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– statue of Princess Elizabeth on 'Tommy' the police horse, 1948 Royal Worcester limited edition of 100, modelled by Doris Lindner, painted by Harry Davis, £3,000 – Essex crystal brooch including picture of dog, c. 1880, carved from rock crystal by William Essex £2,000 "practically worthless but priceless" [3], TV.com Antiques Roadshow Series 27 database, "BBC, Antiques Roadshow Series 27 programme guide", Episode list (from series 17) – bbcprograms.com, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Antiques_Roadshow_(series_27)&oldid=946693120, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. – reverse painting on glass and paper composite of Georgian country house landscape by an English painter. – Staffordshire Potteries scene of 1848 Murders at Stanfield Hall, when James Blomfield Rush murdered, Isaac Jermy and his son Isaac Jermy Jermy. – 3 original manuscripts by R. M. Ballantyne: The iron horse 16 August 1871; The Lifeboat; Fighting the flames, a tale of the London fire brigade. – Mrs Beecher's Book of Recipes. – carved wooden Claude glass, (named after artist Claude Lorrain), a framing device for planning paintings, carved in the Bushey school style. – oil painting by George Bernard O'Neill, of a Victorian girl on Mayday, £7,000 – Hilary Kay: Norwich, letters from John Lennon's Aunt Mimi (Mimi Smith), with his guitar string Modified in the 1690s to fit on stand, £5,000 Made by 'Thomas Brigg & sons of London', (In 1893, Thomas Brigg and Sons received its first Royal warrant of appointment from Her Majesty Queen Victoria – the first umbrella maker to be thus honoured. Concert attended by The Prince George, Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V). Viewed horizontally as a spiritual map. – letter written by Lord Nelson £10,000 The inscription reads NOTICE. – collection of vintage Undergarments from the 1800s onwards, leggings, free traders, Queen Victoria's knickers, – blue enamel and diamond locket, '18th century revival' style from 19th century France, £5,000 – collection of 19th century Honiton lace, 1820s-1850s, Target, £1,800 – Japanese carved cabinet, late 19th century, bought new by 2 sisters on world cruise, £15,000 – Pye Ltd. mid 20th century radios and televisions, Art Deco radio of the Jazz Age, $6,000 / £1500 – jug in the style of peasant art, 1850, £250 – late 19th century Chinese desk, £5,000 Footer Yes! – collection of Cigarette packets, sometimes several manufacturers per town. – Tig jug (with three handles), decorated for Ann Barrett 1678, Staffordshire Potteries slipware made by trailing brown clay over yellow clay and combing for effect, £50,000[3], – small 1870s 'Albion press' Printing press – manufactured under licence by Frederick Ullmer Ltd, £2000 – collection of 'wood engraving' illustrations by Clare Leighton, including Four Hedges – a Gardeners Chronicle (value £100) and Wedgwood plates £15 each – paintings by Jacob Jacobs, 1844, ships coming into Antwerp harbour, £15,000. – painting by Düsseldorf artist, Carl Jutz, 1870. value £8,000 – John Player & Sons Navy Cut Cigarette packet with pop-up mice £10 – 1880s Victorian Kitsch, silverplate Jug with Ivory handles by H & H (Hugin & Heap), designed by Doctor Christopher Dresser, £400 Erroneously marked as 'Emperor Knoshi' 1672, – value £150 – 1920s travelling clock made in solid silver enamelled and machined solid silver, and retailed by Cartier £1200 up to £1,000 each – collection of 200 British Regency pictures, watercolours, drawings and cards from the Hippisley Coxe family of Ston Easton Park in Somerset, £2,000 – shawl received as gift at the Delhi Durbar of 1911, valued at 'hundreds of pounds' [3], – late 19th century carved mahogany girondelle (mirror), £2,000 – drawing of 'business strategy proposal' for milk production, design study for 1923 railway milk transportation business. Painted by Alfred Edward Emslie circa 1895, £15,000 – Great Witley church – painting of Mont Blanc from the 'Col de val' at