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Once the plants have been damaged, they become vulnerable to other issues, such as fungus and root rot. With every hour that goes by the aphids are multiplying in number and taking a toll on the cannabis plants and root systems they infest. This makes like a glass wall so root aphids can’t lay the eggs that feed off the roots . You should be ok with the WP. Even if you had a powerful liquid or other material that could kill root aphids on contact, unless you pour so much water into your root zone as to cause waterlogging that harms roots, it’s hard to kill every root aphid. No worries, though, as you still have time to kill these nasty pests and save your plants from further destruction, mildew, root rot, and disease. I have put a link in the post for proper handling procedures. Also check out some other solutions.. Another sign is you may notice them crawling around the top of the soil or on some of the bottom leaves., By going unchecked, they can all of a sudden. The hydroponic cultivation method does not guarantee total aphid protection, since a minimal amount of grow medium is needed to anchor the cannabis plant, however, a hydroponic approach decreases the chances of an infestation exponentially. Hydrogen peroxide flushing kills ALL microbes in the root zone, including beneficial microbes. Watch the short video below on getting rid of root aphids. Will monterey garden insect spray, ( spinosad ) kill aphids and fungus gnats? Good luck. I wish I had known it was such a great preventative before I started. Your feeding schedule ensures all your nutrient levels are all ideal. Hi RJ, my roots arent growing and i’ve been using neem oil , should I be more aggressive and use nematodes and azamax ? Once they are flying, game over, you lose, they win. Have planted grapes 2 years ago and since I really wasn’t looking the plants closely until the third year, guess what I found? Part of what makes root aphids so prevalent is their prolific life cycle. I hope it helps someone. Lay the traps across the soil and watch as the aphids get stuck to the surface. Having the greenest thumb in the neighborhood means little to nothing if an invisible enemy attacks your plants. One way they come in is through tainted soil, soilless mix, coco coir and other substrates. They also can live on used pots, and have even been found feeding on the roots of clones in rockwool cubes. The root aphid is asexual meaning they always reproduce female offspring. Azamax is a great second alternative after natural remedies; it is 100 percent vegetable base solution that is made for all insects chewing and sucking. However, when a cannabis garden experiences issues that result in a less-than-desirable harvest, or even worse, no harvest at all, it can be soul-draining for the cultivator. Nothing kills a cannabis grower’s buzz quite like discovering a root aphid infestation. Dry out the soil for a couple of days, then mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water and soak your infected cannabis plants. Root aphids do grow wings during their life cycle, which is when they start to resemble fungus gnats.


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