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JT to Center: Hey Memphis, you still with me? DS from rear: Hurry, Jim! My ears are aching for some of that sweet sweet candy…. Flight engineer Peterson’s skull had multiple fractures and his temporal artery had to be repaired. “Get him, get him, get him, Andy,” Tucker shouted from the cockpit. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the flight crew, not only did the plane land safely, they also managed to keep Auburn Calloway subdued until authorities boarded the craft in Memphis and arrested him. All text/images/media © copyright their respective creators But he’d brought along his spear gun in case his hammers didn’t take all the fight out of the flight crew. Calloway introduced himself as the “deadhead,” for the flight. procedures. JT: Naw, naw. Alongside Memphis International Airport in Tennessee there lies a sprawling complex filled with hundreds of miles of conveyor belts, thousands of employees, and millions of parcels. aft of the cockpit. AW: bank angle, bank angle. See the article in its original context from. You go, Wynne and all the, you Peterson hit him. (sounds of struggle, groans from JT) I was a Navy instructor pilot. And that proves it – FedEx must be racist. (groans from JT in rear) JT: Flaps up, what a goatrope, what a goatrope! All of them had their backs to the door, so they could only see him peripherally as he entered, and they assumed he had stepped in to visit. he looked. It is a wonder he didn’t sue them over the whole affair. The DC-10 went into a dive at over 500 mph, something the craft was not designed to do, but somehow Tucker, with only one working hand, managed to pull out of the dive and radio the tower with an emergency call. (uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh-uh) Sanders and Peterson stumbled in pursuit. JT from rear: No, no! Here we go. FedEx 705 was ultimately cleared for landing on any runway it could manage. bludgeon to death the crew of Flight 705, then crash the DC-10 into Although I incurred the most serious injuries in the fracas, I took full responsibility and apologized to my fellow crew members in a letter that was published in the local newspaper. An FBI search of Auburn Calloway’s apartment turned up a suspiciously fresh Last Will and Testament lying on his bed⁠—a dead giveaway. You in turn will hate them more and you will probably feel helpless if they have control over your life. happened—they didn’t even have a chance to radio for help—before to Memphis of able, expect runway niner. AP: Once the flight guidance has been set, we'll be complete. and it seems that all things considered…. JT: Zero one, okay. to land runway niner. DS: Well, it's part of it, yeah, but it's much higher in elevation and Some of the blows landed, some were Tower: Roger. The plane was traveling at more than 600 miles per hour, well above the safe maximum speed of the airframe. DS to rear: You keep him down, hear! became aware of a struggle, and heard the awful sound of hammer blows He was DS to Tower: Alright, we're headed that way now, I think. He knew he had to keep Hey you put that, you keep him under The DC-10 had a bellyful of electronic gear bound for San Jose, ultimately destined for Silicon Valley. His Airplane hijackings were not uncommon in 1994, but usually such extreme actions were undertaken by fringe terrorist groups with a political statement to make, and who usually used a large passenger jet to make said statement. As a backup plan, Calloway would need to fly the plane for at least a half an hour to erase any trace of a ruckus from the CVR’s 30 minute loop. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. (David Sanders returns to captain's seat, sounds of him buckling in) What airplane number is this? (pause) Jim, are you under control? When he was scheduled for a disciplinary hearing he panicked, assuming that he'd be fired. Sanders suffered multiple lacerations to his Sanders and Peterson were laying on top of a still-struggling The guitar case contained i am not saying it is correct in anyway. help us! I imagine that the barrier you are facing is similar. Kill him! Not just media narrative, it is because it evokes history. (pause) Jim, are you under control? JT from rear: I can't ... ! Flight Engineer Auburn Calloway knew his career was about to end. (struggling in background) to meet the airplane, we'll stop it on the runway if we can. UV: (UNIN) cosigned, I (UNIN) JT to rear: I've got it! His résumé suggested a healthy, well-balanced employee⁠—he was a graduate of Stanford University, a … Blood was smeared and spattered upon every visible surface, and dislodged detritus littered the room. (Pause) Aircraft with emergency, say again. Having completed their pre-flight preparations, the crew was cleared for takeoff. shouting “Get him! AC: Hey, hey! I am sure you are working to make it perfect. God, God, God.... "Nobody died" only because he was not able to complete his "mission". JT: Express 705 cleared for takeoff. The flight engineer station was to Calloway’s right, and the pilots were just in front of him. “As for Calloway, his injuries were less severe, but his original fear was realized: FedEx elected to terminate his employment.”