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Congratulations! 2. I just sent them a message. Not so much, especially if they precluded me from other options. We'll email you as soon as your loan documents are available, or you can check back here for updates. I want to gather couple of people who didn’t get any information from Kabbage after they collected our private information, and maybe we can sue the hell out of them! Got email to apply for forgiveness 10/20/20. Not sure why you would say to use PayPal. If you want more information regarding this rejection reason, please reach out to us at cares@bluevine.com within 60 days to get more details." Has anyone moved past this part in receiving your SBA loan number? I got this same email from them and was excited until I logged into my account. And my email stated I only had 20 days or SBA will pull the funding. My concern is that lenders have 10 calendar days to disburse funds within 10 days of a borrower receiving a PLP number from the SBA. save. Loan agreements will identify the lender to small businesses at signing, and any loan made under the Program must also be submitted to and approved by the SBA. When I sign in to my account, there is nothing about being approved. Only thing I am seeing at there is: " Congratulations! I applied through a community bank and after missing out on the first round they admitted they couldn't compete with the large lenders. This is super terrifying that I still don't see any kind of documents. If you are having similar experience with me, please share! Other local banks have already processed and given money to local businesses. So, the search continues whilst stories of people are getting approved for million$ (and spending it frivolously) and some state governments are telling illegal immigrants that they better get in line and get theirs. UPDATE: After sending messages via twitter dm hourly for approx 14 hours, I received responses from Kabbage. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Maybe wait a bit longer? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No credit pull to date. Just a matter of time until I get backlash from one of many “new” users who only talk about how great kabbage is. After agreeing to allow them to share my contact info and phone number with their partners as a mandatory part of the application process, I feel like they're going to sell my info- and that the immense number of robocalls we receive is about to triple when we'll already be busting it and hustling to gain traction again. 0 comments. I got approved same day. I’m still waiting on my paperwork. So I am of no assistance in providing guidance, but you are not alone. Thank you!! Grr. I had already filled out the main app, and uploaded my ID, 1099 and Schedule C, and Business bank info. My local bank was not a participant in PPP so I was led to Kabbage.com by a very good friend in the banking biz. Awaiting funding. Program funds are limited. Your business was approved for an SBA loan" email? Perhaps they are collecting info and waiting for their own PPP Loan to fund so they can process? Funny enough after about 2 seconds of reading this reddit thread I reached out to Kabbage’s Twitter & Directly Messaged them regarding that I needed account support involving my PPP application. User account menu • Screwed by Kabbage. And like everyone else, I cannot reach a human via phone or twitter. How long did it take to get your paperwork after you received th approval e-mail? Wow! So far I’ve found over 8 fake users and documenting all of them. Docusigned and Got the conformation email with the SBA Note etc. I received the same approval email and no docs to sign. Also the email stated I only have 20 days or SBA will pull the guarantee. Just looking for a glimpse of hope here =\. Maybe somebody will read it and care. 4 days later (4/13) logged on to find the same story. My boss received his PPP from Kabbage. (they said a lot of people got denied and that the system they use is the same one the government uses). Had no luck with PayPal (stuck 'we are reviewing' without any email whatsoever) so tried Kabbage, who are probably scumbags. Phone support is non existent and sounds like it was recorded in a closet. Screwed by Kabbage. My “approval” email directed me to sign in and finish the next steps. I also read that disclaimer as well. Still same. Small businesses are relying on this money and you have a predatory lender taking advantage. 20 Minutes later I am now finalized With my PPP Loan & Documentation to sign; I have now receiving notice that my PPP Loan Funds will be processed immediately but arrive in 5-10 business day’s. I've told them I am a small business owner, a parent, and was evacuated in the fires amidst this. I uploaded new docs needed, being told that the "morning crew" would need to clear flags. I am doing this since couple of journalists started questioning them! And maybe somehow Kabbage is slow on uploading the relevant documents at my portal? All I can say is America ain't what it used to be. Contact me via dm please. These firms that took on a responsibility and cannot fulfill it are prime candidates for class action lawsuits. That's their strategy. The same happened to me, as I was getting nervous about Kabbage. Awesome!


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