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[2] An hour after his appointment was announced, the company stock increased by 7.5%. I regret that this happened and it should never have taken place. Celle qui est à la base de tout". [3] He is a descendant of two prominent families from Senegal and Ivory Coast. [40] Established by the Seoul G20 summit in 2010, the panel was a grouping of figures from leading financial institutions and development agencies given the task of producing concrete proposals to encourage private sector investment in infrastructure projects in emerging economies. » A cet instant, tout semble possible. [33], In October 1999 Thiam was appointed by James Wolfensohn as one of 20 members of the External Advisory Council of the World Bank Institute,[34] which the Institute relies on for advice and guidance. [52][53][54] A dual citizen of the Ivory Coast and France, he speaks English, French, and German fluently. Il voulait s’assurer qu’il était plus performant que son grand frère. Vous pouvez lire autant de livres que vous voulez, rien ne vous prépare à une épreuve pareille. [38] Thiam is a member of the Africa Progress Panel (APP), a group of ten distinguished individuals who advocate at the highest levels for equitable and sustainable development in Africa. » Seulement, malgré un excellent stage en entreprise chez Air Liquide, le géant français du gaz industriel où il avait fait un travail remarqué sur le « calcul d’échange de chaleur multiplaques », Tidjane Thiam n’avait reçu presque aucun entretien d’embauche. He studied advanced mathematics and physics in France before joining the management consultants McKinsey & Company in 1986, where he worked until 1994. [16] The bid eventually failed, after the AIG board rejected a revised lower bid. In 1982 Thiam was the first Ivorian to pass the entrance examination to the École Polytechnique in Paris. En mai 2000, il rejoint finalement McKinsey en tant qu’associé. Et puis il avait peur pour son équipe. [39] In 2013 Thiam was one of the authors of “A Partnership for the Future”, a report prepared at the request of the French Minister for the Economy and Finance by five French and Franco-African political and economic experts. I like to keep some faith in human nature, and one thing I feel about politics is that if you want to lose any faith you have in people, just stay in that business. The New York Times does not quote either the main person concerned, or any source by name except for his younger sister, Yamousso Thiam: “I would be curious to know if today they would finally have the honesty to recognize that to see a black man in the head of one of their most prestigious companies was unbearable. The report set out proposals for building a new economic partnership based on a business relationship between France and the African continent, particularly the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. In 1984, he graduated from the École Polytechnique and in 1986 from the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris where he was top of his class. « Mais je ne voulais pas être un fugitif pour le reste de ma vie », expliquera Tidjane Thiam. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. [9] In his years in Côte d'Ivoire, Thiam promoted private sector involvement in infrastructure development. [9] In December 1999, whilst Thiam was abroad, the Ivorian military seized control of the government. 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