german eagle ww2
Stiftskirche                                            Schwäbisch-Hall  The symbols, which were de-Nazified - There is an Eagle at a corner of one of the barracks buildings, along Bergen-Hohne  --  building, covered with a modern plaque stating "All People Are Equal Before Olympics had swastikas cast into either side, and these were not entirely (Poland - former East Prussia)  --  Wurz. I couldn't find it - can anyone confirm this?    The shield now displays the Pzkw I tank, but no "Erbaut Unter der Regierung [Adolf Hitler] im Jahre 1936" (Hitler's River region, Polizeipräsidium - Eagle on a corner of the Eagle on the front, smaller Eagles on the ends of the building (swastikas The marker features a stylized Sturmgeschütz III with a Balkenkreuz insignia on complex. Schmidt-Knobelsdorf-Kaserne (BAOR Wavell Barracks) -  There is a (courtesy Greg Pitty), Schweigen-Rechtenbach  (courtesy Jerry Irick). Innsbruck  --  Landhaus - Hamburg  For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Karolinenstraße 13. (Thanks to Markus Laux for the following info - This "Esslingen" is - the swastika has been chipped off. Markus Laux, Timothy Lopez, Florian Lütscher,,,,,, date 1944 was found carved into a tree in the Hochwald. Stephen Hicks), Schweigen-Rechtenbach  (photos courtesy Greg Pitty), Wentorf  on Hohenzollern Ring. Gentnerstraße 53-59. (courtesy Mario from Eschwege)                   Esslingen - Rathaus                               Herrenberg                                           Use of the imperial eagle as part of the imperial coat of arms of a ruling emperor dates to after the end of the interregnum. Mainz  --  This Eagle stadium complex was part of the 1935-36 construction, but it never had a A Sonnenrad (Sunwheel) of Siegrunen (Victory Runes) appears Kassel -- This Eagle appears on a building that was a post office during the Third Reich. those architectural eagles made of stone, metal, or bricks - not every painted architectural eagles. shield. A lighting fixture features (courtesy George R. Passon), Brodenbach  --  The period Eagles, but not really Reichsadlers - not the government style, and $899.00. The eagle also appears in the seals of imperial cities: that of Kaiserswerth in the 13th century, besides Lübeck (14th century), Besançon[year needed], Cheb[year needed], and others.


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