franklin trail to jameson lake
From the exit of the service road next to Jameson Lake all the way to the source of the aqueduct trail is quite clear and free. The views were fantastic, the lakes, streams, and waterfalls were great, and there were plenty of good places to stop and camp. I don't know when it will be open again. Hiked/biked from the Divide Peak TH down to Juncal and out to Alder Creek this past weekend (Sunday, 6/5/2011) in the rain. [img:c4dc87c7cc][/img:c4dc87c7cc] Eventually you reach what looks like a campsite with a fire pit. Caught a few rainbow trout and enjoyed the view. We were fortunate that we had Wades and Smith Lake pretty much to ourselves. There are endangered red legged frogs here so they closed access. The view coming up on Long Lake was amazing!!! A friend and I hiked this trail today. The rest of the shortcut trail is through the bushes to the left of that wall. Backpacked this loop July 2018. However I plan to tweet out multiple photos of me doing yoga poses in my lulu lemming pants in front of the bonfire. Too the bad the drive to get to the trailhead is so painstaking (and I don't think my car was too happy with me about it...). Switchbacks, a little treacherous and overgrown but followable. You may see a faint trail visible aiming toward the creek. I did it with my 14 year old son and his friend. We went counter clockwise which makes the ascent of mount Elwell steeper, but makes the descent more manageable. We camped at Jamison Lake, Wades Lake, and Smith Lake. Alder Creek Trail is in good condition with flowing water for most of the first mile. Lots of poison oak there. This is Juncal Campground. From the exit of the service road next to Jameson Lake all the way to the source of the aqueduct trail is quite clear and free. I have done the hike all the way to the top, but that was a few years ago. Gibraltar Rd. Awesome trail. Lots of poison oak along the creek, and some ticks. Somebody's been working up on the sluice; tools and come-alongs and timber and new planks all around. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. There was a makeshift firepit with slight clearing to put a tent. Great route with plenty of side trails and lakes. You could backpack to here. The first 1/8 mile after the damn is fairly flat and a little hard to follow. At 5 miles you'll reach Alder Creek Camp. There is a water tank here, the second one you will have seen. Our website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. But otherwise, it was a gorgeous hike! Also see the San Rafael and Interactive Backcountry Map subforums. • What we'll doNote: this event is not really full, but it is an advanced hike, so you will go on a wait list until you provide your recent hiking history and assure me you can safely complete a long day hike of 20 miles with substantial gain. My description ends here because with the return trip, the round trip will be 10 miles. ), and an opening between the trees. We tried to rock hop along the creek and scramble through the brush to find it, but once we climbed up to the top of the ridge and still had no clue where it was, we gave up and turned around. You may wish to take it on the way back. From the debris dam onward, the trail begins more of a climb. Along the road, at the 3.1 mile mark, there is another junction with the road to the dam. CTW. You'll see people drinking beer while they drive this road, too, which really irritates me. Sometimes people ask if there is anywhere you can hike in Carpinteria. From there you continue back. The popular Franklin Nature Trail is an excellent way to get a sampling of nature in the Northwoods. Woke up on day 3 and hiked the longest 2 miles ever back to the Jamison Mine TH. Look for a clump of sycamores on the campground side of the road, a telephone pole on the opposite side of the road, and a trail leading to a dirt road inside the campground with another, newer pole ahead. Check here for fee information! Due to the Ojai Fire of 1985, which burned this area, the Flats is still open enough for you to walk off-trail. There's a fire ring, and a perfect spot for a one-man tent. I was not able to see any evidence of a trail in the vicinity which would go downhill on the Carpenteria side. You can stop off at Butternut Lake and view the beautiful lake from under huge hemlock trees. Due to COVID-19 event might be changed or canceled, please check with the organizer. From here the trail is not so easy to see but if you follow your nose you'll find your way to the top. We then headed to Smith Lake but made a wrong turn and ended up at the Jamison Campground