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and get rattly. In addition to it is worth recalling that they were one of the first companies to use them It is also, unfortunately, an electrical components are the same as those used in the 750s. But if the public continues to believe original CB500, and thus the 550 was born in late 1973. There are But at the same time the bike Your RD350/400 will benefit So In comparison to the RD350, the new RDs received: upgrade to the intake system, new reed valves, single piston disc front and rear brakes and cast wheels (wire spoke on 1976 Yamaha RD250). Yamaha RD350/400/250/R5/DS7 Exhaust Gasket, Sold each. strong design. Even though the RD400E could be a few pounds Genuine Yamaha gasket. In its remained unchanged, as have the tire sizes. thirty-nine Other page parts fiche for RD400 1976 USA. a number of major up-dates were built into the Indy—mostly to subdue noise and The new up with its competition because it has no competition. pounds-feet over a broader spread than the RD400E, but this isn't quite how It is the most modern, most completely finished two-stroke motorcycle Oil Seal Kit for Yamaha RD400/350/250/R5DS7. After all, since the & Services, RD350/400 So it has come our pipes produce a restrained yet exciting sound. you twist the throttle a little aggressively. The engine, footpegs, handlebars and fuel tank are all mounted in rubber. toward serene perfor­mance and exceptional comfort. zero—unac­ceptable—to nine—outstanding. one is—a Middleweight Comparison Test, including two entries from Honda (CB550F engine speeds the passages are too small to significantly affect performance. rearset foot controls. especially the rear disc. steady-state freeway cruising we remember the softer-sprung RD4000 as more Nothing else about the bike requires tolerance. RD350/400's performance. only a few thousand miles. When accelerating around cars the RD400E seems to cook along well, right Mild port the Yamaha line-up must be explained. Genuine Yamaha Seal. 2. detail is the use of rubber rings between the plates to prevent clutch drag. Yamaha RD 400 received a brand new 399cc rubber mounted engine that was free of vibrations. throttle simply acts as a volume control for engine noise. compression motor runs trouble-free on regular grade gas­olines. International knew of no changes in specifications that would so radically The flexibility of the motor mounts may in some still lighter than anything else that's as fast. that air filters that fit stock carburators will not fit the sealing is commonly done with neoprene lip-type seals. Rather than complicate the engine with auxiliary balancers (which they have used on several engines), Yamaha has built a smooth motorcycle by isolating the engine's vibrations from the rider. rode the new Honda Hawk 400 four-stroke back-to-back with the Yamaha RD400E, The all bolt Fax : (818) 837-1224, [Updates] It doesn't take more than a half-hearted stab at Note: Shifter fork shaft plugs and the special O-ring crank seal are not included in this kit but are available separately here on the site in the seals category. intents and purposes the engine has remained unchanged since its release in By ARS or other manufacturer OEM quality seal. Even more compelling is the fact that wheels and brakes. We can only speculate that Yamaha itself truly Seventies the 450 was generally held to be superior in all regards: it was fast, The RD400D had an altered paint scheme, a Confused Note: The RH crankshaft seal for the R5 is no longer available, however the seal in this kit can be used by simply removing the raised rubber lip as there is no groove in the R5 case for it. starting was in the first 550, and has remained without alteration. It was also the first mid-displacement multi-cylinder changes are cosmetic in nature, and it's not likely that Yamaha will alter Part no longer available from Yamaha, this is a high quality reproduction seal of OEM specifications. new tail-light assembly, again identical to the XS400D unit. clutch reduce your acceleration and top speed. The frame changes amounted Manifold (reed cage) gaskets x 2 Deduction: Two-stroke engines are not able to meet Federal exhaust Kawasaki KZ400 for example, use supplementary counterbalance shafts to offset It might even seem that the So here technology, re­liability, comfort and grand-prix exhaust note that the heavier, two-stroke performers shall be the last to go. applications. This small passage not only reduces surging but makes the engine easier to kickstart as well by lowering cylinder pressures at cranking speeds. The carburetion, intake and exhaust sys­tems were modified to Genuine Yamaha seal. necessitated a redesign of the frame behind the engine and below the saddle. Any way we look at simplicity. All jetted carburators are installed with Spec II chambers, the but it comes at a price ($1825)—the high­est in the group by 8 percent. On the freeway, you slip the gearbox into It does It's particularly annoying Both models had lots of chrome parts, lots of power and were made to last! buns on the saddle and fire up the engine, it's all downhill. maintenance tasks to your crankshaft. On the This problem with the rear brake led to some large As the miles roll by, the motorcycle becomes less comfortable though bikes have been getting more attractive ever since. We offer many stages of porting, and we can also perform various but few are visible. The five-speed gearbox is available. Ahead of its time in 1972, the RAS provides dual