the head of the Chamonix valley, by William Collingwood Smith, 1860, (the heyday of alpine mania) £8,000 – rapier with Repoussé (rehammered) bowl made in 1624, smuggled out of Russia by Bolshoi Ballet Company. value £1,500 – 1889 painting of Alfred Nicholson Leeds, palaeontologist. Faux Egyptian scene, £8,000 – Georgian Tallboy (furniture) – Graphic designs, needlework and posters of London Underground by Margaret Calkin James of The Rainbow Workshops. – bronze Vesta case modelled on dog kennel, with Essex crystal image (carved from rock crystal, 1882 by Thomas Johnson (painter). Hilary Kay is an independent consultant, lecturer, writer and broadcaster on antiques and collectables. £1,200 value up to £15,000 for insurance. – Steiff black 'mourning bear' in memory of the RMS Titanic. – tall son of an Earlsfield evacuee that Michael Aspel knew in the 1940s. – pair of cups and saucers designed for shakey hands. Fitted with red crying eyes. £1,000 – teddy bear with silver-coloured fur made by J. K. Farnell c1910, £5,000 – collection of theatrical memorabilia, 6,000 pieces ranging from Roman theatre tickets, tricks of Chung Ling Soo conjuror (alias of William Ellsworth Robinson). Set is mid-1920s duplicate of the set presented to the Duke and Duchess of York at the opening of the Federal Parliament of Australia in 1927. – collection of 400 lawn mowers – Cricketana – lead Jardiniere decorated with cricket motifs, and medallions of W. G. Grace, £1,500 – Rudolf Gustave Mueller painting on wood panel (1836) of middle east street market, mounted in ornate in arabesque frame, £15,000 – bronze 'Shellay' hearth sculpture from Witley Court, half woman half lion, £1,500 Vickers – £1,200, Lewis £750 Harvest scene labelled Aoust (old form of Août, August), £3,000 – carved alabaster chess set from Canton, Southern China, 1850s, £6,000 – pair of paintings by Robert Lenkiewicz of Diogenes (Edward Mackenzie). 1905, up to $200,000 / £90,000[3], – Geofrey Munn: Chelsea Royal Hospital – – chased gold, silver and enamel Art Nouveau brooch showing four faces, made by the goldsmith 'Louis Aucoc of Paris', (The master who taught René Lalique). – 'cold painted' bronze sculpture of parakeets on a leaf, made by Franz Xavier Bergman, Vienna, £1,500 Decorated with painted images, birds, Ouroboros (snake eating its tail and the French Imperial Eagle. Hilary has a particular interest in antique mechanical objects and one of her favourite Roadshow items was at Chatsworth House in 1996. £1,500 £4,000 – two model railway engines: The Lion 1838 from Liverpool and Manchester Railway £1,500 and Britannia 1951, £3,000 – 1910 Art Nouveau glass fronted cabinet for china, made in satinwood, £1,500 – Manufacture nationale de Sèvres porcelain cup in leather case, made 1757, £10,000 in Europe, $8,000 in Australia By the Court. – Bronze sculpture of Russian Ice Cream Seller by 'Jacques'? Made by the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres, marked Louis XV of France 1766, painted by Guillaume Noël, £10,000 – collection of Chinese, plates, jars, buffet dishes. Illegal to sell. – Arts and Crafts movement Jewellery by Charles Sargeant Jagger, (sculptor): ring £500; ring £800; pendant £1,500 – 1906 plate decorated with river and bridge scene by Foy Evans, £150 Shell case dedicated to Thomas Alfred Jones Victoria Cross and Distinguished Conduct Medal – drawing by Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, signed 'Alice, Osborne', 6 August 1886, value £1,500, – Lancaster – Royal Worcester coffee set decorated with Australian flowers. Middlesex. – collection of Sandpaintings of the Isle of Wight, £20 each Pair of 1750s buffet dishes £4,000 – bronze head of Romilly John (son of Augustus John) by Sir Jacob Epstein, made in 1907, £15,000 – Original artwork (1 of 13) of Cecil Aldin in 1912, illustrations for Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, £4,000 each – Staffordshire stoneware 'dog trough' 1840 £100 – 1900s English Art Nouveau brooch, gold, silver and diamonds, £3,000 – sideboard / dressing table, in Rosewood, Ebony and Calamander wood, inlaid in ivory, and Thuja wood from the Atlas mountains. Perfect for All Stones Fans. – brown stoneware flask, marked 'W Jordan, "Cock and Hoop", London 1840s. – 1830s writing desk in Biedermeier style, courtly style of Paris, Vienna and Berlin, £4,500 of Budapest, £2,000 – collection of 1780s Royal Worcester china, c.