and had a half mile backtrack to the Smith Lake trail. for about 6 miles. You will see a locked gate. If you don't have a pickup truck or some offroad tires, it's going to be very difficult to drive to the trailhead. Along the way, there is a wide spot with a gate. Make sure to stay to the left as you make this turn. All along, you may have seen a rather dry looking hill looming ahead. We didn't progress very far from there. All in all, a very enjoyable hike with a well-maintained trail. Continue straight through the intersection. The sluice is pretty cool to see. There are a bunch of signs prohibiting OHVs. Each neighborhood website is sponsored by one community-minded real estate professional who loves and cares about the community. You can see alders in the creek. At that point the trail all but disappears into the creek and big bushes of poison oak. We saw someone driving it in Honda Civic! The Smith Lake trail was a lot of uphill and in the sun. Definitely a hard trail but incredible views all the way around and worth the effort. The conditions of the trail beyond the debris dam were pretty good. The starting place used to be a campground called Juncal Camp, but now it is closed and guarded by large boulders. At this point, there is a cold sulphur spring in the trail. We took 5 16 year olds on the loop and it was a great experience. At the junction with Camino Cielo Rd., look carefully. You will be hiking behind Carpinteria. Four stars because you aren't supposed to camp at Long Lake, haha. Philpott Lake Visitor Center 1058 Philpott Dam Road, Bassett, VA 24055 (276) 629-2703 Connected to this, was 0.5 miles of narrow, professionally-built trail constructed by Trail Dynamics partially by hand and partially using a SWECO and mini-excavator funded by a $10,000 Corps of Engineers Handshake Grant . Date: Mar 15, 2020 8:00 am to Mar 15, 2020 4:00 pm Location: 4810 Foothill Rd Venue: Carpinteria High School. Part of it is being rebuilt and you can walk along the boards of wood placed atop of the sluice. The short cut trail is to the right at the apex of the curve. Jamison-Long Lake Loop is a 15.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Blairsden Graeagle, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. At about .38 miles, there is a metal gate and creek crossing. For a long while the trail looks remarkably clear and legit, though could use some clearing of poison oak. I plan to include it in my forthcoming book titled "25 Spectacular Places Not Yet Ruined by Instagram Hordes"*. After enjoying the view retrace your steps to the trailhead. Go straight. Look for an old rusty car down the side for fun. You can avoid 600' of elevation gain and cut off 1.2 miles if you skip the Long Lake detour. At 3.75 miles, there is a turn around spot for autos. Franklin Pass (11,760-ft.) is situated on the high ridge 1.9 miles to the southeast of the lake and is best visited as part of a multi-day backpacking trip. The hike starts about .25 miles from where you parked the car, if you parked it where I described. Please know your pace and limits as this hike is long. All comments are run through a spam check (that probably catches way too many false positives) and moderated and will not display unless approved, which can take days if I'm away on the trail. It's totally worth it! See the Meetup terms of service:, No shows will be flagged and banned from my future hikes•. Very inviting. This trail has been closed but not burned by the Rey Fire. From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara... Take Los Olivos toward the mountains. One in particular was very sketchy, as it was covered with loose sand with a 30 foot drop on one side. However the existence of the trail is clear all the way up to the electricity pylon. The final stretch from the dam is mostly flat, but completely unprotected from the sun. The shortcut is very steep, however, so you decide. Our first night was at Wades Lake ~8 mile hike. After you get through this thicket the trail is not looking as good, have to fight your way through overgrowth and its tricky to avoid the poison oak. Did this in 2018 in JUly. 4810 Foothill Rd, Contact info: Now the trail goes headlong into a thicket of poison oak---managed to get through it with extreme care and hope I didn't make mistakes. Did this trail on October 16, 2011 as a day hike. I have heard rumors (now quite old) that they are working on the trail from the Carpenteria side. Depending on recent rains, there should be quite a wildflower display on the ides of March.


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