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Located near Thu, 2nd cut certified small alfalfa hay bales. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Over the last several generations, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. has become the leading exporter of hay and straw products, specializing in Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay and Grass Straw products. Loose straw is also useful for spreading around on plants in the garden because it helps to keep moisture for the plants and control weeds. These meadow grass hay bales are 3x4x8' and 1200lbs each. We have You can use bales for a range of events: outdoor/barn weddings, fairs, racing, circuses, and more. Ogden, UT. We publish over 10,000 hay for sale listings annually. The bales hold up well to the weight of people sitting and climbing on them and can later be reused for other purposes. times. NO WEEDS OR RAIN, This years 1st cut alfalfa. Small bales of barley straw bundled in groups of 21 easy to load with a tractor. Located, PREMIUM ALFALFA HAY, GRASS HAY, AND ALFALFA/GRASS MIX FOR SALE. Clean tight 2 string bales. We remain committed to our core values of building strong relationships, honing our operational expertise and earning respect through unwavering principles. I am looking for a good quality hay for the winter months had a lot of trouble with hay I buy .I have throw so much hay away because it was such a bad quality. JB Tubular. PREMIUM ALFALFA HAY & GRASS HAY FOR SALE. Timothy hay is most ideal. County (B=Balage, C=Corn Learn the warning signs and protect yourself. This list includes large farm and feed supply stores. As with any classifieds service you should make every effort to verify the legitimacy of all offers, from both buyers and sellers. Custom Made Sincerely, If you only need a small bale to use for decor or small gardening projects, you can find what you need on Amazon, at craft retailers like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, or at hardware stores like Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware. Local farmers are a great way to find bales. 2nd crop premium alfalfa in 3x4 bales. $10 per bale or $180 per ton 16 tons, I have this three way grass that is absolutions amazing. Bleached on the outside but dry. Bales weigh 850 on average. You can use hay or straw bales for decoration during the holidays, especially for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Most hay is baled in the fall or late summer, so it will be at its best quality this time of year. Grassy-type bales, such as hay, alfalfa, and clover are used for both animal bedding and food. If you need to get rid of some dirt after a landscaping project, we can help you find where to dump dirt for free. Pick up available only. I need to buy 40 5×5 by 3″ high hay bales for my daughters wedding, I can’t find r of hay and straw. West Point, UT. Maureen Mahaney. 50-55lbs bales Using straw bales for building construction is an age-old sustainable tradition, especially in places where “normal” building materials are unavailable and tall grasses readily grow. Them anywhere!!!! ), Sleep Number Competitors/Alternatives: 4 Options Listed, Sleep Number Bed Weight Limit: Twin, Full, Queen, & King Limits Listed, 15 Stores That Sell Used, Consignment, + Scratch and Dent Furniture, Where to Buy Mistletoe: 11 Stores With Mistletoe for Sale, 9 Furniture Stores That Take Away Old Furniture (Plus Those That Don’t), Where to Buy Furniture: 20 Affordable Options (Online & Local to Most), Bale Type: Large and small feed and straw bales, Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, Location: Five-state area, including Minnesota and Oklahoma, Bale Type: All types of bales in both the large round and small rectangle sizes, The Home Depot often carries straw bales seasonally in September and October, depending on the location and demand, Location: Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas, Location: Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The best place to buy hay bales will depend on where you’re located, what your local stores have in stock, and what you need the hay for. Because of their density, bales are very useful for outdoor event seating. While straw bales are the most common type of bale used for event seating, any type of bale will work. You may also be able to find local farmers in your area who sell hay bales. $280 per bag. Short Answer: You can buy hay bales and straw from farm and feed supply stores like Tractor Supply, local plant nurseries and garden centers, craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and home improvement stores like Lowe’s or The Home Depot. Editorial Policy. Straw bales are commonly used in landscaping and gardening. Depending on the season, they may available at large chains like The Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart. Producers who have hay or straw to sell, for example, just need to click on the "List /Update an Ad" link. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. OK, I'LL TAKE YOUR STRAW BALES, HAY, ALFALFA, FREE APPLES, EASY PICKIN, 413 N MAIN STREET PAYSON, Results for Pets and Livestock/Horses/Livestock, Hay and Bedding. month From November to April. Straw bales also add a beautiful golden color to displays and help keep other decorative items, such as flower pots, wooden crates, and corn stalks off the ground. Straw bales are perfect for setting up in a garden for raised beds with the plants planted directly into the bales. Below, we’ve listed some potential ways you can use hay bales. Each. $9.00. If none of these fit your needs, you can also search for local landscaping or gardening stores that will probably also have bales for sale. 44681, 1091 If you’re having a fall wedding, hay bales are a great decoration option for your venue space, too. Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. This list is meant to be as exhaustive as possible. We accept credit card, PICK UP MONDAY - SATURDAY, 8 AM - 6 PM AT 1988 W CENTER STREET, SPRINGVILLE, UTA, Small two (2) string bales of Alfafa Grass hay (HEAVY Alfafa) that has been stor, I have 15 acres of land where I grew corn and it has dried up I’m renting this. If you have some leftover loose straw, you can bundle it to make crafts such as stuffing for dolls. $125 per bale. Include listings more broadly related to your search terms. For example, alfalfa hay bales, which are commonly used as horse feed, cost an average $140 to $165 per ton according to Agriculture.com. Hay and straw bales can be used for activities ranging from gardening and home maintenance to crafting. The site then will lead them through the process of creating an individualized ad that can be revised at any time. Any store that sells landscape, nursery, garden, or farm supplies is also likely to sell bales. 1 yr lease r. 3X3 Triticale hay in 3X3 bales with some Alfalfa. HAY : STRAW BOTH . Large producer Landscape, gardening, and nursery stores usually stock straw bales or even straw matting. According to the same report, mid-quality bales sell for an average $125 to $150 per ton. While most stores are regional and may only have a single location, we have included a few regional locations below. Ohio Hay and Straw For Sale : Auctions: Dealer List: Hay Feeding Equipment: Baling Equipment/Supply Page : Hay & Straw Producers. In comparison, the rectangular hay bales are much smaller, weighing anywhere from five to 50 pounds. It can be hard to buy good hay, it’s normal to have to test out a few sellers before you find good quality hay, so don’t be discouraged. ... Good clean 3rd crop hay for sale call or text at 208-815-0103 $80 a bale. The cost will vary depending on how much hay you need and the type; you can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars for a small bale to between $125-$160 for a ton. Abot 50 left. Delivery can If you have a big garden or agricultural project, have large animals to feed, or need hay for something like event seating or safety barriers, you may need to purchase it in larger quantities. We have clean, certified weed-free straw for $7 per bale. be arraigned through 3x4 bales approximately 165 remain $30. Short Answer: You can buy hay bales and straw from farm and feed supply stores like Tractor Supply, local plant nurseries and garden centers, craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and home improvement stores like Lowe’s or The Home Depot.


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