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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Sorry. He told him he would call him back in an hour but never did and hasn’t been heard from since. [3], According to the Associated Press, Pichler's family stated that a note found within the car expressed a wish to be a "stronger brother" and asked that personal effects of Pichler's be given to a younger brother, although the family did not characterize this finding as a suicide note. Alle To summarize; this is what I believe actually happened. I. Not once. Overheard on Listen to your dog, the doctor! He came to my house at Lions Field in the middle of the night and bought alot of mushrooms that I had. JOE PICHLER. In. bat guano is fertilizer for marijuana- food for thought at least. Friends last saw him in the early morning of January 5, 2006, in Pichler's apartment, where he had been playing cards. The. [4] The lead detective on the case, Robbie Davis, told the Associated Press that "There's a good indication that it might have been a suicide, but we don’t know that," adding that there was no reason to suspect foul play. July 24th, 2014 at 14:06, I am Michael Wise when I saw on the internet joe pichler i recognize him as the same joe pichler i know from South Africa Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. November 3rd, 2016 at 20:43, Joshua Shipp Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It helps find some purpose for my family’s tragedy. Surrounding yourself with people that may only want your company for the swagger parties only to realize it when you go broke is a rock bottom that the majority of people can’t handle. That and psilocybin is a very powerful drug that amplifies and distorts a persons experiences both negatively and positively. The fourth of five children, Pichler relocated to Los Angeles as a child to pursue his acting career. May 3rd, 2015 at 09:43, pam ), The Worlds Worst Phychic Continues To Deceive For Profit, Searches Being Conducted In Plainfield, Romeoville For Missing Mother Of Three, “If Your Reading This, I’m either Missing Or Dead” – Clark County Teen Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances, The Unsolved Murder of Sylena Jo Dalton And The Kidnapping Of Her 2 Month Old Infant Still Unsolved, Missing NY Baby Levon Wameling Last Seen At His Utica Home Six Weeks Ago, Janice Pockett Memorial Bench Dedication Ceremony. "(Located under his picture.) I do understand the suffering of other parents. I was so shocked when I found out what happen to him and I just found that out months ago. The only way I’ve found anything positive about my loss is when I help others live this nightmare. There was another article I read that stated the “cards” he was playing was the game Magic, The Gathering. Joseph is not a runaway; that’s the only thing I know for sure about his disappearance. Is it Joseph...or "Jason", as the capiton reads. Michael Wise from South Africa, michael Wise Feel. Richard Canipe January 2nd, 2020 at 04:29. He is my son’s uncle. I do hope perhaps one day I could find him for all I know he could be right here in Omaha. He is alive and lives in capetown I was only 6 when he did that movie and now I’m 25. The. For. According to his family's statements to the media at the time, the last outgoing call on Pichler's cell phone was placed at 4:08 a.m., on January 5, to a friend who had said that he had been visiting with Pichler earlier in the day. Just a good guy. His vehicle, a silver 2005 Toyota Corolla, was located a few days later on January 9, 2006 at the intersection of Wheaton Way and Sheridan Road on Lebo Blvd. As part of the effort, which relies heavily on audience participation,'s news blog This Just In will feature the stories of the missing. @cb....It was worth reading all these comments to get to yours. SL June 17th, 2016 at 06:07, Joey Robinson Go to our ever-popular homepage on your desktop or your mobile device, and join the party at @cnnbrk, the world's most-followed account for news. So If I ever find him if hes around here I would tell him who I am and I would try to talk to him. The. After nearly six years, we still have no resolution. January 28th, 2016 at 12:56. Hi Michael, do you have more information, or could you get a photo? Joe is alive and kicking and is currently 33 years old. The. September 28th, 2019 at 05:52. I am. We were not really great friends in that we came from different walks of life but we always had good conversations when it was just the two of us. There. I have recently been looking back into Joe’s case. Who killed him shut up talkin shit, Kala In 2003, at the insistence of his family, he returned to his hometown of Bremerton, Washington (which is across Puget Sound and about 16 miles west of Seattle), and graduated from high school there in 2005. michael Wise Photo of Joseph Pichler taken shortly before his disappearance. According to reports the young man’s apartment was unlocked with lights on which is out of character and not something he is known to do. He was reported as officially missing by his parents 11 days later on January 16, 2006 after not being able to reach him. for sure??????? Strength for your family and prayers for answers, from Alaska! S-L-O-P-P-Y. So. I never asked him about other drugs he was using but looking back I can guess there were most likely others. Lawson Harrison And hopefully one day, someone’s conscience will get the better of them and they will come clean. Joe’s family insisted that he met with foul-play, they said he wouldn’t have taken his own life and no hard evidence points to him doing so. Of. The Greatest Halloween Movie Ever! The last time I saw Joe was the day before he disappeared. The alleged Myspace messages about a ‘plan’.The fake friends. They haven’t found him yet? Since the disappearance of my son, my local law enforcement has learned to handle these cases much better. A typical entry lists information in the following sequence: Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, established cause of death, reference. He’d never ran away from