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Like most species of reptiles, chameleons go through a cycle of developing eggs every three to six months. Thorsten Negro & Dr. Alex Laube Keeping male and female together in a limited space encourages very early ovulation. Therefore, chameleons kept in captivity, you should recreate the same environment. I am answering your questions below: My responses are in ALL CAPS. I am actually calling the vet this morning and asking A LOT of questions as to why he told me she was egg bound. When it comes to reproduction, there are two types: oviparous and ovoviviparous. After all the eggs are laid, she will cover the hole with soil and retreat back up the trees and plants. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Simply feel the sides of her stomach and see if you can feel any eggs. Ready-to-lay eggs that remain in the coelomic cavity and are not removed will sooner or later lead to the death of the animal, inevitably. wurde 2010 gegründet und ist ein privates deutsch-madagassisches Non-Profit-Projekt zur Sammlung von Daten aller Chamäleons auf Madagaskar. She was placed in an egg-laying chamber at days 28, 30, 32, and did not engage in digging behavior or egg laying. But I figured he was a vet. Several hours of digging ensued, and the chameleon appeared quite exhausted during this strenuous task. Related Articles: How Often Do Chameleons Eat. Egg binding is when the female chameleon isn’t able to lay eggs and it stays inside her. He didn't suggest and I didn't know to ask about any oxy injection. The short simple answer to that is yes, every single chameleon species will lay eggs. Wissen zu vermitteln bedeutet, einen Schatz zu teilen, ohne dass er kleiner wird. Because they did say egg bound, I used to have birds so I am very familiar with what egg bound means and that is what the vet said. The vet told me to. Therefore, you should prepare the cage or move her to a more suitable chameleon cage for her to lay her eggs. Your vet will do x-rays to evaluate the size, number, and shells of the eggs, and to see whether the female is able at all to lay her eggs naturally. If the female lacks calcium, eggs may be too less calcified and build a mechanic barrier or the female may have not enough stocks to finally lay the produced eggs. Egg-binding describes the fact that a female cannot lay her ready-to-lay eggs. However, if it does happen, it could be very serious. Above are the common signs the female chameleon is carrying eggs and in a short period of time, she will start to lay eggs. If you see her eyes sunken into its socket, eating a little amount of food or not eating at all for a long time, or opening their mouth for an extended period of time, your chameleon could have a problem. Therefore, if you own a female chameleon, you’ll probably end up with unfertilized eggs every time three to six months. 3 Reason Why They Can’t, Humidity For Bearded Dragon – How To Keep It At Optimal Level, What Supplements Do Chameleons Need? It depends on the chameleon species. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this, but you really should not feed your chameleon dog food. Yes, female chameleons don’t need a mate to lay eggs. Many females become restless first and begin to dig a little, but suddenly somewhen stop digging without having laid a clutch. and that hasn't changed since then, she is still looking healthy. a. Husbandry deficiencies prevent the female from laying her eggs. Cage substrate: One of the most important points concerning poor husbandry. is a good idea, however you need to give them at least several hours to eat it or you will not see any benefit. With or without a mate, the female chameleon will lay eggs every 3 to 6 months. And she’s like … This medicine will help her induce laying eggs. This website uses cookies. There are a lot of questions to whether she lay eggs, how often she lays them, or if she gives live birth to their young. The eggs actually hatch inside the mother’s bodies and she will give live birth. How knowledgable is your vet about chameleons. Chameleon females usually love to hide the egg deposit behind plants and prefer laying places between roots. The female often stops eating a few days before laying. Everyone I have talked to so far agrees that she is probably not ready to lay, probably soon. Instead of feeding her every day, you can feed her every two to three days. Giving the crickets you will be feeding to your chameleon apples, potatos, carrots, turnip greens, etc. Reactions: jannb. If you must feed her from a syringe, I would mash up some bugs. In any case, you should visit your vet with the animal as soon as possible. So, I did post a few times last week. She's still not very interested in live food. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any longer with food could cause health issues for her. Another thing you can do is fed her less food. Therapy is mandatory! Jun 21, 2014 #3 He didn't suggest and I didn't know to ask about any oxy injection. See instructions. For an average chameleon, she will lay a clutch of eggs every three to six months. Three days is usually the maximum number of days a chameleon can go without food. If egg binding is found, the vet will inject her with oxytocin. Generally, the cage will have a container filled with soil with plants and trees in it. There's a good chameleon vet in Houston. I didn't realize I did. I am going to another vet for her recheck, another xray and exam. This option will usually cost a lot of money and the vet will discuss this with you before performing the surgery. From there, he has raised many different species of reptiles. The ideal spot she is looking for is where a