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We personally believe that Mendota has the most realistic fire in the industry and with an 86.4% efficeincy rating these fireplace are truely top of the line. With aesthetics that you select, like handcrafted log sets, distinctive finishes and metal options, the FV42 can be customized to complement your own unique tastes. With confident design and midcentury styling, you can't ignore the impact an FV48 landscape fireplace makes in your living space. Mendota gas fireplaces recreate the glow & shimmer of a real wood fire. Stay cozy with 13,000–40,000 BTUH, and satisfy your desire for style with a complete collection of fronts, doors and interior linings that fit your home like a glove. Mendota is a branch of Johnson Gas Corp. out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa founded in 1901. We’re proud to be the oldest and most respected supplier in Northern California. The FV36 has 14,100 – 44,000 BTUH and a viewing area of 720 square inches. The FV41 Arch is also available with an arched firebox and glass front that makes the already expansive viewing area feel even larger. These professionals have both the knowledge and experience to help you select the correct size fireplace for your home and provide expert installation and service. Proudly created with The spectacular FullView flames dance and flicker through a 19-piece custom log set, hand-molded from actual field logs to capture every intricate detail. All of there units include built in blowers, brick refractories and are remote capable. FV46 Specs, The FV42 brings a sleek warmth and sophisticated architectural element to any space. FV41 Specs | FV41 Arch Specs, There's something about the simple, yet distinctive design of the FullView fireplace series that people love. Spec Sheet Prop 65 warning for California consumers. Mendota is a branch of Johnson Gas Corp. out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa founded in 1901. Please complete the form and we'll be in touch soon. FV42 Specs, Delivering the same realistic FullView wood log fire beauty and ambiance as the larger FV46, the FV41 offers a generous 775 square inches of viewing area in a size that suits almost any room. Mendota has a great website that features all there different styles and designs and they even have a design your own fireplace program. Their gas fireplace are Luxury fireplaces, they are of the highest quality and are manufactured to look like the most realistic gas fireplace that has all the bells and whistles. © All Rights Reserved. Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships. With a cozy but comfortable 9,260 to 32,000 BTUH, and a viewing area of 576 square inches, this is the most efficient performer in the FullView line with a 77.4% efficiency rating. Outfitted with efficient BurnGreen™ technology, the FV46 offers 13,450–45,500 BTUH. Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download. Max BTU's - 32,000 Min Btu's - 9,260Efficiency - 77.4% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 14.625"H, Max Btu's - 31,500Min Btu's - 8,985Efficiency - 74.5% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 26.375"H, Max Btu's - 44,000Min Btu's - 14,100Efficiency - 75% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 36"W x 24"H, Max BTU's - 40,000 Min Btu's - 13,000Efficiency - 72.7% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 28.25"H, Max Btu's - 40,000Min Btu's - 11,622Efficiency - 77.2% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 32.0625"H, Max BTU's - 45,500 Min Btu's - 13,450Efficiency - 72.3% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 37.25"W x 33"H, Max Btu's - 33,000Min Btu's - 10,000Efficiency - 76.4% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.3125"W x 19.3125"H, Max Btu's - 45,000Min Btu's - 10,000Efficiency - 74.9% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 35.625"W x 24.375"H, Max Btu's - 34,250Min Btu's - 23,000Efficiency - 77.3% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 40.75"W x 14.1875"H, Max Btu's - 41,000Min Btu's - 24,000Efficiency - 71.6% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 46.75"W x 16.25"H, Max BTU's - 27,000 Min Btu's - 18,000Efficiency - 74.2% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 14.625"H, Max BTU's - 29,000 Min Btu's - 18,000Efficiency - 73.9% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.5"W x 28.25"H, Max BTU's - 27,000Min Btu's - 6,750Efficiency - 70.4% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 22"W x 31.8125"H, Max BTU's - 50,000 Min Btu's - 15,800Efficiency - 74.8% P.4 RatingViewing Glass - 31.4375"W x 32.75"H, 121 Mt Pleasant Rd, Newtown, CT 06470, USA, ©2017 by Berkshire Hearth & Home. Smaller rooms rejoice—the FV34 and FV34 Arch offer everything homeowners love about Mendota FullView fireplaces, but with a compact profile and moderate heat output that's ideal for smaller spaces. Install Manual Their whole line of units are "certified" as heater rated. © 2019 Blaze Corporation. Mendota FV36. Every look at your Mendota® FullView gas fireplace reminds you of why you chose the best. Max 44,000 – 14,100 btu NG – Efficiency 75.5% Enter your "city, state" or zip code to find the 10 closest dealers. Product Brochure The FV36 has 14,100—44,000 BTUH and a viewing area of 720 square inches. ... FV36 The FV36 is rectangular in shape and presents a more traditional, natural looking fireplace that blends into any size room. FV34 Specs | FV34 Arch Specs. Blaze is a family owned and operated, full service contractor and supplier specializing in fireplaces. At 48 inches wide, the FV48 is changing the landscape of gas fireplaces. FullView The Mendota FV41 offers a generous view of the beautiful FullView log fire and heat output ranging from 40,000 to 13,000 BTUH. The FV42 has a viewing area of 828 square inches and 14,100—44,000 BTUH. More Info. Still offering the duel stage burner with massive turn down as well as optional log sets and finishes. FV48 Specs, You can't help but notice this fireplace's huge 1,068 square inch viewing area, making this the perfect statement fireplace for larger spaces. Browse the currently available models at our Pennsburg, PA showroom. The FV36 is landscape in shape and presents a more traditional, natural looking fireplace that blends into any size room. They have won "Best of Show" at the national hearth products association expo multiple times and were also awarded by consumers digest magazine as the "best buy" of all gas fireplaces in Oct. 1997 issue.


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