home and he didn’t cause any troubles to his parents so they don’t believe he just took off one day on his own. I have mainly known him off the 2nd Shiloh movie. ( Log Out /  Photo of him standing to the right next to Frankie Muniz. Angasa Writes | When Good Ghouls Go Bad (a.k.a. Editor? I was part of two plays high school but I didn’t act I was part of the crew and I did the Pirates of Penzance and I also did Nevermore and I did spotlight for both of them. Since Joseph’s disappearance, my focus has been to help raise awareness of our nation’s epidemic. February 17th, 2020 at 18:44. Sad. Addiction coupled with depression is a real son of a bitch. Nancy snarls at the camera while thinking how much extra money a grisly show brings in. He lived a rockstar lifestyle just long enough to get used to it. One thing that has always made me question the competence of Bremerton PD is the fact that I was never once questioned or even contacted about his disappearance. We will most likely never know what really happen and for that Joe’s mother and family has my sympathies. Pichler was last seen on January 5, 2006. For the latest from Nancy Grace click here. July 21st, 2015 at 14:51. July 24th, 2014 at 13:47, l may have an idea where Joe pichler is Start. Lawson Harrison I myself have always wondered how much of a role I played in whatever decision he made that day. Our system is so very broken, in so many ways. The following is a list of notable deaths in October 2014.. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Life and career. "Jason Pilcher appeared in movies such as "The Fan" and "Varsity Blues" before he went missing. Bremerton police. According to family, Pichler had planned to return to Los Angeles in the following year (after the braces were removed from his teeth) to continue with his acting career. The unidentified friend said that Joe was upset and inconsolable and told him that he didn’t know why he was crying and that he couldn’t stop drinking. December 7th, 2019 at 05:29. Today I am almost four years clean and sober and for some reason I decided to google Joe’s name to see if any headway had been made. Joe. He appeared in two installments of the BEETHOVEN family films, and appeared in various movies and TV shows. Although I’m sure they were paid well, the girls that attended were asked to do very degrading things for very depraved guys. Joe. If only I could have started acting when I was a whole whole lot younger and I probably would have met Joe, also if I had known at all if he was in any trouble I would have talked with him and told him that I’m here there for him and I believe he and myself would have probably been really great friends because he’s like me in so many ways. Michael Wise from Cape Town South – Africa, ANYTHING After several people were unable to reach him in the coming days, they reported him missing. It’s a goddamned shame. The Puget Sound has many unknown victims that will most likely never be discovered and as grim as it is to say, that is where I think Joe rests. Did she ever apologize to them AFTER the charges had been dropped and her hateful words, (at one point she compared believing in reasonable doubt for the players to living in Nazi Germany) were still being aired? Friends last saw him in the early morning of January 5, 2006, in Pichler's apartment, where he had been playing cards. After several people were unable to reach him in the coming days, they reported him missing. Former child actor Joseph "Joe" Pichler was 18 when he disappeared from his hometown of Bremerton, Washington, more than five years ago. So. December 11th, 2018 at 00:34, Tommy Knew. This blog – This Just In – will no longer be updated. If people are going to look for him..wouldn't it be good to have his name correct? His. I’m from Bremerton and knew Joe, too. Of bremerton start. Pichler and his older sister Samantha. With the exception of a handful of memorable supporting roles, he is probably best known for his recurring role as Brennan Newton in the third and fourth (direct-to-video) installments of the Beethoven movies—family-oriented comedies about the antics of a mischievous St. Bernard. Michael Wise I played magic with Joe and his regular group of friends at discordia games in Bremerton several times a week. Now I’m not trying to paint Joe out to be an egotistical pig that like degrading women because he wasn’t that at all. I couldn’t find you on facebook. A letter written by Joe was discovered, in it he says he wished he would’ve been a “stronger brother” for his younger brother and asked that his little brother be given his belongings. Jconnor November 1st, 2014 at 15:55. i feel like the people he was at the party had something to do with it, maybe something happened and they dont want to get in trouble and planted all this. Where does he work? In January 2006, the 18-year-old left a friend’s house after a night of gaming, and has never been seen again. March 11th, 2018 at 21:05. How well did you know the man in South Africa? KNone killers. Susan C Takemoto Those piece of shit ‘friends’ of his know exactly what happened–he was set up and robbed for the MAgic The Gathering cards. Would. 11/04/12, BREMERTON, WA → Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler was born in Bremerton, Washington on Valentines day (February 14, 1987) and was described by family as a good kid who never ran away or got in trouble. He had some success, most notably appearing in several movies and television shows. God bless you! March 4th, 2016 at 14:06, Joe Pichler has worked in a tevern last year in Bonteheuwel Capetown and has dissapeard here to when He did’nt show up for work December 2015. Of. March 11th, 2018 at 20:53. Did she ever apologize to the Duke Lacross players for all-but-executing them during the 1-year buildup to the dismissal of charges? Joe Pichler was a child actor who was best known for his roles in the Beethoven movies (about a dog named Beethoven) and stints in various TV series in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


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