predator will have a hard time finding the eggs. If you continue to use the website, we assume your consent. Jun 21, 2014 #4 Chameleon … Places like under dead leaves, fallen trees, and low hanging plants. Therefore, it’s a good idea to mist the cage often to keep her hydrated. If she does, she will scratch the ground or even dig to see if she can lay her eggs in there. This is how most other reptiles lay their eggs as well. The first days or in inexperienced females, these may have been “trial diggings”. To prevent egg-binding, keep breeding hens healthy and provide them with good diets. Single eggs spread around the cage may also be signs of a female being egg bound. If you noticed any of the above signs after she laid eggs, you can check for egg binding at home. The conditions of the enclosure have to be right, their feeding schedule, and the chameleon’s genetic.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'reptilesguide_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',119,'0','0'])); Therefore, some chameleons will start laying eggs at the age of six months, while others may not lay eggs until they are 2 years old. The medicine may be needed to be given every day until all the eggs are released from her body. The medicine may be needed to be given every day until all the eggs are released from her body. It is too high in protein and can lead to more health problems. Is the female really ready to lay or may it be that the eggs are developing normally, but it is too early for the female to lay them? However, not all chameleon species will lay eggs the same way. She laid about 50% of the eggs today and they just gave her another dose along with calcium at 2pm. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also, it could be due to incorrect husbandry conditions. The result of egg binding is usually when a laying bin isn’t provided for her, which she has nowhere to lay her eggs. I think she’s egg bound. I would suggest either making your own gutload (search the forums for sandrachameleons blogs about gutloads) or purchase a quality gutload online. When it comes to the age to start laying eggs, it depends on many factors. If you suspect your chameleon has become egg bound you will need to take her to the vets as soon as possible. One of the factors will be environmental conditions. In the wilderness, the deeper a female digs, the cooler becomes the soil. It makes no sense to put the female down to the ground or force her to sit in a dark bucket – this disturbs the natural behavior. All species of chameleons lay eggs. If they get plenty of water and a well-balanced diet, she’ll lay eggs more often. In chameleons, sexual maturity does not depend on age, but on body size and weight. However, if the female chameleons find a suitable male, the eggs will get fertilized. +49 (0)6132 9744808 CRICKETS GUTLOADED WITH THE FOLLOWING IN THEIR ENCLOSURE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES. If not she will continue searching for another location. Learn and share knowledge about these wondrously unique animals. The vet was in surgery. Safe For Them Or Not? Hi, my veiled Cham had egg removal surgery four days ago, I'm wondering how long recovery usually takes. He said from the xray the eggs did not have the hard shell so I am assuming we are trying to get the hard shell so she can pass them. Those that lay eggs in the ground are oviparous. Some people prefer to take the female chameleon out from their cage and put them in another cage which is specifically made for egg-laying chameleons. However, not all species will lay eggs the same way. This is in terms of reproduction. If it’s during the rainy seasons in which the weather is usually cool, she will probably not lay any eggs until it gets warm. If your female shows such signs, do an emergency call to your vet – every minute counts! However, as for water, she will continue to drink it as normal. Some female chameleons are really picky and if they don’t feel right about the place, they won’t lay eggs at all. Additionally, plant some live plants so it will mimic her natural environment. He did say she was healthy at the last appt. Why does the vet think she's eggbound? Anatomical anomalies of the chameleon prevent it from laying eggs (pelvis too narrow, stuck oviducts). If you’re planning to keep her in her cage, get a large container that is at least 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. So, I guess I misinterpreted the term "egg bound", lol. If egg binding is diagnosed your vet will likely inject her with oxytocin to induce laying, several of these may be required over a few days. Depending on the species, she can lay anywhere from a couple of eggs to a hundred or even more. Did you vet suggest an oxytocin injection.. this is a "labor educing" injection that will make a female pass eggs. THEY ARE DUSTED WITH REP-CAL MULTIVITAMINS AND REP-CAL CALCIUM WITH VIT D. Fluker's cricket diet is really not very good. Surgery is very risky for a chameleon . Therefore, when she’s about to lay eggs, keep an eye on it.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'reptilesguide_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',108,'0','0'])); When she becomes egg bound, there are signs of illness to look out for. The egg-laying chamber was utilized again at day 35, and nest digging behavior was observed. Instead of laying eggs in the ground, they keep the eggs inside their bodies until the embryos are about to hatch. Chameleons prefer undisturbed places to dig, while the keeper usually wants to “have a look” as often as possible to see whether the female has already finished egg deposit.


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