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She wants a career. What a phenomenal woman! Sadly, she was unable to return for any of our reunions. Jo Beth attended Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. Still, it might sometimes feel like to want those unimaginable things meant something was wrong with you and not the entire world around you. One hundred and fifty-two years ago Alcott wrote, “Ambitious girls have a hard time.” Let’s hope that’s finally starting to change. Therefore, the villain in Little Women is not Jo March, it is society. Today Mom went to be with Jesus. (Marissa Martinelli at Slate identifies him as Jo March’s Reply Guy, which, YES.) The right answer lies in knowing what Jo truly wants, and what stands in her way of getting it. Here's the scoop on Beth March's tragic death. Jo Beth Young, wife of prominent Second Baptist Church pastor Dr. Ed Young, died Sunday morning. Whenever asked how they first met, they would answer with a smile on their faces, “We met in the church nursery.” Natives of Laurel, Mississippi, they both attended First Baptist Church with their families and dated throughout high school and college. For Christians, every Sunday is a celebration of Easter, and on Sunday, September 17, at 3:50 AM, our pastor’s beloved wife, Jo Beth, joined the Easter Parade. I belong to a number of Facebook groups for fans of historical fiction and period dramas, and since the new film release, Little Women has been the subject of endless flame wars and heated arguments. She was the beloved “Mimi” of her eleven grandchildren: LeeBeth, E. J., Landra, Laurie, Nicole, Claire, Rachel, Susannah, Benjamin, Bekah, and Samuel, and great grandmother to Sterling. I did talk to her by phone on one occasion. Her eye is always on the prize; she is constantly battling those who try to stop her. Sign up for KPRC 2 newsletters to get breaking news, sports, entertainment, contests and more delivered straight to your email inbox. Her conflict lies with external, not internal, forces. HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jo Beth Young, wife of prominent Houston pastor Dr. Ed Young, has died. She spends hours upon hours writing and editing stories at her attic desk. She was 80 years old. She even, of course, wrote her book. One commenter said, “I hate that [Gerwig] turned this into a feminist story.” She said she believed it was simply intended to be about sisters growing up and trying their best. Please be in prayer for our family. I'm familiar with the story of Little Women from a coloring book I obsessively colored as a child, so to see it translated so colorfully once again was really serendipitous for me. And it’s not even a school for girls, as would have maybe been more proper for a woman at the time. I admired her from afar. Friedrich Bhaer, despite modern problematic connotations (starting with their extreme age difference, and the aforementioned Reply Guy qualities) was the ultimate contrast to Laurie and all the expectations that came with a match like Laurie. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." On one side are those of us who adore the Greta Gerwig interpretation for its meta take on Jo/Alcott and the movie’s overall focus on economic independence for all the female characters, and on the other side are those who… don’t. Had the pleasure of meeting this sweet lady in the early 80's when I was just out of college and working at Casual Corner. A memorial service for Young will take place at 1 p.m. Thursday in the Woodway Worship Center. 2 Corinthians... Get email updates about Jo Young delivered directly to your inbox. HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jo Beth Young, wife of prominent Houston pastor Dr. Ed Young, has died. Sunday, September 17, at 3:50 AM, Jo Beth Landrum Young, joined the Easter Parade. From her smile, her laugh, and her wink to her expressions of concern or empathy, to speak with Jo Beth was to connect to a woman who always had time to listen. Or Beth’s illness, which was hard for everyone but especially brutal on Jo, who acted as her twenty-four hour nurse. Her family would be the first to agree and to tell you she modeled the love of 1 Corinthians 13 and the “blessed woman” of Proverbs 31. Jo March does not want to reform her uncouth ways and become a proper lady. At least, she wants to do what boys do, and the only way to do that in the 19th century was to be one. That we still live in. The church has released the following statement. Otherwise she could have agreed to Laurie’s proposal and become the wealthy “mistress of a fine house.” An easy, romcom, fairytale, Jane Austen-esque happy ending. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy was a perfect graphic novel. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. She never wanted to … Her love for Jesus shines forth, her words inspire us to shine for Him too.Plb. The storyline includes many mini-conflicts, such as Jo’s writing, or Beth’s illness, or Laurie’s inclination to love Jo despite Amy’s affections. As a gifted teacher of God’s Word, Jo Beth faithfully taught Bible study classes, often on multiple campuses. Young was described by the church as a woman of substance and of service. Too much controversy, even for me. The two were married for 58 years and have three sons. Heaven is richer and sweeter for our "momentary" loss. From her charges to the wives of deacons and pastors at ordination services to the fun and inspiring lessons at Women’s Retreats or Mother’s Day Services, Jo Beth modeled grace, dignity, and faithfulness in all things. If that were the case, Little Women would be long forgotten alongside so many other moral tales of the time period. She was 80 years old. Like Beth, she recovered from the illness but, her heart weakened, never regained full health. She never wanted to be up front. Jo Beth Young, the wife of Dr. Ed Young Sr., pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, has gone home to be with the Lord at age 80. It matters because despite its popularity, Little Women is still written-off, underrated, and misunderstood while Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are celebrated as Great American Novels. Women wanting the vote in 1868 was radical enough; issues like equal protection under the law, owning property outright, salaried employment, independence outside of a father or husband’s support, wearing pants, joining the military (as both Alcott and her alter ego wanted to do), etc., were even more fringe. Ed is the pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. In other words, that implies Laurie was not good enough for Jo. Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. But according to Alcott, the wrong ending. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." Instead, she made an impact behind the scenes, extending the arms of our pastor and church to the membership and surrounding community. She wants financial independence. I wanted very much for Jo to end up with Laurie. Not just for artistic or creative expression either. I am so sorry for your loss Dr. Young. Jo doesn’t beg Aunt March for it, she sells her hair. It matters because for well over a century, generations of writers, activists, feminists, and rebellious kids have found hope and inspiration in Jo March, yet she doesn’t get the serious literary analysis she deserves, while Holden Caulfield gets embedded in the high school curriculum. Alcott didn’t have the same vocabulary or cultural framing we do. However, if you Google “antagonist in Little Women” the most common answer is also “Jo March.” It makes some sense. She was a preacher's wife for 58 years who raised three sons who each became ministers in … Jo Beth Young, wife of Second Baptist Church pastor Ed Young, died early Sunday. She was the proud “Mom” of her sons Ed, Ben, and Cliff, all of whom serve in the ministry. Heaven has gained a wonderful Angel! 2 Corinthians 5:8 Jo Beth was a devoted "Mom" to her sons Ed, Ben, and Cliff, all of whom serve in the ministry. We are praying for your family. Jo Beth was described recently as a woman of substance and of service. BCNN1 is a part of that network. Jo Beth Young, the wife of Dr. Ed Young Sr., pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, has gone home to be with the Lord at age 80. Last Wednesday, Uldine Bisagno died after a battle with cancer. Dr. Young, I pray for your strength to carry on with God's messages that you bring each week.With love and sympathy,Laura Hardin, I just listened to the Mother's Day message she gave last year, what a treasure to have this recorded. Sure, she pays the idea some lip service, probably out of guilt or a sense of obligation, but really she wants to find a way, against all the odds and expectations working against her, to be accepted for herself. September 23, 2017 | Katy, TX | Acquaintance, Dear Young family,I am very sad to hear of Mrs. Young's passing. Bhaer was poor, so Jo didn’t like him for his money; it was not an economic match as so many marriages were (and necessarily so). Ed and Jo Beth Young. It’s possible that the feminist message was so far ahead of its time, it was rendered invisible.


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