is duck halal shia
I think foie gras is haram. In modern Hebrew, that’s… a bat. One rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Kluger (1785-1869), wrote that literally every bird in the New World is forbidden, because there were no Jews there until recently and thus no mesorah. The term halal means “permissible,” and its application is fairly wide-ranging. To make meat halal it has to be killed and butchered in a certain way. The laws of kashrut are a big grab-bag of different types of rulings. and I say Bismillah when I eat an egg, oh and I eat a chicken's egg not a duck's egg incase you are wondering. My God is Allah, my belief is Islam, my hero is none other than Prophet Muhammad SAW and my favourite book is the unique Quran, Aya just eat lamb,beef,deer and chic plus seafoods rabbit or duck yikes not the meat i'd eat =) Wannest,noobz and nebula my papa buat rendang itik lol =). This page was generated at 01:03 PM. Fins, obviously, yes. is halal for Shia, haram for Sunni. Modern food production practices have caused some controversy when it comes to producing and certifying halal meats. Duck is halal afaik. The red-tailed hawk, say. What about, say, swordfish, which has scales when young but sheds them when mature? Sometimes they’re clear prohibitions on categories, like a general ban on consuming blood. The basics of Jewish dietary law—the laws of kashrut—are fairly well-known: no pork, no shellfish, no milk and meat together. The law also states that animals that died of natural causes are not suitable for eating, and blood can’t be consumed at all. You can imagine the arguments that might ensue. Halal non-Halal 1 … But there are still some Jewish families who will not eat turkey (which, incidentally, is called tarnegol hodu in Hebrew—literally, India chicken, because it came from the West Indies, sort of). But not in the U.S. Rather it is essential that it be slaughtered properly. Het sjiisme (Arabisch: الشيعة, Perzisch: شیعه - sji'a, letterlijk: volgeling of partij), is een van de twee grote ideologische stromingen binnen de islam waarvan de andere het soennisme is. The basic principle with regard to food and drink is that it is permissible unless there is proof that it is haraam. Sometimes it’s translated as a swan, some other type of owl, or (again!) Apparently they just Googled “Muscovy duck” and landed on an enthusiast website called Muscovy Duck Central. Responses vary: Generally, Orthodox Jews won’t eat them, but Conservative Jews (at least, those who keep kosher, or who care about these intricacies) will. Sometimes they’re specific in giving guidelines: You can only eat fish that have both fins and scales, which disqualifies, say, sharks. Questions cannot be asked through this form. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The opposite is haram, or “prohibited.” Many things in Islamic life are divided based on these two categories, though perhaps none as widely as food, cosmetics, and other aspects of bodily care. Sign up for our email, delivered twice a week. No please :( i like ducks and i dont like them to be eaten, An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: Our companions are unanimously agreed that it is permissible to eat ostriches, chickens… ducks, sand grouse, sparrows, larks, francolin and pigeons…. The rules regarding which animals can and cannot be eaten by Muslims can be found in the Qur'an, which is the holy book of the faith. Halal duck is duck meat that is the product of slaughter following correct Islamic ritual. 100% Yes. Many of the animals that these companies use for halal meat are stunned before having their throats slit, and although this is permissible according to certain halal food authorities, some Muslims disagree. That site has a section describing some violent behavior by Muscovy ducks, saying that these ducks are aggressive and will kill other animals, even ducklings. Even those birds that are not really considered birds of prey, such as the heron and stork, are hunters. This wasn’t discovered for a couple of thousand years after Jews had already declared shark forbidden. Invertebrates, apparently, were not really considered “animals” at the time. Soooo good. Duck that meets halal standards can be cooked in any number of ways. He wrote to some other rabbis back in Europe, who said that there was no mesorah on the Muscovy duck, and further that the eggs looked sort of odd, and so it should be banned. So they are not in the same category as a hawk. Well, haha, sort of. All birds perceived as predators. Their reasoning is sort of a personal mesorah: Their families did not eat turkey, therefore they do not. Do all hanafi scholars think prawns are haram? Grandmas fashion this near-forgotten Passover treat from ginger and honey. Saying "Ya Ali (عليه السلام). Lots of birds that are not specifically listed can be assumed to be banned, because they are very similar to the ones on the list. If