£3-500 each £12,000 A. Milne's books. $10,000 / £5,000 Early 19th century polished bootwood. £250 $1500 / £700 Series 28 (2005/06) comprised 25 editions that were broadcast by the BBC from 4 September 2005 – 19 March 2006.[1][2][3]. – Punch and Judy figures, carved wood covered with Gesso, mid-19th century from travelling theatre, including Pantaloon, £5,000 – collection of memorabilia of Cass Halliday, Master of HMS Orion at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805. – 17th century desk, in the Bargueño/Vargueño style (prototype of an English Escritoire), stand decorated with ironwork, walnut and red velvet and . [7] His 'paying off pennant', flown on his last voyage in 1810 on HMS Ville de Paris, 1 foot per year of service; miniature portrait; ship's log book, $120,000 / £50,000 Design Registry Mark 1870, value £600 – Tower bridge toy, 1950s, made in Germany, £75 – Melbourne, collection of memorabilia of Cass Halliday, Master of HMS Orion at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805. – Tunstall, Staffordshire pottery from 'Lingard Webster', potted by Charles Hancock (sculptor) who trained Clarice Cliff. – engraved relief silver 'wine label' of HMS Blenheim used for Brandy bottle. – Letter by Agatha Christie, £800 – jewellery and memorabilia from lady Charlotte Knollys and Alexandra of Denmark (Queen Alexandra), given to nanny Martinham c.1902. – bronze sculpture of airman by Dora Gordine, 1942, 4 of 6, £6,000 Also known as 'Wells Fargo desk'. – enamelled bronze and ivory figure on a Brazilian green onyx base, 1925–30, designed by Austrian Art Deco sculptor Gerdago (born Vienna 1906, died Vienna 2004) de:Gerdago $48,000 / £20,000 – two shells decorated with cameo scenes, carved in Naples, 1880s, £600 – set of 19th century South American mate drinking cups, £150 each, plus silver Bombilla (drinking straws), £30 each, – ashtray/bowl in Chelsea porcelain, 1749–1751, £1,000 – oil painting from the 1640s, influenced by Van Dyke, £3000 – Scottish longcase regulator clock, used for astronomical observation or as Jewellers master clock, made by 'Robert Bryson & Sons', Clock and Watch-Maker of Edinburgh. – painting in natural ochres by Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, depicting a creation myth of a lizard/serpent shaping the landscape. Base made in England by James Edgar of Liverpool. – 'over and under' 1770s shotgun by Joseph Bunney of Birmingham-London, Birmingham Gun Quarter, £15,000 £2,000 Probably a pair of de Lamerie salt cellars reshaped as cream boats. Hilary Kay is an independent consultant, lecturer, writer and broadcaster on antiques and collectables. – Romeo and Juliet statues in French Bisque (pottery), unglazed porcelain, made by Eutrope Bouret in c.1870 in the style of Giles Jeune. 1920s onwards. – an 18th-century court dress worth £10,000. – picture of brown trout, signed J.S. – Royal household memorabilia from the 1950s, Private snapshots and letters from Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Possibly Gebruder Heubach, £100-£200 each – 'sundial' auctioned for £2,300 for Leeds hospital. – Collection of cycling posters from the 1920s-1960s, Raleigh Cycles, et al., £150 each – Swiss music box with veneer of African Thuja wood from the Atlas mountains, made by 'Paillard-Vaucher et Fils' (P.V.F. £400 – Edward VIII porcelain statue, dressed in cloth and felt, made by Chad Valley – £300, – Complete tea set decorated with emblem of the Women's Social and Political Union (commonly known as Suffragettes), Made by H M Williamson & Son of Staffordshire in 1912.


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