elmo zumwalt family tree
In June 1962, he was assigned to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs), Washington, D.C., where he served first as Desk Officer for France, Spain and Portugal, then as Director of Arms Control and Contingency Planning for Cuba. He and his wife, the former Mouza Coutelais-du-Roche of Harbin, Manchuria, China, had four children: Elmo R. Zumwalt III (died of cancer in 1988, possibly due to Agent Orange exposure), James Gregory Zumwalt; Ann F. Zumwalt Coppola and Mouzetta C. Zumwalt-Weathers. Among the swift-boat commanders were his son, Elmo Russell Zumwalt III, and later future Senator and US Secretary of State John Kerry. Swift boats patrolled the coasts, harbors, and rivers of Vietnam. Zumwalt next served as executive officer of the destroyer USS Saufley, and in March 1946, was transferred to the destroyer USS Zellars, as Executive Officer and Navigator. As an admiral and later the 19th Chief of Naval Operations, Zumwalt played a major role in U.S. military history, especially during the Vietnam War. President Richard M. Nixon nominated Zumwalt to be Chief of Naval Operations in April 1970. The United States Navy's DD(X) guided missile destroyer program has been named the Zumwalt class in his honor, and its lead ship will bear his name USS Zumwalt by Navy tradition. The Tillis was placed in full active commission at Charleston Naval Shipyard on November 21, 1950, and he continued to command her until March 1951, when he joined the battleship USS Wisconsin as Navigator and served with the ship in operations in Korea. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. He was the last Chief of Naval Operations to live in Number One Observatory Circle before it became the official residence to the vice president. Zumwalt also participated in intercollegiate debating and was a Company Commander (1941) and Regimental Three Striper (1942). [citation needed] The measures to reduce discrimination against women and racial minorities were adamantly opposed by some. Husband of Frances Pearl Zumwalt, Dr. In recent decades, it has largely gone out of use. Such donors serve patients who do not have suitably matched bone marrow donors in their families. During his son's illness in the early 1980s, Admiral Zumwalt was very active in lobbying Congress to establish a national registry of bone marrow donors. By marrying Elmo Zumwalt, she became estranged from her parents due to their extremely conservative Jewish views, and throughout the rest of her life she claimed she was adopted (Elmo Russell Zumwalt, M.D., was from a Christian background). Admiral Zumwalt, along with his son and writer John Pekkanen, authored a book called My Father, My Son, published by MacMillan in September 1986, where they discussed the family tragedy of his son's battle with cancer. Zumwalt, an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America, attended Tulare Union High School in Tulare, California, where he became the valedictorian, and Rutherford Preparatory School in Long Beach, California. He was initiated in 1980.


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