you know of another Nathan-Melech, this is your chance to speak up. The person in charge of the slaughter must usually be a Muslim, and must invoke the name of Allah before taking the animal’s life. There are some overlaps, but there are 24 different Hebrew names for birds in these lists. The rules of kashrut have a couple of issues that destabilize the entire process of figuring out what Jews can and cannot eat. Mishpatim—the -im and -ot endings of words signify plurals in Hebrew—are laws that are self-evident to the survival of a society, like “don’t murder” or “don’t steal.” The edot are laws usually surrounding holidays, symbolic rules designed to memorialize events or bring a community together, like wearing a yarmulke or not eating bread on Passover. ", ولقد أحسن الحسن بن أبي زياد اللؤلؤي صاحب أبي حنيفة فيما بلغنا عنه أنه استفتي في مسألة فأخطأ فيها ولم يعرف الذي أفتاه فاكترى مناديا فنادى أن الحسن بن أبي زياد استفتي يوم كذا وكذا في مسألة فأخطأ فمن كان أفتاه الحسن بن أبي زياد بشيء فليرجع إليه. It's on public view for the first time since 1900. Yes, i think duck is halal, and yes i says Bismillah before everything. But for all the other birds, when there is debate over whether you can or cannot eat it, you rely on mesorah. Because Jews are scattered all over the globe, there is a great diversity in thinking. Sometimes you’ll see archaic English terms, like “sea-mew” for gull and “ossifrage” for bearded vulture. The same word shows up again a little bit later, under a list of forbidden animals that move along the ground, grouped in with lizards and weasels. Then the challenge is finding a place that sells halal duck...lolz. In Hebrew, the word for predator is dores, and this is a very good start. I personally don't think that I could eat duck but I have no idea if it is halal or haram. Dear Muslims, what's your problem with Greeks and other Orthodox Christians? Predators. Sayyiduna Abu Musa al-Ash’ari (Allah be pleased with him) says: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) consuming (the meat of) chicken.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: … They do have webbed feet. 12 Question: Is it permissible to eat Halal food which has been steam cooked with the steam of meat not slaughtered according to Islamic laws? Did the prophet mohammad ever do any live streaming? (I'm not sure if they are classified as fishes). And the rules in the Torah are not always clear-cut, so different communities will follow the suggestions of different learned dudes. Which is not a bird. It can actually breed with mallards; the offspring are called mulards, or mules, and are common in foie gras production. Just in case these rules weren’t unhelpful enough, there’s another wrinkle. I am interested in making a dish that I've never tried before it's basically duck with hoison sauce. Answer : It is not permissible since the food, as mentioned in the question, will be considered impure (Najis) because of coming into contact with the wet parts from the steam of the impure meat. Then he recited: “Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم): I find not in that which has been revealed to me anything forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless…” [al-An‘aam 6:145] until the end of the verse. The list can go on and on. All times are GMT. Their feet and beaks are different. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “He it is Who created for you all that is on earth” [al-Baqarah 2:29]. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Or, well, 22 species and whatever tinshemet and atalef are supposed to be. The term halal means “permissible,” and its application is fairly wide-ranging. Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. I am not sure if i can eat meat as a duck OR pigeon. A hawk, for example, is haram because it is a bird that feeds on live prey like mice, etc. Assamaliakum friends, a question for people who know much about sihr(black magic).. Because the Torah was written thousands of years ago in an archaic form of Hebrew, we can’t necessarily translate and identify all these species definitively. Technically, ducks that are slaughtered according to Islamic law are halal. The American Jewish communities read this and decided that the Muscovy is actually a dores, a predator, and thus should be banned. What do you think of the answers? The case of the Muscovy duck is one of the most fun. Specially if you consider wahabi rulings. For example: A dores eats its prey while still alive. Jewish scholars have long divided the laws of Judaism into a couple of different categories. We don’t know whether those words were referring to specific species or whole categories of birds, and certainly many more species have been discovered since the Torah was set down. have the french been feeding us prohibited meals for years now;were did frogs legs get their names from.


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