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Yet when his father suddenly decides to close the restaurant to test his cooking abilities in restaurants around the world, he sends Souma to Tootsuki Culinary Academy, an elite cooking school where only 10 percent of the students graduate. Nothing catastrophic or significantly eventful happens throughout most of the show. Moreover, as new Spirits appear, he must undergo more complicated trials—all to put a stop to further disasters as he discovers more about the Spirits' origin. With the continuing threats that face the Kingdom, Louise and Saito are compelled to work together once more. Yet A Certain Scientific Railgun is a unique blend. However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decides to move on and begin a new life at law school in Tokyo. Gaining new comrades and mentorship along the way, Touta embarks on his own unique, magical adventure. For example, the guy is nice but also likes everything to be perfect, he won’t stop until he’s done it exactly as he wants. After minor tension between the two, they search for party members, meeting the merchant Porta and the sage Wise, starting their journey to clear the game. The three friends help each other deal with the ups and downs of high school romance. Little Busters! Throughout the years, Souma developed a passion for entertaining his customers with his creative, skilled, and daring culinary creations. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. One day, he defends a homeless man against some punks, and the man gives him a strange tattoo on his palm in return. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Chiyo Mihama begins her high school career as one of the strangest students in her freshman class—a tiny, 10-year-old academic prodigy with a fondness for plush dolls and homemade cooking. However, this new method of warfare is about to be turned on its head. Students must now conform to Azami's ideology of "true gourmet food" and are forbidden to express creativity, or else face expulsion. Karekano came out in 1998 — and it’s still one of the most effective romantic comedies in anime, even if it supposedly had significant budget constraints by the end. But Merry's very presence in the real world means that the barrier separating dreams and reality has been broken, and not all of the dream demons intend to come to Earth peacefully... On their way back from the 18th floor, Hestia, Bell, and the others accidentally uncover a hidden, mystical hot spring, and they decide to stop by to refresh themselves until creatures lurking in the dark appear to attack them. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Shinichi Chiaki is a first class musician whose dream is to play among the elites in Europe. Anyway, I love Slayers. Upon meeting others in the same situation, Ruuko discovers that she has now become a "Selector," a player in a special version of WIXOSS where girls can battle each other for a chance to have their deepest desires come true. Fortunately for "Shadow Mistress Yuuko," a magical girl saves her from being run over by an oncoming truck. I wasn’t aware of the manga, so I didn’t know what to expect — but I ended up praising the series. (Source: Wikipedia), Following the Little Busters after they lost their first baseball game, the team decides to have a pancake party. Seeing the vast potential of his artistic talent, Akito approaches Moritaka, proposing that they become mangaka together. Meanwhile, a certain high school student, Touma Kamijou, and his companion Index are going about their daily lives when they encounter and befriend Arisa Meigo, a cheerful and ambitious singer. Before anime and CGDCT reached the global popularity they enjoy now, there was Azumanga Daioh. Despite the participation of the "Ace of Tokiwadai," Mikoto Misaka, the other students who are participating are still putting their utmost effort into winning, no matter how impossible the feat may seem against her might. Claiming to be a monster, he starts mercilessly attacking the crowd. They begin their new life by living with Makoto's second cousins, Kei Kuramoto and his little sister Chinatsu. The only thing stopping Shinichi from leaving for Europe is his fear of flying. Featuring an old art style, its world of swordsmen, demons, sorcerers, and Lina Inverse (who became a DotA hero) takes me back to a beloved period of anime, of a childhood spent being enthralled by magic, adventure, and high fantasy.


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