god of war poseidon princess fanfiction
He landed on the ground beside Kratos. Atlas felt nothing but the ground buckle and shatter as his fist met the ground. Amphitrite (infuriated over the death of her son): Your death, Spartan, will put an end to my misery! "What happened to Ichigo" another child asked in wonderment, a little disappointed that the story ended too soon for his liking. God of War crossover fanfiction archive. I may not be able to do quick updates since I am gonna have to brush up my history with God of War 3 and the Greek mythology and culture, since it has been years. Information He seemed young. Then, he grabbed Triton and lifted him out of the sewers,. Kratos dodged out of the way and flung one of his blades. She wondered why? The Titans may have their differences, but they were all still family,and seeing the other two Titans in there current status, they simply could not stand for that. Poseidon's abusive nature probably comes from, After saving and eventually killing the princess, the player unlocks a Trophy called. ", Coeus roared, anger driving every fiber of his being. Although commonly known as Hecuba Maneros, thanks to an article in Playboy Magazine, this name has never been officially confirmed. ", she asked, wanting to know who this strange warrior was, if his carrying a weapon and skill determined anything. She watched, bemused, before letting the strange being walk off, before turning towards the other Titans who were still lying on the ground. Amphitrite got up and summoned water to attack Kratos. Your review has been posted. Then, he'd throw it into her chest. Only the comforts found in your arms give me rest. They looked back to each other, and decided. It yelled out, as if mockingly, taking of the weapon on his back, and stabbing it into the ground. From then Atlas and Gaia gained a new friend. His attire were of white robes, which were a little dirty, and a gray sash, that rang from his right shoulder that split and went down to his left hip and left arm. She had light-colored skin and long black hair. He took out one of the Blades of Exile and proceeded to stab Triton in the tail with it. AN 2: As a whole, the fight was mostly based on Kratos' fight with Lahkesis and Atropos before Kratos killed them. What he said couldn't have been true. Standing beside her was a young man. But Percy Jackson was hiding in a room peeking out of the little crevice in the door. Ever wondered what would have happened if more gods, Titans, heroes, etc. Kratos dodged out of the way. When a group of ancient beings rise to behold their fallen world, they will show them the true power of a God. He jammed the bottom of it into the floor. While still in the air, he grappled her and pulled himself toward her. However, his trident seemed to be made of bones, probably from sea animals. "Guess I'll see you some other time, eh" he sounded off, waving a hand over his head with only a couple of fingers present, before disappearing one last time to appear on the ground to her left. Current status She glared at Kratos. Let me know what you all think and maybe some ideas. Then, it exploded. To his great surprise, the Being was somehow resisting his grip. If you really don't know, then you must have never played God of War II, or you haven't played in years, or just bad memory. Don't really like killing either way" the last part was muttered. Killing my husband has caused the oceans to flood the lands. The fact that this being was here before than even them is more than enough to terrify them, since they do not hold his thread. God of War III. The contents of Poseidon's letter suggest that he does care for her, though he abuses her in his rage. One was a woman. "An interesting being he is," Atlas stated, before looking to Gaia with a stoic look, "I woke up after the fight, and he was just standing there, looking me in the eye, and asked if I was okay.". If I should, I was thinking that maybe a good one is with Poseidon's princess, but instead of her being Poseidon's lover, she is his daughter or something. Mortal Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eventually, Kratos weakened him enough to launch a final attack. He grabbed Triton by the tail. Gaia noticed though, that his voice was filled with kindness. She could not see what he looked like, because he was wearing a large cloak and some odd hat of sorts. But there was a story that was lost in time, so old that all but a few forgot. The enslaved princess also wears cuffs that bind her hands and a chain that binds her to the palace floor. Kratos landed on the ground and stood up. After Kratos evaded it, he rushed over to Amphitrite. Although it could be that she was not aware of what had happened in the events of. The old man was bald, while he did have large sideburns going down the sides of his face, and forming a large, gray beard. After Kratos heads through the doors, she is crushed by the weight of the crank. The battle ensued. The Poseidon Princess started to panic. Two other Titans, Eos and Leto, tried to stop the possible fight, but could not hold off the other Titans, and could only wait for Gaia to arrive and break the fight. "Wooow", the child muttered, amazed of the story, while her friends stared, as though they were in some trance. The figures head rose, allowing Coeus to see under the hat, only to see a great grin. Despite fearing Kratos, she calls him "Lord", even though the Spartan is no longer a God. After a brief struggle, he forced Triton's head to go through one of the handles on the wheel. She was worried for her children, and prepared to rush at the supposed assailant. Godzilla is now right in the middle of the war and has been foretold to stop it. A story of a being that was even more powerful than the Titans, and possibly, the Gods. If I should, I was thinking that maybe a good one is with Poseidon's princess, but instead of her being Poseidon's lover, she is his daughter or something. No land animals, including mankind, could possibly have survived! Let me know if you (or anyone else) has an idea for a one-shot! It was Atlas. He jumped off of her and swung his blades at her. You dare to enter my husband's sacred chambers?! Narrator: Amphitrite turned her attention back to Kratos. Poseidon (unwilling) I could crush you without even an effort! Her full background is never revealed. Then, his body started to transform. Triton yelled out in pain. You obviously don't care about mine! The others noticed the Being's appearance as it merely stood there, looking at them, It's face in a shadow. His voice was filled with annoyance, but took note of a hint of amusement.


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