how to fix a digital clock that runs slow
Mike. . Set the time on your non-mechanical electric or battery-powered clock to match an accurate timepiece. Then a good lamp shade can …, Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your appreciation and support. It may take up to two weeks to properly set a clock that runs fast. If it is uneven (tock . In this blog I answer commonly asked questions about how to care for your clock. My guess is that you have this type of striking mechanism and that for some reason, the lever that holds the rack up isn’t releasing the rack to fall, and so each time the clock only strikes once. I have got it running and fixed the striker but it only strikes once on each hour. It is the original to the clock. . Thanks for your interest. The first is that there is nothing wrong and the clock is doing just what it is supposed to do. Your email address will not be published. Thank you. I had it oiled a while back, and It runs fine, but the problem is that even with the F-S adjustment at full F it still loses about a minute or two a day. Bend the hour or minute hand (whichever is on top) slightly toward you to create clearance. Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received. Most clocks from this era did not use an electric motor; they used a rotor. Is there any sign of rust on the battery? . How do I adjust the time keeping? Is your clock weight or spring driven? Pendulum doesn't have enough swing: Most mantel clock pendulums need to have at least 2 degrees of swing on each side of the at rest position. 2) The clock adjusts timekeeping by shortening or lengthening the acting length of the suspension spring which passes through two chops that pinch the spring and that move up and down when you turn the thumb wheel. However my issue is the other way around. How often should I have my clock serviced? It sounds to me like your clock needs some professional attention. I'm hopeful that I will be able to get the right balance now! It has very small wheel positioned below the 12. . There could be several reasons behind your slow running clock. Now, go ahead and take out the batteries. Hamilton West Mister Chime 8 day Wall Clock and it’s running to slow. I don't know of any new rotors being produced. Mike. Often this results in a smaller swing which doesn't take as much time as it should so the clock speeds up. In fact there is no name brand either. Check to see if there is a threaded rod projecting from the pendulum or if there is a pendulum nut in the bottom of the case.If this is the case, your clock needs some professional help. The rack has at least 12 teeth and usually a few more. (think of a circle centered at the pendulum suspension post). In most cases, it happens due to the interruption of the power source. I am an enthusiastic, amatuer newcomer to horology. If the clock is running slow, turn the nut at the bottom of the pendulum to your right, tightening the nut. Finally, I reached my destination. You looked at the clock again and noticed that it’s not too late and yet seems like evening. Mike, Hi, Mike. help? Battery-Operated Clock: If your clock is a battery-powered one then it is most probably running slow because of the damage of the battery. (You can reply by e-mail if that's better.). Best regards, I am not very familiar with metronomes, especially not the electronic type. I have an old cuckoo clock that runs but the pendulum carving is all the way up to the base of the clock and it still runs a bit slow. It starts out on time and then as the day goes on it looses time. Each turn of the screw slows the clock by two minutes per 24-hour period. How can I get it to run correctly? The rack looks kind of like part of a gear (say a fourth). Are you sure you have the correct thickness for the spring? I ordered a pack of 3 and the lower block. (I wound it two days ago and it is fast by about 40 minutes now, for example.) one end winds the clock and the other end (small end) adjust for speed. About the sick rooster noise...if the cuckoo sounds loud and obnoxious it is probably working fine. MY seth THOMAS MANTEL CLOCK HAS A BALANCE WHEEL AND IS RUNNING FAST IT PICKS UP ABOUT 30 MINUTES OVER NIGHT. like so many beats to an hour etc.? It all seems to work fine except it is gaining approx 5-6 minutes per day. There are a couple of possibilities that I can think of. Use a pair of calipers to measure the small timekeeping adjustment arbor and also the winding arbors (in millimeters). This is the adjustment pointer. Again, you should also check the electric clocks handles. 2. In that case you can order a key yourself. My clock has two issues: It runs slow and it displays improperly. You probably need to have your clock serviced. This would be the counter-clockwise direction. Mike, Hi, An improper adjustment in the escapement (the distance a tooth drops off the entrance pallet should be the same as the distance a tooth drops off the exit pallet (dead beat escapements are trickier: you must also make sure that the tooth contacting a pallet lands on the locking surface and not on the impulse surface that transmits power to the pendulum); A suspension spring that is too stiff (not usually a problem). If you feel it move a little bit, that may correct the problem. Hi Mike, Ingraham often had a small thumb wheel located between the 12 and center of the dial. 1. to run properly. The snail is a weirdly shaped cam that looks a lot like a snail shell. I've adjusted the pendulum bob down to its lowest setting which has helped but not cured the problem entirely. The curved part of the pallet is called the “locking face” or the “dead face.” If the curve of the locking face is made correctly, the escape wheel rides against the curved face for most of the swing of the pendulum and only moves once the tooth slips off of the locking face onto the flat angled “impulse face” that gives a short push to the pendulum. tock) the clock is "out of beat" and will run fast. Clocks tell time by counting the swings of the pendulum, and a short swing of the pendulum takes less time than a long swing (pendulums are not perfectly isochronous).


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