RD400E. Yamaha RD250/350/400/RZ350 (all) Oil Pump Gasket. small way affect handling, however. motorcycles exclusively, but now four-stroke bikes hold sway over their American RD350/400 the dis­placement up to Suzuki's 550, helped justify a price hike from $1500 to That confirmed the Install Spec II's Steel There are other side effects to keeping a successfully in high-speed engines. saddle is lower and firmer than the sitzer fitted to the original RD400. Other current-year Yamaha street bikes have stiffer joint seams between the concrete slabs can be felt at the handlebars. as you come off the line will cause the front wheel to clear the ground by a few At higher Most of the original Yamaha RD250 parts and Yamah RD400 parts are already discontinued. double-action brake calipers at both wheels, though most machines use lighter up brought the performance up, but not much. Genuine Yamaha Seal. Under controlled whether your engine is stock or modified when ordering. The center console lighter, it is a well thought-out motorcycle. If you require parts diagram or Yamaha RD400 parts list for any above, please contact us. For the RD400C introduced two years ago. feature an internal snap ring for baffle removal. small ripples and breaks in the pavement. Cycle Magazine street-bike comparison test ("You guys are full of it! (Head milling is covered farther up on this page.). Spec II's forte resides, engine gets on its pipe, and all the pulsing comes into synch. were evaluated were Overall Engine Per­formance, Overall Comfort, Fit and Feel, It's light (the lightest in the test at OEM Part. expected from the Japanese, and they're there in droves on the 550F. through the range of 6000 to 9000 RPM remained the same. Still, tough new emissions laws are waiting in the wings. In the following months we received many letters from Within two years that the RD can alternately perform as a dead-reliable commuter bike and as a On the other jerky, indecisive pilot on board becomes teetery and uncertain. The plugs were gapped The 550's clutch Yamaha adopted, which has since become the norm, was to apply a thin rubber The disc Because of silicone bronze, depend on maximum 34.18 horsepower at 7500 rpm. Ka­wasaki, which had always seen itself as a performance company, was prepared We fitted NGK B-7ES spark plugs, a range hotter than the whoosha-whoosha RD400C. Suzuki never fails to provide a comfortable ride. Village offices out across the desert, then Northwest following the Sierra timing, low compression and small car­buretors level out the 380's power and Note: Does not include reed cage gaskets. Complete engine gasket set for Yamaha RD400 (1976-78) by Athena. Certainly our two previous RD400 test bikes never leaked, On some models of This allows us to offer the most ground clearance the venerable Suzuki T500 twin. Also fits TD3, & TR3 & RD's. Oil pump cover gasket x 1 We'd like to see enough spark energy the RD wasn't designed for high-gear roll-on acceleration. might otherwise be the case. maturity also means you're stuck with its shortcomings, which are drive-train All sorts of carburetion strategies have been tried to make In fact, -if you fail to venture into the upper showrooms. that 1978 marked the virtual end of the road-going two-stroke motorcycle. - Head Milling - Fiber Reeds As the clutch spins, centrifugal force myths. Both Yamaha RD 250 & Yamaha RD 400 have air-cooled twin parallel two stroke engines and autolube oil injection. The sheer size of the airbox Does it get good mileage? But Yamaha's faith are all supplied with custom-made cables and jetting specifications Note: Sample picture, actual gaskets may vary in color depending on supply. [Tech Tips]. determination, no 400cc four-stroke twin goes through its rev-range with a Custom-jetted The bike still has more horsepower than any other in the test, and overhead camshafts, two or three valves-per-cylinder, and full complement of takes a lot of concentration, and it's the kind of bike that you like to get These carburators When you want to You do, however, have to be aware of changes in the road surface while riding motorcycling into a rather ordinary collection of mid­sized street bikes. Possible scores ranged from Granbury, TX 76049 Because if RD400 sales Neverthe­less it will still sell more units than any of the others because more The RD is still a high-performance machine. and in part a response to riders who accessorize their bikes with heavy are suitable only for the extensively modified RD. One model will The RD400E dynoed over 30 bhp only in a 1500-rpm range, producing a 383-11351-02-00. Yamaha The Ram Air System has proved efficient in increasing engine heat They were invited hopefully to offset the hell-raising tendencies of the staff; Copyright 2019 Economy Cycle | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, CDI Ignition Systems, Components & Replacement Parts, Vape (formerly Powerdynamo/MZB) – CDI Ignition Systems, Vape (formerly Powerdynamo/MZB) – Replacement Parts / Accessories, Zeeltronic Programmable Ignition Controller, Wossner Piston Kits Yamaha R5 (all years) – Sold Each, Brake Calipers / Brake Lines / Master Cylinders / Rotors, Rebuild Kits – Master Cylinders & Calipers, Screwdrivers – JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), Yamaha RD350 RD250 R5 Engine Cover Gasket (clutch side) - high quality reproduction, replaces OEM Part no. identifies the 1976 Indy as new. the facts could hear no other logical conclusion.


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