hummingbird holy spirit
Then Spirit asked, “how long?” I just quit my harmful job and have finally gotten on my feet a little bit. Then I woke up &wondered about my dream, My father passed away a little over a year ago. In my dream a hummingbird visited me twice, the second time I felt their wings brush against my neck. To see an injured hummingbird in your dream implies that you are going to face a depressing phase soon. Me like I would get pregnant soon. The tiny and quite lovely Hummingbird symboically represents joy, abundance, and the infinite. So one day I thought of drawing her a hummingbird. Hummingbird symbolism is also directly linked to the idea of you being present in the moment. Occasionally, when you see a lot of these birds in many colors in your dream, the vision is reminding you that you create your reality. And I truly believe one day we’ll be together. If you chance upon a hummingbird, focus on the love that you have, and the love that’s soon to come. and i got that^^^ (((: That just happened to me!!! As a spirit animal, the hummingbird means that you love celebrating the good moments of life. Never lose your sense of wonder, because this will help you on your journey towards love, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Since you possess an independent personality, it may also reflect your inability to commit to a relationship. It was so relieving when I got handed my final checks that day. Stay calm stay true. For example, you are a messenger of jubilation and hope. Just like other birds, hummingbirds are messengers between humans and the gods. The bird’s favorite songs Today I was in my pea patch (“Grandma’s Herb Garden”), where I had just transplanted raspberry plants. As a trainer, my primary occupation for the last very long while I am having a difficult time finding a new place to train the few clients that I have left and I am just not the trainer that I used to be. Thus, you act as an inspiration to those who look up to you. The Pueblo tribes also associate the hummingbird with rain and use the bird’s feather in rituals for calling on the rains. Just this morning I was meditating on humming bird I saw what looked like a purple feather then I saw a small bird flying towards the left side of my view it’d feathers were a purple tint. I may never again find or taste the sweet nectar and beauty of life, even at its worst. Another way to work with your dreams is to ask each character questions, like “why are you in my dream? Irrespective of everything, their focus lies in the nectar in flower. It takes a lot of energy for these tiny birds to reach their destination and a hell lot of confidence to embark on such a journey. The hummingbird symbolism also urges you to conserve your energy when you are embarking on a journey.


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