman”. Sign up to the What to Watch newsletter for the best of ABC TV and iview, delivered straight to your inbox each week. Malthouse Theatre "@type": "PostalAddress", "@type": "PostalAddress", "url": "" "@type": "Offer", "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" } Is dunny can an acceptable term for toilet? } }, "location": { Your email address will not be published. "@type": "Event", Burlesque? 18/12/20 }, } Should cabaret be against the law? "addressLocality": "Melbourne", Subscribe to this channel for all Kitty’s segments, past and present. James McAvoy & Samuel L. Jackson Share Their Cinema Etiquette | MOVIE NIGHT, Backswing Lessons With The Pros (Level Up Your Golf Game), How to Play Croquet : How to Make a Rush or Cut Shot: Croquet Rules & Etiquette. Melbourne "@type": "Event", "address": { "url": "" } }, Malthouse Theatre }, "@type": "Place", "location": { There are probably heaps of people walking around being terrible at sex and they have no idea. "addressCountry": "AU" "@type": "PostalAddress", Drinking & Dining. She's writing a sitcom with actress and writer Julia Davis. It's all people-based," she says. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. }, She has played all over the world and now tours Australia relentlessly, determined to bring her award winning stand up shows to every regional arts centre and theatre around the country. Kitty has a new podcast! "@type": "PostalAddress", Buy Tickets "startDate": "2020-12-09T19:15:00", } Latecomers may not be able to be admitted. { , includes talking about her sex life, as she’s stayed well away from the topic in the past. Flanagan has been working in stand-up and TV (most recently as a show-stealing correspondent on. ) Seriously? }, "startDate": "2020-12-16T19:15:00", The Sydney comedian even has check pants. “At least I’m well aware. "@type": "Place", "@context": "", }, }, By the way they’re always crying and screaming!” It’s funny, right? Buy Tickets "@type": "Offer", }, } At least I know.”. Why are babies so angry? }, source, Your email address will not be published. Kitty Flanagan OXFAM Comedy Gala 2010. "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" "performers": { "location": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "addressLocality": "Melbourne", Kitty Flanagan's 488 Rules For Life 20 Oct 2019 The very witty Kitty Flanagan has helpfully put together a comprehensive guide to modern behaviour, and help everyone around you be a bit less irritating, with her new book, 488 Rules For Life: The … "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" } Melbourne }, "@type": "Organization", Melbourne "@type": "Event", Learn how to keep a straight face when doctors use proper words like anus and areola. } Malthouse Theatre Tickets $34.90-$44.90. "addressCountry": "AU" }, "@type": "Place", Friendly warning! "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" "@type": "Offer", "@type": "Place", }, "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" Her favourite food is soup, closely followed by fried potatoes of any kind. "@type": "Organization", Smashing is pleasant and enjoyable, with very little that would upset your average fan of The Project. }, See comedy powerhouses Kitty Flanagan with Glenn Robbins 4 – 20 Dec, 2020. NOTE: The Profanity Filter is ON. }, "name": "Malthouse Theatre", I’ve heard rumour they’ve been turned into pillowcases too. since the mid-’90s. "name": "Malthouse Theatre", Kitty Flanagan and Penny Flanagan ShowTheWorld. "@type": "Offer", 2:51. Do you know how I know that? "addressLocality": "Melbourne", What, exactly, is nutbreath? "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", "performers": { Buy Tickets 5 years ago | 188 views. Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s stand-up, honed over years of working the comedy club circuit in the United Kingdom. "addressLocality": "Melbourne", }, But these are unusual times, so please check that events are still happening. If she hasn’t been to your town, and you have a stage of some sort then please drop her a line and she’ll be there shortly. Feeling a little peckish, or fancy a post-show nightcap? "offers": { From her live special ‘Hello Kitty Flanagan’. Watch all your favourite ABC programs on ABC iview. "@type": "Event", From The Project to The Weekly, to random rarities you’ll only find here. "addressLocality": "Melbourne", "@type": "PostalAddress", "addressCountry": "AU" "@type": "Place", "offers": { "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", Melbourne International Comedy Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. "location": { And best of all, you don't have to read the book first. "@type": "Event", "location": { "@context": "", "@type": "Organization", "@type": "Offer", "location": { See comedy powerhouses Kitty Flanagan with Glenn Robbins 4 – 20 Dec, 2020. We want to be on the harbour sipping a chardy. She’s known for her segments on The Project and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering as well as for playing the role of Rhonda on the award-winning ABC show, Utopia. "I talk quite a bit about all my friends who have left the whole baby thing until later in life. 16/12/20 Buy Tickets "But you have to admire golfers who are still going around at 80. Some of the biggest names that would have performed in Comedy Festival at The Malthouse earlier this year are returning in December for a special comedy mini-season. }, One of them, who's 10, will be our roadie on this show.". "address": { Buy Tickets And there’s also a very funny song about underpants. An hour of Kitty Flanagan's best stand-up, performed in a sparkly cardigan and ill-fitting trousers. "offers": { "address": { "addressCountry": "AU" "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", In her own inimitable, 99% fact free style, Kitty tells us why teenage mums are like ninjas, she explains the difference between monkeys and apes and you’ll learn how to survive doing a … "name": "Malthouse Theatre", We don't want to be sitting in a cosy pub drinking warm beer and watching comedy. It's like book club but funny. "addressCountry": "AU" "url": "" Your information is handled in accordance with the. "addressCountry": "AU" "performers": { Melbourne "name": "Malthouse Theatre", Date Keep your ticket handy – many of our partners offer exclusive deals to Festival-goers! } }, "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", © Kitty Flanagan 2017     Site Design by Yellow Kite Creative. } Friendly warning! The Malthouse - Merlyn Theatre, Artist Support, © Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020. "address": { 17/12/20 "@context": "", Report. }


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