. The judge did not agree, and he told them so. thier lives have been irrevocably changed for the worse but they are still alive and breathing…. When blacks are the victims, everyone knows about it. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the. It was delayed a day. Following instructions from Memphis tower, Tucker began to descend below 10,000 feet as a precaution against explosive decompression. (UNIN) Express 705, I’ve been wounded, we’ve had an attempted takeover on board the airplane, give me a vector please, back to Memphis at this time, hurry! At last he grabbed a radio headset I'll kill ya! The scene that met the paramedic atop the ladder was strange and gruesome. JT from rear: No, no! JT: What a goatrope back there, jeez! JT: I know it, but I wonder about that. convicted on a two-count indictment of air piracy and interference of April 7, 1994: FedEx Flight 705 was scheduled to depart the company’s AC: I'm gonna kill you! DS: Yeah. DS to rear: You can keep him down, put that thing in his ... ! JT to Center: Zero nine zero, roger this is an emergency (UNIN)! who were advancing upon him once again. He dragged his handicapped captors across the galley as they struggled to regain the upper hand. One wonders whether his mind was dulled with madness, or if perhaps he wanted the world to know what he had done once it was all over. Auburn Calloway was sentenced to life imprisonment (sounds of struggle from rear of plane) himself. DS to rear: Do you have him under control? Tower to DS: Okay, runway niner localizer is, uh, 109er.5 for the roll to end then resume his attack. Auburn Calloway had swung a hammer with great force into the top of Andy Peterson’s head several times in rapid succession. In the galley, the bloodied mass of men fell down onto the ceiling. Tucker to Center: Keep me advised, where is Memphis? (UNIN) This was a well written, interesting account of the attack. The best line: Flight 705 was now traveling faster than any DC-10 And dziban303 is correct. Please do not distribute without written permission from Damn Interesting. I'd say it's unbelievable, but smashing innocent people and destroying their businesses seems to have gained acceptance in some circles, so maybe he's just tapping into that. He assaulted and tried to murder three innocent people, maiming them all permanently. Tucker, his right side completely paralyzed, managed to pull the control yoke to his chest with his left hand, causing the jet to go into a barrel roll (at 400 miles per hour!). Grand juries don’t convict people or participate in trials, they issue indictments. Despite the calm, innocuous exterior Auburn Calloway had displayed to his fellow FedEx flyers that day, he was in a strange state of mind. That two headed monster aka racial shakedown con-artists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would’ve been going mental and stirring up their fellow blacks that this attack was motivated by race hate. flight operations. Terrain, sink rate, pull up, too Center: Express 705 fly in zero niner five, direct Memphis. Kill don't give a shit if he's dead or not, don't kill him but hold him, The story of a troubled FedEx flight engineer who boarded a flight unannounced and attempted to carry out a terrifying plan. A Federal District Court jury deliberated about three and a half hours on Wednesday and today before rejecting Mr. Calloway's assertion that he was insane at the time of the attack on April 7, 1994. JT = Jim Tucker (First Officer) As a musician, I had to listen to and analyze recordings of my trombone playing, often at half speed (This preserves the intonation by dropping the sound precisely 1 octave). U can’t touch this But flight 705 wouldn’t make it anywhere near California that day. JT to Center: Yeah, we need an ambulance and uh, we need, uh, armed As Captain David Sanders, First DS: Express 705 is at ten three for 16,000 one six thousand. from the cockpit. suppressed for lack of probable cause, but was unsuccessful. By using a hammer as a weapon, autopsies on the remains would only show blunt-force trauma, which would be typical in an airplane collision. His tactic succeeded in throwing Calloway off balance and back into the galley. He telephoned FedEx to secure his “deadhead” seat on flight 705, and he left early to ensure he’d be the first to arrive on the aircraft. DS: That's it right there. The right-sided paralysis would pass, but he would experience ongoing motor-function impairments Officer Jim Tucker and Flight Engineer Andy Peterson boarded the aircraft, JT from rear: Are you okay? settled into the Flight Engineer’s station and initiating pre-flight no telling how much damage would have been done with a plane crash or how many lives could have been lost! A steady stream of cargo planes⁠—often hundreds per day⁠—carries in cargo from around the world to be sorted and redistributed. JT: God! Tower to DS: Okay, Express 705 heavy, runway 36 Left, cleared to land, It is all down to the victims’ willingness to talk about the episode. Andy Peterson finally found purchase on a hammer handle from the floor and made eye contact with co-pilot Tucker. Convicted on federal charges of attempted aircraft piracy and interference with flight crew members, defendant Auburn Calloway received concurrent sentences of … Less than thirty minutes into the flight, the bloodbath began.


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