how old is zizzy from piggy
Behavioral Alignment If we get into trouble, we know how to get out of it. Zizzy also appears in the gameplay and cut-scenes of Chapter 2. In the trailer for Piggy: Book 2, Zizzy looks like she's shouting, ready to pick up a fight, or she might be surprised. Origin She is a zebra. You see Mimi and Giraffy next to the … The character Zizzy is based on (Zoe Zebra), Zizzy as seen in the Piggy: Book 2 Trailer. She knocks out the soldier Pigs and where as Pony knocks out the Piggy. Zuzy! Full Name Piggy; Bot; Mr. P; Piggy Skins (0-200 Piggy Tokens) Piggy; Little Brother; Mother; Father; Grandmother; Sheepy; Pandy; Teacher; Memory; Piggy Skins (225-300 Piggy Tokens) Kitty; Mimi; Dinopiggy; Daisy; Angel; Pony; Doggy; Giraffy; Beary; Foxy; ... Doggy is an unlockable skin in the shop in the game Piggy. Non-Canonical At the end of Chapter 11, she and Pony can be seen for a few seconds before going off-screen. ZizzyZizzy the zebraZizzyzoe She is a zebra. ", "Show yourself, we know you've been watching us! Zizzy is a major NPC and protagonist that first appears in the Chapter 8 ending. Zoe Zebra Zizzy is a zebra with a purple dress and pants, and a black stripe/wristband on her arm. Role She may become infected later on due to the ending cut-scene of Chapter 3. ", "You may not know me, but I know everything about you and your sick crew. Physical Appearance. She is the tritagonist of Book 1, and a major character in Book 2. 1 Description; 2 Trivia; 3 Gallery; 4 Music Ambience; Description. After finally escaping, you hear a noise and Zizzy comes with player to find out what that sound is. He passes them off as "the people he has let down in the past coming back to haunt him," and leaves. The Zizzy character is based off the Peppa Pig character Zoë she isn't a playable character, she can help you by knocking out Piggy in City - Chapter 9 and Mall - Chapter 10 if given Grass. Weapon She often falls in Outpost after stabbing a Soldier. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Behavior Piggy(roblox) For some unknown reason, Zizzy has stripes on her face, but not on her arms. She has a magenta dress and has purple legs. Player, Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, Zee and Zuzy Zizzy uses zebra noises for her jumpscare. It could have been from Torcher, then became … After you make it out, you and the rest go back to the safe place with the batteries. Store - Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Piggy: Book 2.It was released on September 26, 2020 at 1:58 pm MST. Minitoon confirmed that zizzy x pony is not canon and it never will be canon. In Chapter 9, She serves as an NPC that can knock out Piggy for a few seconds if given grass. ", "Then it looks like it's us three once more! On her left arm she has a single stripe. Heroic Achievements Yes Pony and Zizzy stay behind to fight a crowd of soldiers who have gathered. ", "It's ok, Pony. After that, they try to find the shadow. No information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yes ", "I'll be back soon, I promise! Status Do-Gooder ", Player, Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, Zee and Zuzy, An upclose view of Zizzy in the Chapter 8 Ending cutscene. Take care of George while we're gone.


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